Mortal Kombat X introduces a new generation of fighters, story and experience when it arrives for home consoles, April 14! Players will enter the battle with a whole new array of characters and modes to choose from - as previewed in this exciting new trailer!

Online modes are more alive and interactive than ever before! Faction War is the much discussed persistent online mode that pits players from around the globe against one another in weekly wars! Fans can choose to represent one of five well known clans: White Lotus, Lin Kuei, Special Forces, Black Dragon & Brotherhood of Shadows. Completing tasks accumulates points for each team in pursuit of victory, and unlocks new bonuses.

A massively revamped challenge system also includes The Living Tower -- an adaptive, updating tower of tasks that will challenge players in ever evolving, interesting ways. There are also a variety of traditional goals to help you sharpen your skills.

The trailer includes a reference to brutalities - quite possibly the touted returning -ality. Are there glimpses of Sonya Blade in the faction war mode? Is that Jax and a mystery warrior on the Living Tower?

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