Mortal Kombat X introduced its first guest character in May with the downloadable addition of horror slasher icon Jason Voorhees. This July, one of action/sci-fi cinema's heavyweight warriors will also step into the fight with the arrival of The Predator! Get a taste of things to come with the first screenshots of the coming Predator/Prey Pack:

The Predator was first confirmed in March, debuting in the trailer for The Kombat Pack.

Mortal Kombat X Creative Director Ed Boon shared the first screenshot [top], including Predator film star Carl Weathers as a bonus skin included for Jax. Weathers starred in the original 1987 film as CIA Agent George Dillon: responsible for gathering and overseeing a mercenary team fronted by Arnold Schwazenegger's Delta Force Major. Their covert mission becomes a fight for survival when the alien predator begins hunting the team through the dense growth of the fictional Val Verde jungle.

The Predator is remembered for its unique arsenal of advanced technology and weaponry. From a mysterious warrior culture, it employs heat vision and invisibility cloaking - as demonstrated in-game by another Mortal Kombat X screenshot, last April. Fans may have gotten an even earlier glimpse of the alien warrior's yet-to-be-revealed weaponry in a stick figure storyboard.

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Players who've purchased the Kombat Pack will get first access to The Predator and accompanying skins: Carl Weathers as Jax, Infrared Scorpion & Commando Johnny Cage. Register to discuss DLC and more in the Mortal Kombat X forum. Pit The Predator against Kombatants in fantasy fight debates in the Fan Koliseum!