List the games from Worst to Best
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List the games from Worst to Best
01/25/2015 06:55 PM EST
So make two lists of A: you favorite MK game and B: how they should be created
The games: MK1
MK 2
MK 3
MK 4
MK vs DC
MK 9
that enough adverations? Good
My personal list (But note, I haven't play MK DA or MK 4):
7: MK vs DC: I don't hate this game because it's rated T, I hate it because of it's strange controls
6: MK 2: Ok, I will get alot of hate for this but I did not like MK 2. For starters, it seems way too colorful and it's extermly difficult.
5: MK Armegeddon: while this was my first MK game, I felt that it was way unbalanced and that the konquest was VERY lininer (poor spelling is poor)
4: MK 3: I loved MK 3 but (on easy ladder) there was a huge difficult spike between oppenents 3 and 4 while oppenent 5 felt pretty easy and Motaro was painfully easy
3: MK 1: I love this game and I can't think of anything bad about it. I do wish that I could view my game audits.
2: MK Decepetion: A awesome game without much worng with it other then the fact that Chess kombat needs to come back and the Konquest ending felt...meh.
1: MK 9: There's not really anything wrong with this and this was the first time I ever heard of Mortal Kombat.
How I think they should be listed
9: MK Armegeddon: A unbalanced game that did not live up to MK Deception
8: MK vs DC: A crossover game sounded cool but it controled poorly didn't have much to offer. It did give up Injustice though
7: MK 4: I've heard that it's unbalanced and got rid of some of the coolest MK character with others like Jarek and Kai
6: MK Deadly Alliance: Not many people liked the 3D but this game took too long to come out and gave us, HSU HAO
5: MK 3: A game that got rid of some of th best MK characters, it's te only game without Scorpion and some of the unbalanced gameplay but it gave us some of the best MK characters in the series, brought Kano and Sonya back and added combos to MK
4: MK Decpetion: A game that could last anyone a long time that not too many people tried but you should
3: MK 1: It's the first MK game. Nuff said
2: MK 9: It brought MK back to 2D and was one of the best fighting games, well, ever!
1: MK 2: It doubled everything, is easy to play, and it has one of the best rosters and is the roster most people want in MK vs Street Fighter
So, what do you think? With MKX coming out thought, one things for sure:
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RE: List the games from Worst to Best
01/26/2015 12:47 AM EST
MK Trilogy (MK3, UMK3)
MK Deadly Alliance
MK Deception
MK Shaolin Monks
MK Armageddon

My personal preferences filed into two categories -


1. MORTAL KOMBAT X (Hopefully tongue)
2. MK1
3. MK2
4. MK Deception
5. MK4
6. MK Deadly Alliance
7. MK Trilogy (MK3, UMK3)
8. MK Shaolin Monks
9. MK9
10. MK Armageddon

Most Fun/Play the Most

1. MORTAL KOMBAT X (Hopefully tongue)
2. MK2
3. MK9
4. MK Shaolin Monks
5. MK1
6. MK Trilogy (MK3, UMK3)
7. MK Deception
8. MK Deadly Alliance
9. MK4
10. MK Armageddon
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RE: List the games from Worst to Best
02/01/2015 07:44 PM EST
MK1- Its just old. Like i dont want to play that game ever. Just cant. Plus Liu Kang looks incredibly bland, like i cant get over it.

MK4- I love the story and Tanya, Fujin, and Shinnok are someof my favorite characters but omg was the gameplay horrid.

MK vs DC- I loved the story, but i wasnt a huge fan of the gameplay.

UMK3- It was cool. Brought in my favorites Sindel, Kabal, and Nightwolf so it gets points for that

MK2- I dont really enjoy playing the older ones but i really did enjoy playing MK2.

Armageddon- It was incredibly unbalanced, but i enjoyed the story even tho it was linear af and it did have all the characters.

Deadly Alliance- This was my first MK and i loved it. It introduced Li Mei who is one of my favorites. I also loved the story.

Deception- I almost put thus at number 1, but i didnt because of the gameplay and because Kobra and Darrius are in it. But i loved konquest. It also had all of my favorites like Sindel, Kabal, Nightwolf, Li Mei, Raiden, Hotaru, Havik, Jade, Kira, Kenshi, Tanya, Smoke, and Bo Rai Cho. The only ones missing were Sonya and Kitana.

