Though a rather short article, Bryan Dawson of GameDaily sat down with series co-creator Ed Boon recently and had a discussion on the status of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. Now don't get us wrong, we are all very excited for this title to be released later this year, but we can't help but smile at one of the key points brought up in Bryan's article:
At this time I figured I should ask the one thing I've wanted to know since Armageddon was announced. I asked Boon when Mortal Kombat would be making its way to next generation consoles. With a smile Boon told me that the next Mortal Kombat (MK8 for now) will be on next generation consoles and they've already started work on it. It almost certainly won't be hitting next year, but it should be arriving sometime in 2008. In addition, the game will not use the same engine as Armageddon and the past few MK titles, so we'll be getting an all new Mortal Kombat.

To read this short article in all of its entirety click here. Thanks goes out to for the heads up on this update.