Kingpin of Kombat Ed Boon has revealed one of the extra features coming to Mortal Kombat X via the next update patch! The news comes via Twitter, where the Creative Director also dropped some thoughts about what he'd like to see, and what we still might see:

Lightly Blanched: Golden Girls fans will remember Blanche as the one who liked to sleep around.

Blanche Brutality Koming Soon
According to the current Mortal Kombat Online User Poll: 39.8% think Brutalities have been the best new addition in Mortal Kombat X! Fans should be excited to learn, then, that another one is on its way! Boon revealed the Outworld Marketplace will get a fresh dose of geriatric bodily harm courtesy of the next patch. Affectionately dubbed Blanche; the old woman of the market will become an instrument of doom - continuing the tradition of disrespect already established by the Blanche Advantage achievement. Be good to your elders, kids.

Klassic Arenas Making a Komeback?
With only thirteen arena locations, Mortal Kombat X has failed to wow the Mortal Kombat (2011) did. When quizzed about the prospect of bringing back some of the klassic stages omitted from MKX, the Creative Lead revealed it has been discussed, along with other unnamed returns!

Mortal Kombat X already includes a variety of "klassic" costume skins, adding more via DLC for free with Compatibility Packs and for moolah in The Kombat Pack. We also recently learned Klassic Fatalities will be making their way to DLC [full story].

Could Jim Lee Design Sub-Zero?
Boon and DC Comics Publisher Jim Lee were making goo goo eyes over the freshly included "Injustice" Scorpion. A superstar comic book artist in his spare time; Lee redesigned Mortal Kombat's ninja mascot in 2013, for inclusion in NetherRealm's DC fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us [full story].

The design divided diehard fans, but went on to be the best selling DLC for the game. A year on; Mortal Kombat X has a home at Warner Brothers' owned DC Comics as a top selling digital series, and comic book [full story]. All of this goes to say - a Jim Lee designed Sub-Zero wouldn't be completely out of leftfield!

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