He's battled his way through demons, cyborgs and Namco's Soulcalibur II. Could the comic book anti-hero Spawn be eyeing up the warriors of Mortal Kombat X next? Creator Todd McFarlane says it's an open possibility in a Toy Fair interview with GamerFitNation.

"We've actually had a short deal with them, so they may put [Spawn] in there..."

The multimedia savvy toymaker and part-time comics artist threw Spawn's spikey gauntlet into the ring this time last year. Where an Injustice guest spot seemed unlikely, this time McFarlane says an outstanding agreement with Warner Bros. is already in place:

"That means that they have access to be able to use the character in a couple of their games if they want to. Again, it's up to their discretion. So, uh... I gave them a window of time. And, so, I'll just leave it to them to be able to do what it is that they want. So, eventually they'll phone me and say 'Hey. We want to use him here. Is that okay?' Well, technically it's okay because we've already said yes."

The Spawn creator also explains he's looking for ways to relaunch the character before expanding back into video games and other merchandising. Based on the interview, no call has been made by WB or MKX with just two months to go, but with an alleged open licensing agreement and 2 guest characters confirmed for post-game DLC, it may also be unnecessary.

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