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Injustice: Scorpion Highest Selling DLC According to Director
Crossover Ninja Highest Selling Injustice DLC Says Creative Director!

He landed in download channels to a chorus of mixed reaction, but it seems no amount of ire could stop Scorpion becoming the highest selling DLC for Injustice: Gods Among Us!

The accolade was revealed by Injustice Creative Director Ed Boon, who invited Twitter followers to guess who took the top spot as "highest selling" content [see; Reply].

Gaming comics fans were among the most incensed by the inclusion, with Comic Book Resources calling the choice an "Injustice". The nature of guest characters remains ever controversial. CBR note the common complaint: "... when DC has a library of over 2000 unique characters for NetherRealm to pull from, with a myriad of designs and personalities, why would any developer draw from another source?"

The Mortal Kombat guest fighter edges out popularly requested downloadable DC Universe heavyweights: Martian Manhunter & Zatanna! The mascot ninja preceded the pair in the post-release cycle.

DLC Season Passes controversially included Scorpion as one of four unannounced characters in a drip release package deal. Exactly how sales data breaks down remains unknown, with sources telling us Warner Brothers regards such information as highly confidential. At the time of writing we were unable to obtain any additional sales information.

What is clear is that Scorpion was received well enough by gamers to register note. The mascot ninja has always shown strong crossover appeal and was given a faithful treatment beneath the Jim Lee designed hood [full story] -- sure to appeal to Mortal Kombat converts!

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Mortal Kurio: Factory Error Produces Khrome One-Off Statue
Silver Bullet: Factory mix-up produces awesome 1-of-a-kind statue!

Mark Twain said the name of the greatest inventor was Accident. In the following case, it's sure hard to argue! A mix-up in the factory has delivered our pals at Pop Culture Shock Collectibles a downright awesome, one-of-a-kind statue they've nicknamed "Khrome".

The communication mix-up occurred in prototype stages for Pop Culture Shock's 1:4 Scale Human Smoke statue. Part of the UMK3 inspired Mortal Kombat Klassic series; the limited Smoke previously appeared in a Mortal Kombat Online exclusive first look reveal [full story].

Sadly, the Khrome statue won't be available for purchase any time soon. This unauthorized variant is strictly a one of a kind happy accident, offered by the guys to series head: Ed Boon! Probably not likely to be the next error macro turned character, but you never know.

Update (Jan. 25): It seems Khrome has caught the imagination of the fans and Pop Culture Shock are all too pleased to feed it! They shared a couple more pics of their glorious mishap via Twitter. Check out the mirrored master below and share your ideas on the forum [click thumbnails to enlarge]:

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Feature: The Importance of Comics to Mortal Kombat
A closer look at the long running ties between comic books & MK!

Comic books have always been important to Mortal Kombat.

The energetic, visual world of American superheroes helped inspire some of the most iconic qualities associated with the long running series. Co-creators Ed Boon and John Tobias have never been shy about their inspirations - frequently citing a pop culture melting pot as crucial education that informed the original games. The association runs deep.

Tobias dabbled in comics as a writer and artist; ultimately utilizing the medium to expand and embellish the saga of the original Mortal Kombat games. His comic styled designs and branching story techniques were a natural fit in the four colour medium, and proved crucial to making Mortal Kombat the complete pop culture phenomenon it became. As he discussed in a 2012 interview with Mortal Kombat Online [read more], his comics fed the growing MK multimedia machine, providing valuable source for the blockbuster 1995 feature film.

Before the movie; Malibu Comics launched an extensive line of licensed mini-series starring characters from Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II. The 1994 series Mortal Kombat: Blood & Thunder started with a version of Tobias' iconic tournament-centric plot, but quickly spun the publications into a variety of original manifestations. Though remembered in infamy, the rapid expansion into comics remains one of Malibu's most lasting legacies, and a fond but guilty pleasure for many MK fans.

John Tobias Expands His Story in the Collector's Edition Comic.

The series co-creator [Tobias] was ultimately lured out of a decade of exile in 2008, when he was invited to draw the latest collector's edition comic: Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe. It was a fitting return for the prodigal son, who described drawing his own creations and those of DC Comics as "a dream come true".

Of course, the association with DC Comics was just warming up.
The crossover game would prove equal parts beginning and end: the final instalment produced under Midway Games, but the first involving DC parent company and eventual owners: Warner Brothers. Their acquisition of assets led to the formal establishment of NetherRealm Studios, and brought Mortal Kombat to the doorstep of comic books.