MK9- What else would be number 1 lol. It is the best MK.
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RE: List the games from Worst to Best
02/04/2015 04:52 PM EST
MK 1. = The Worst
MK DA - Boring. Way too easy to beat on any difficulty
MK 3 - Kabal saved this game for me.
MK:A - too many wack ass fighters.
MK:D - this one wasn't too bad
MK 2 - Loved the insane A.I. difficulty
MK:T - Most 2D characters at the time for me to get down with.
MK:4 - The Introduction to Quan Chi was priceless. Leg beat fatality
MK:9 = The BEST game. Most balanced. My god. Perfect.
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RE: List the games from Worst to Best
02/05/2015 10:15 AM EST
Mortal Kombat: Deception - I loved the atmosphere, where the story was going, and the cast of characters along with their art style in this game. The Konquest mode was a blast and I loved exploring the history of each of the characters. Sure, the Konquest mode didn't always make sense from a canon standpoint, but it was great to freely roam. Chess and Puzzle Kombat were also really great editions. Onaga has been my favorite boss so far in the MK franchise and a great mix up from Shao Kahn or other sorcerers.

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance - Although no one could teleport and it's not a generally favored game, I loved the inclusion of the martial arts styles and the level of detail to the story this game got. Once Deception came around in became convoluted, but this one really gives you that mythology feel to it. The gameplay was perfect when I first got the game right after its release and it is what truly got me into the story behind the game. The amount of blood and the style and the frustration from fighting Moloch all made it perfect to me.

Mortal Kombat (2011) - A great game that goes back to the classic days and does a fantastic job updating favorite characters. In terms of the fighting mechanics and costumes, this game did a more than excellent job. There were some mix-ups in special moves the team tried to do to make things interesting that I didn't agree with (especially Sindel, Kitana, and Quan Chi's moveset), but they were not bad in any way to say the least. I have a few gripes about the Story Mode on this one, but beyond that this game was very fun to play.

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks - A VERY fun adventure game that definitely is nostalgic for me. It was nice to move around a free environment as favorite characters and explore older arenas blown up in a bigger, more exploitable scale. The graphics aren't that great at all compared to game coming out now of course, and the dialogue was pretty cheesy most of the time, but at the end of the day I loved the feel of this game and wish they made more like it.

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon - Although the Kreate-A-Fatality feature was pretty bad, I did like the mass amount of characters to play as, and I disagree with a lot of people when I say that I truly liked the Konquest mode on this. It had a LOT better voice acting in it than Deception, and in fact some of the voices in that game sounded better there than they did in MKDC or MK9, especially Sub-Zero's. The karting feature was very bland and I never played it, but I did enjoy making characters from time to time.

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe - Despite the great hate for this game and its lack of gore, I happened to like it quite a bit. The gameplay was not bad at all, and the Story Mode was still more finished than its last few predecessors. Sure, it wasn't canon, but I don't agree that it wasn't a good "What if?" story. Some characters like Jax and Batman did not get good representation I feel, while others like Scorpion and Lex Luthor were at their best. The finishing moves were, in fact, terrible though.

Mortal Kombat 4 - A very dark and gritty feeling game. It didn't have the best graphics, and the endings were VERY cheesy, but the rushy gameplay and use of weapons was definitely very fun. It introduced a lot of characters who had good potential to grow from there. Shinnok was a horrible boss in this game however and I always wished they had the creativity at the time to give him his own moveset since I did like his design and backstory.

Mortal Kombat: Trilogy - A great culmination of all 3 previous games at the time and I played this a lot with my brother when I was a kid. It definitely doesn't disappoint, and getting to play as the bosses for the first time was a plus.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - A great cast of characters and I loved the upgrading of the ninja characters in it. As a compressed storyline of the MK3 era, this is my personal favorite.

Mortal Kombat II - A really fun game with a great atmosphere, everything in this one was better than its predecessor and they couldn't have done better. I just wished the fatality inputs on some characters weren't so hard! Haha.

Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero - I always loved the mythological side of the franchise and its story, and although this one doesn't get much light on it, I happened to not mind the 2D side-scroller and its first attempt at an adventure game. The cutscenes were a definite plus for it as well.

Mortal Kombat (1992) - I definitely have no gripes about the first game that started it all, but when compared to all of the games that came after it, I just simply feel that it never has ENOUGH to have me keep coming back to play it again. It is fun to play when you get to it, but I've always preferred another MK game over it in terms of playing it.

Mortal Kombat 3 - I was never a full fan of the initial cast in this game. The gameplay wasn't bad but I never really gravitated towards it when I was looking for a rendition of this era of MK. Some characters like Shang Tsung also got my least favorite designs.

I can't rate Mortal Kombat: Gold, Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition, and Mortal Kombat: Unchained as I've never owned them, but they should still be pretty close to their lesser roster counterparts (sans MKTE, which seems TOO departed and watered down for me). Mortal Kombat: Special Forces would definitely be at the bottom still even if I did play it, I'm sure. I've seen enough on Youtube to grasp why it was disliked so much.
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RE: List the games from Worst to Best
02/24/2015 01:58 PM EST
MK 9

Everything else

MK 4
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RE: List the games from Worst to Best
02/24/2015 11:13 PM EST
MK Deception -CHESS KOMBAT, konquest mode
MK1 -classic
MK Deadly Alliance -cooking with Scorpion!
MK Armageddon -KaK, every mk charcacter
MK4 -prefer 3d fighting over the 2d mechanic
MK Trilogy (MK3, UMK3)
MK9 -they ruined johnny cage's look lol

unfortunetly the 3d games just had more content so i have to choose them, than pure fighting gameplay
Props to MINION
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RE: List the games from Worst to Best
03/01/2015 11:35 PM EST

I feel like MKA is the only really terrible one of the bunch
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RE: List the games from Worst to Best
03/13/2015 07:09 PM EST
From best to worst:

1- MK9- best MK to date, has the best roster (not counting reunion game), and the best gameplay, the only bad thing is the online.

2- UMK3- best of the 2D era, has a good roster and the best cast of actors in the series.

3- MK3- Very good roster, the only downside are the lame fatalities.

4- MK2- An perfect evolution from MK1, it improves on everything.

5-MK vs DC- It introduced the Story Mode, has nearly all of the essential characters in the franchise, and has the best gameplay from the 3D era.

6- MK Deception- The darkest game in the franchise.

7- MK4- The only reason I don't place MK Gold here is because i never played it, anyway, it has a good story, has a dark mood, and very good characters.

8- MK Deadly Alliance- This one is the only one that feels like a martial arts movie aside from the first one, for me the only downside is the slow gameplay.

9- MK Armaggedon- I like this one a lot, we got to see characters that were missing for a long time, I also liked air kombat.

10- MK1- The original is good, but doen't play very well.

11- MK Trilogy- The only one I think isn't very good, the grafgics are a downgrade, lots of lame fatalities, and everything is used from previus games. It isn't very balanced as well.
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RE: List the games from Worst to Best
03/13/2015 10:46 PM EST

1. Tie between MK2/Trilogy. MK2 fleshed out the series and brought in a whole lot of cool elements story and gameplay wise. Trilogy was the final version of MK3 with a huge roster, fun extras, tons of stages, and some humor.

2. MK1 - Not a bad game at all. Started everything and the sequels improved.


1. Tie between MK9/Deception for different reasons. MK9 for being a faithful update of Trilogy and having some damn good kombat and content, and Deception for the same reasons but different gameplay that refined what Deadly Alliance did.

2. Armageddon. Not the most in depth game, but it sure was a fun party game.

3. Deadly Alliance. Really took the series in a cool new direction and laid the foundation for an awesome sequel and series staples like the Krypt, Konquest, etc.

4. MK4 - Was a fun game but sorta barebones in retrospect and feels unfinished.


1. Shaolin Monks - This game was just fun as hell and the replayability was neat. Versus mode was also kinda cool. All it was missing was everyone from MK2 being playable.

2. MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero - This game has no right to be as fun as it is with how short and awkward it comes across as initially.

I thought MK vs DC was a pretty fun game but I'm not sure where to place it. Not that I don't consider it a "real" MK game.
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