Continuing the trend of artists releasing Mortal Kombat X concept art; NetherRealm Studios Senior Character Artist Solomon Gaitan has lifted the veil on unused concepts and digital modelling. His work was seen in a previous Kitana gallery; some of his unused designs now able to be seen in greater detail:

Gaitan's designs range from the exposed to the slightly cumbersome, exploring a variety of facets of the Edenian warrior princess. Of his revealing design pictured with red background, the artist explains, "It was too risqué, but something about a sexy princess kicking ass made her feel powerful to me."

Kitana's final game design exhibits basic conceptual elements seen in some of these designs, making for one of her best designs to date [see more]. You can see more in Justin Murray's Concept Art, Kitana Reveal Trailer & the Mortal Kombat Konnections featurette. Check out more concept art for: Mileena, Reptile & Ferra/Torr.

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