NetherRealm were quickly brought into the DC Entertainment fold, contributing to Arkham City Lockdown -- where Kano appeared as a challenge mode easter egg! This gave way to the 2012 announcement of Injustice: Gods Among Us: Unofficial follow-up to the Versus crossover and a completely DC centric fighting game from the makers of Mortal Kombat!

Worlds Collide -- John Tobias Draws Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe!

For Mortal Kombat Online, the announcement of Injustice posed several difficult questions. Chief among them: Should a Mortal Kombat website veer from its primary focus to cover a DC fighting game? Internally, we were divided. A then relatively new webmaster had concerns about the misassumptions his history with comics might provoke. The surface deviation - from MK to DC - was not lost on any one.

The decision was ultimately: Yes. The reasons were simple, alluded to by much of this article. There was, of course, the 2008 crossover that provided a foundation logic. There was also a strong desire to support NetherRealm Studios in their first major non-Kombat project for WB -- a title that would inevitably create a longer drought between Mortal Kombat (2011) and sequels. Then there was the slightly more esoteric factor, of which this article aims to highlight.

Comic books have always been important to Mortal Kombat.
From inception to franchise; comics have been an integral part of every facet of the Mortal Kombat experience. In Injustice, the influences have gone both ways. Through Gods Among Us, Mortal Kombat has given back to the DC Universe, allowing them to appropriate the fighting game experience in their most successful outing. In turn, Mortal Kombat has been returned to a part of the pop culture spectrum it belongs in, providing opportunity for greater exposure and successes.

The association with DC has facilitated Mortal Kombat's icons being brought to life through some of comics' best known talents. Superstar artist Alex Ross provided a painted cover for Kollectors Editions of Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe [full story], while DC co-publisher and artist Jim Lee provided a unique new design for Scorpion as DLC for Injustice.

Publisher & Artist Jim Lee Adds to Scorpion Mythos with New Design.

Throughout Injustice coverage: Mortal Kombat Online has hoped for - and frequently been asked about - DC producing brand new Mortal Kombat comics.

While nothing has eventuated as yet; unprecedented support for the Injustice: Gods Among Us tie-in comic -- now entering its second year -- has emboldened the argument for similar MK treatment. After all, gamers have helped fund DC Comics' greatest success in the burgeoning digital market thus far. While results for Mortal Kombat may realistically be smaller, the potential in the material is no less.

The inevitability of Mortal Kombat on the latest generation of hardware brings us ever closer to a sequel announcement. With the last game's promotion returning the dragon logo to the majority of pop culture domains -- live-action film, concept music, and more -- we hope comics will be the next logical frontier!

While we wait for news of a fresh wave of comics, Mortal Kombat Online will be turning the spotlight toward MK serials of the past. More specifically; the lesser known Mortal Kombat 4 mini-series published in Brazil! Stay tuned to the Media & Merchandise forum for coming updates. While there, share your thoughts and hopes for MK's comics past and future!

Spotlight: World Box Toys 1:6 Scale Sub-Zero Figure
Japan Toy Makers World Box Bring High Quality Talent to Mortal Kombat License!

From the absurdity of internationally produced bootleg toys [read more], to the high-end of cutting edge import action figures: World Box Toys present a staggering contrast in quality with their officially licensed 1:6 Scale Sub-Zero!

Revealed mid-2013 with a domestic price in the neighbourhood of $144.99 [via BigBadToyStore]; Sub-Zero is purported to be the first in a series of detailed, high quality 1/6 scaled figures licensed by Warner Brothers.

Standing an approximate 12", the figure boasts an array of removable accessories and individual parts customary to World Box products: Head, 2.0 Durable Body, Scarf, Jacket, Clothing, Arm Guards, Wrist Guards, Belt, Leg Wrappings, 2 Hand Sets (Open/Fist), Feet, Bloody Skull, Spine, Ice Sword, Blood Spatter, and more.

Take a closer look at the intricate detail and fabric materials by clicking the images below. [Find an even more extensive gallery at]

Sub-Zero is available now through various channels, including Purported to be coming in future release: Kung Lao, Scorpion & Jade! We will endeavour to keep you updated on developments. Find and share more action figure information via the Media & Merchandise forum. Special thanks to MKOmmunity User Shadaloo for originally tipping us off to the story.

Mortal Kurio: Mexican Bootleg Sub-Zero Action Figure
Unlicensed Action Figure Mayhem Continues with Mexican Bootlegs!

