Back in February, Jazwares attended Toy Fair 2012, displaying tool models for some of their then-upcoming additions to the Mortal Kombat license [full story]. In three new posts to Facebook, the toy makers have taken Shao Kahn and Reptile from basic blue and grey sculpts, to two fully painted products!

Deluxe Shao Kahn cuts an impressive figure, standing significantly taller than the standard 6" Reptile. Both characters appear in their most recent guises, Reptile with a removeable mask inspired by the games.

Retaining an appropriate air of mystery; Shao Kahn cannot be unmasked, his helmet a moulded fixture of the head sculpt. He does, however, come with a removeable war hammer accessory -- a trademark weapon for the Emperor since his 1993 debut. Details of a throne playset (displayed at Toy Fair) remain as yet unknown.

Also on Facebook; Jazwares are asking fans to vote for who they would most like to see get the action figure treatment next. You must be logged in to vote.

Last year; Mortal Kombat Online spoke to Jazwares Director of Product Development, Joe Amaro, about his companys return to the MK license and their aspirations for bringing every character to life [full story]. With a growing line that includes multi packs of klassic designs, Jazwares are well on their way. For more, visit