Love or hate the guy, Scorpion is a lost soul bent on revenge and total market penetration! The iconic ninja from hell keeps his PR machine rolling, featured at #7 on Gamesradar's Top 7 Fighting Game Characters list.

Topped by Street Fighter's dominant world warrior: Ryu -- the eclectic list also includes popular names from Tekken, King of Fighters and Darkstalkers. Somewhat surprisingly, Scorpion trails Nakoruru on the list, the number six ranked warrior princess from Samurai Showdown.

Playing perfectly into the twentieth anniversary of Mortal Kombat, Gamesradar cite the original arcade moment of Scorpion's fatality as one of their reasons for adding him to the list.

Tell most any gamer to “Get over here!” and they’ll immediately understand which yellow-clad ninja you’re referring to. With his classic spear pull and the unforgettable fire-breathing “Toasty!” fatality, Scorpion is the true face of the Mortal Kombat franchise. What’s left of his face, anyway. Watching this vengeance-crazed phantom remove his mask to reveal a skull was an exemplary “OH $#*%!” moment in ‘90s arcades.

Also earning honorable mentions from the "tough competition in the MK franchise": Sub-Zero and Raiden. Both were popular choices when Mortal Kombat Online staged a fan-wide poll to determine the all-time Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion.

Those not satisfied with Street Fighter's ruling status can always get a little payback through IGN START's Ultimate Fan Fights. Live-action fantasy battles are determined by watching the outcome of choice, with the most popular ending crowned winner. Scorpion and Ryu are fighting it out in the second episode.

The full list can be found on Did they get it right? Post your own favourite fighting characters on the forums! Double your fun by following the fate of the winners of the Supreme Mortal Kombat Tag Team tournament.