Today we travel from the realm of fan-made "kustom" action figures, to the seedy underbelly of Mexican bootlegs! This one comes courtesy of our friends at Pop Culture Shock Collectibles -- a far cry from their high-end, professionally finished statues! [See; All New 1:4 Scale Sub-Zero]

The offending figure [above] is part of a brazen world of unlicensed merchandise and foreign knock-offs. Back in my day, you expected your average dollar store bootleg to have wacky neon repaints, and unsettlingly hazardous (possibly toxic) additions! That's domestic bootlegging, though. Unlicensed international merchandise is an industry unto itself, stretching from Argentina to Turkey. Purists can count on shoddy workmanship and unfaithful flourishes, but occasionally something truly interesting slips through the cracks.

Here; Sub-Zero's non-union Mexican equivalent -- [we'll call him Señor Hell-Ado for the purposes of this article] -- looks positively sensible! Even easily recognizable! Dare I go so far as to say: Safe for children between the ages of 5-12?!

You may have seen this lumpy Lin Kuei warrior around the web, and may have thought he was an official Jazwares figure [read more]. Make no mistake: Señor Hell-Ado is about as icey as a snowman, and as deadly to his opponents as a Slurpee headache. Accept no substitutes!

Have you seen this bootleg action figure in stores? Have you had experiences with weirder and wackier knock-offs? Share your unlicensed stories with us on the Media & Merchandise forum. There you'll find more info about legitimate merchandise! Be sure to join us in the extended realm: @MK_Online or on Facebook.

Kommunity: Giant Size Studios Kustom Koncept Figures
Giant Size Studios Kustomize Unique Sub-Zero & Scorpion Action Figures.

With Jazwares quiet on the Mortal Kombat action figure front, and Pop Culture Shock focused on high-end collectibles [read more] -- brand new, fully articulated thrills have been hard to come by. Fortunately, diligent fans like Giant Size Studios continue to improvise new action figure options with interesting results. Check out the Sub-Zero & Scorpion they sent us [via @MK_Online]:

The customized figures offer a Mortal Kombat/comic book crossover of a totally different kind. Both are predominantly built from cannibalized superheroes, making use of various existing parts. The designs live squarely in fan-created territory, but have a certain charm that borrows cues from elements found throughout the series.

Sub-Zero plays relatively close to visual expectations -- a repainted DCU Indigo Tribe Atom providing a convenient, loin clothed base. A DCU Spectre hood gives a cowled look reminiscent of Lin Kuei warrior turned Wraith: Noob Saibot. The improvised face mask may be familiar; cribbed from a movie inspired Ra's Al Ghul (repainted). A Metamorpho arm provides a textured look for the iced appendage. Custom sculpted shin guards provide a UMK3-esque footnote.

Scorpion veers somewhat off-model -- almost urban looking with a spray yellow finish, and painted logos. A Toy Biz Black Panther provides the base, with modifications taken from Marvel Legends Sentry (fingers), DCU Dr. Impossible (feet) and a movie Ghost Rider movie for an alternate skull head. A customized chain completes the figure. Kanji for "scorpion" and a graphic logo add an interesting touch. The slick, modern anatomy is somewhat reminiscent of incarnations of the MK4 look.

You can uncover more of the making process via Giant Size Studio's Facebook galleries: (Sub-Zero & Scorpion)! While there, be sure to like & share Mortal Kombat Online!

Find, rate, discuss & submit more Mortal Kombat fan kreations in the Fan Submission forum! Immortalize your works in our forum and archive by uploading them to the Fan Submission System!

Injustice: NetherRealm Studios Sweep Year-End Accolades
Injustice: Gods Among Us Emerges as Best Fighting Game for 2013!

A new year and new console generation means lofty expectations for what's to come from the development team at NetherRealm Studios.

Before 2014 reveals its secrets -- a Mortal Kombat sequel, perhaps? -- We turn a final glance to the successes of 2013, and the DC Comics superhero fighter: Injustice: Gods Among Us!

Released in April; Gods Among Us showed the powerful new influence of the tournament scene, and the sophisticated promotional resources available through Warner Brothers marketing. The impact of Injustice was so immediate -- it's staggering to think the game is still only 8 months old!

Familiarity meant Injustice received a flying start. The audience was already well initiated by the time lasers hit discs! Fans were intimately familiarized through the usual fare of trailers, conventions, and character reveals -- as well as a barrage of tie-in merchandise and new media. Battle Arena added celebrity endorsement and mainstream interaction to the cycle. A late induction into the controversial 2013 Evo Championship [full story] -- supported by grass roots endorsement in other tournaments -- sealed the deal for instant success.

Limited opposition in fighting game new releases helped Injustice stand-out in 2013. Likewise, pressures of a new console generation were reduced by rumor and innuendo -- alleviated, come confirmation, by the PlayStation 4 launch release of Injustice: Ultimate Edition.

In the end, all of these things helped make Injustice: Gods Among Us one of the most popular new titles of 2013! It's unsurprising, then, that Injustice would claim a swath of recognition from year-end reviews:

IGN: Best Fighting Game 2013
"Though there were certainly other fighting games worth playing, none brought the mix of strong single-player content and multiplayer depth that Injustice: Gods Among Us did. On paper, the concept of rounding up DC’s finest to duke it out under a modified Mortal Kombat engine sounded too ambitious to actually work, but the end result proved to be both more over-the-top and more mechanically nuanced than NetherRealm’s last outing. Mix in one of the most satisfying stories ever told in the genre, and the result is the best fighting game of 2013." [IGN readers also awarded Best Digital Comic Series to Injustice!]

Game Informer: Best Fighting Game 2013
"The Mortal Kombat vets at NetherRealm specialize in pitting super powerful fighters against one another, which is why it made so much sense to let the studio tackle the DC Comics license. From Superman knocking Batman into orbit to Doomsday driving Green Lantern into the Earth's core, Injustice nails the spectacle of the superhero brawl. This ultraviolent fighter shouldn't be missed by comic or fighting game fans." [Game Informer also included Injustice in their Best Superhero Games of All-Time!]

GamesRadar: Best Fighting Game 2013
"Injustice also furthers the concept put forth by the most recent Mortal Kombat: fighting games can have a great single-player story--one that doesn’t rely on text-heavy exchanges between still images of your character. The plot of Superman losing his cool and going full dictator is gripping, and every hero and villain gets a chance to shine during the campaign. As we mentioned in our review, with such a strong presentation for solo players and great netcode for the online warriors, Injustice is the fighting game that DC fans deserve."

PlayStation LifeStyle: Best Fighting Game 2013
"Utilizing a deep fighting mechanic built by the the studio behind the acclaimed Mortal Kombat series, NetherRealm Studios, Injustice is a great balance between being accessible to new fans and containing enough content to keep diehard fans happy for some time. Containing a campaign mode that not only logically justified most of the issues of certain superheroes fighting each other, or themselves, Injustice introduced a new storyline for the comic series as well."

Game Revolution: Best Fighting Game 2013
"NetherRealm’s highly successful Mortal Kombat reboot enjoyed this award back in 2011 for many of the same reasons Injustice: Gods Among Us earned this year’s nod: the combat is nearly flawless in its balancing, there are so many characters, special attacks, and combos to choose from, and the story mode reinvents how fighting game stories are told with its epic scale and presentation."

Just Push Start: Best Fighting Game 2013
"The combat is what you would expect from Netherrealm, but even more polished and balanced, which allowed for it to be more common in the tournament circuit throughout the last year than [Mortal Kombat (2011)]. Every character has a unique moveset and plays very differently, allowing you to extend the game’s playtime due to trying out every one. Injustice: Gods Among Us was also very well supported by the developer with DLC, including some free skins that were included with patches. Just last month an Ultimate Edition was released that included all six DLC characters and every single skin that were put up for download over time."

The Denver Post: Best of 2013 Video Games
"6. The characters of the DC Comics world finally received a proper 2D fighting game thanks to the NetherRealm, the studio behind the 2011 Mortal Kombat relaunch. Non-linear maps and dizzying fight combos ensure a different, often surprising experience with each match."

Kotaku: The 6 Best Games for PlayStation 4
"We've seen superhero fighting games before, but nothing nearly as ambitious as Injustice: Gods Among Us. Where other games fumble for clumsy excuses as to why Superman and Batman find themselves at odds, Injustice features an extensive, multi-character, alternate reality story mode supported by a 12-issue comic book series. The planet shakes as iconic DC Comics powerhouses do battle, all using a balanced fighting system crafted by the studio responsible for Mortal Kombat 9. With an extensive challenge mode, numerous arcade-style battles and an extensive online multiplayer mode, getting 100% completion in Injustice is a Herculean task. The PlayStation 4 gets the Ultimate Edition of the game, packed with all of the game's downloadable content. The graphics might not be "next-gen", but there's so much satisfying content packed into Injustice: Gods Among Us the visuals hardly matter." [Updated: January 14. 2014.]

For the Mortal Kombat perspective, check out our review of Injustice: Gods Among Us. Be sure to share your own thoughts about the games place in 2013 on the DC Universe Injustice forum! Like and share this article via @MK_Online and Facebook.

Review: Injustice Year Two Begins in New Chapter
Injustice Tie-In Comic Starts Strong as Green Lantern Begins Descent!

It might be hard to believe, but just a few years ago, DC superheroes didn't have the best of reputations when it came to crossing over into virtual worlds. Even Batman was subject to gaming infamy; suffering a string of clumsy platformers and disappointing, double licensed flops.

In 2008; Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe took the Justice League back to the fighting arena with mixed results. In 2013; NetherRealm Studios returned under the Warner Brothers umbrella to launch Injustice: Gods Among Us -- a fighting game joining Batman: Arkham Asylum in redefining expectations of an DC Interactive product! [Editors Note: Both recently made Game Informer's Best Superhero Games of All Time.]

Winning over digital natives with a tailored gaming experience was one thing, but convincing them to pick up a book and start reading hasn't always been quite as easy. The anticipated digital-first launch of Injustice: Year Two -- the latest incarnation of the multi-million selling tie-in comic -- speaks to how successfully the two worlds of fandom have been brought together by Gods Among Us.

Tom Taylor returns for a second year of writing the grim 'n' gritty collapse of the alternate DCU. In the time since Injustice launched, Taylor's star has been on the rise, earning him a similar gig on the James Robinson launched Earth-2 series.

Taylor is joined by penciler Bruno Redondo in revisiting the more mundane, character-centric side of the Injustice conflict [in Chapter One]. Popular first series star Green Arrow takes centre stage, providing a bridge to Black Canary and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). The latter promises to feature prominently as Year Two explores the backstory of The Regime, the fall of Earth's greatest Green Lantern, and how the ramifications of this world reach the stars.

Redondo's a good choice for this chapter and its gentler moments.
His style has a clean, comic book realism that will appeal to a wide variety of readers. He shows a deft hand full of restraint where it counts, but never at the expense of keeping the visual interesting. A bar brawl injects action into the piece that's more the speed of the games, but one would hope this is merely a vehicle to encourage greater appreciation of the less bombastic side of superhero comics. Taylor & Redondo know each other from Star Wars comics and earlier Injustice [ie; #2]. His work continues to improve.

Your Beard is Weird: Green Arrow at his iconic best.

All things considered, it's a pretty daring move to start Injustice: Year Two on such a quiet note. Fighting game fans aren't always known for their introspection, but the drama that boils beneath should carry them to impactful ends.

Anyone who read the first Volume of the series will know this sequence is flashback. The Green Arrow of this universe is dead. He was killed by Superman, whose mounting rage and loss of control is the core of the Injustice story.

Sure, there was more to it. The Man of Steel mistook the heroes' efforts as part of a government plan to abduct the family that weren't already killed -- His adoptive parents: The Kents. And, sure. Pa Kent was killed during the superhero skirmish. All important steps down the path to Gods Among Us, underlined by the reminder of the human toll behind the masks.

Chapter One ends with Green Arrow's funeral. The gathering of mourning heroes has become a common comics cliché -- to the point where 2009's Final Crisis [mourning Martian Manhunter] incorporated a prayer for resurrection. This routine of life and death in superhero comics has cost these moments a lot of drama, but Taylor earns his gravitas in ways the first series did not [see; #1 Review]. Whether you find him obnoxious, or heroic, you feel the toll of Green Arrow's death. This is quite possibly the most meaningful death the series has presented thus far.

Dead On: Green Arrow's funeral drives the story with meaning.

Ironically, it seems Year Two thrives with its distance from the pressures of the video game conceit. Adrift between the catalytic moments that start the series, and the pending concerns contemporary to the game; Year Two has the opportunity to tell a true comic book story. Taylor's script matter feels freed up, but his juggling of character and plot might well be a writer improving his craft, as well.

Ikari Studio deserve a lot of credit for their coloring work, shining in the opening pages, but suitably subtle in later scenes. Julien Hugonnard-Bert completes the image with strong, crisp inks. By and large it's an attractive chapter, with only occasional dips in visual quality, eg; the composition could be tightened up during the Superman/Black Canary fight, light & dark used better.

All in all, it's a pretty stellar start to Injustice: Year Two. Chapter One suggests a vast improvement over the sometimes shallow first series. The relationships between characters are showing their years, and the thrust for the next chapter is the best its been. It's nice to start the story with a break from the usual franchise players [aka; Batman]. Green Lantern's story will be an enjoyable deviation. It's just a shame Black Canary missed out on a coordinated DLC release for the game!

Listen Up: Black Canary has words with Superman.

Injustice: Year Two is now available digitally via DC Entertainment. The first chapter can be bought online for 99c. The full print issue hits retailers January 15, 2014, containing 32 pages for $2.99. Read & share more info and a Chapter One preview right here. Discuss all things DC on the DC Universe Injustice forum!

Pop Culture Shock 1:4 Scale Sub-Zero Statue Pre-Order
Pop Culture Shock Collectible 1:4 Scale Sub-Zero Statue Coming 2014!

The sun is shining, but the ice is always slippery when Sub-Zero slides into the fighting arena! The beloved icon of the series will once again leap out of the hit 2011 reboot Mortal Kombat, turning collectible shelves into an icey tundra of fully sculpted eye candy!

The Lin Kuei warrior is the latest 1:4 scale statue to join Pop Culture Shock's exclusive pre-order catalogue of high quality collectibles! Projected for a Q3 2014 shipping date: Sub-Zero is available for pre-order (starting Jan. 6) in two chilling designs. Click the thumbnails [below] to take a closer look at what's in store!

As winter rages outside, PCSC announces a new collectible certain to cool temperatures even further...presenting a 1/4th scale statue of Sub-Zero as he appears in Mortal Kombat [2011].

“[Sub-Zero] is not only a fan favorite, he’s a personal favorite” said Jerry Macaluso, President of Pop Culture Shock, “ Given how well the previous versions of him have sold, we anticipate the MK9 version to sell out quickly.”

As is the standard for all PCS collectibles, this 1/4th statue features intricate sculpted details, sure to inspire a fatality. Thanks to fan demand, the standard edition will be available at all regular retail channels. In addition, an exclusive version will be available ONLY via PCSC’s website. The exclusive includes 2 extra heads as well as an Ice Sword and Ice Blast interchangeable accessories.

Mortal Kombat SUB-ZERO 1:4 Scale Statue
● Manufactured by Pop Culture Shock Collectible
● Price: $ 360.00 USD
● Edition Size: 400 pieces
● Approx. 17.5" tall
● Est. Ship Date: 3rd Qtr 2014
● Includes Certificate of Authenticity
● Features an alternative interchangeable head sculpt
● Available to order from finer specialty retailers worldwide

Mortal Kombat SUB-ZERO 1:4 Scale Statue, ICE BLAST PCSC Exclusive
● Manufactured by Pop Culture Shock Collectible
● Includes an alternative head sculpt and interchangeable arms/weapons (Ice Sword and Ice Blast)
● Price: $ 370.00 USD
● Strictly limited to 250 pieces
● Approx. 17.5" tall
● Est. Ship Date: 3rd Qtr 2014

Sub-Zero has already proved to be a popular choice among Mortal Kombat collectible enthusiasts! Pop Culture's life-sized Sub-Zero bust sent a chill down spines, earning the #1 spot on Mortal Kombat Online's Top 10 2012 gift ideas [full story]! Klassic Sub-Zero inspired by Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 was also a hit, with features endorsed by Mortal Kombat Online!

The contemporary Sub-Zero statue joins a tournament of 1:4 scale characters, including: Scorpion, Kitana & Prince Goro! Discuss these items and more in the Media & Merchandise forum!

Injustice Returns in Year Two Digital Comics Launch
Injustice Returns for New Series Starring Black Canary, Green Lantern & More!

Injustice: Gods Among Us continues in comic book format in 2014, relaunching in the aptly named second volume: Injustice: Year Two.

DC's "Earth-2" writer Tom Taylor -- Australian writer on the rise -- returns to the first alternate DC Universe he penned to coincide with the game. Taylor cites the unique relationships formed within the dystopian world as a key factor to bringing him back for the series, launching with the first digital chapter this Tuesday (January 7).

The digital comics format has been key to Injustice: Gods Among Us' serialized success, and Injustice just as crucial to the success of digital comics, as well. The immediately dominant serial was a much needed boost to DC Comics' initially slow digital outlet. Gamers provided significant support for the hit tie-in series, contributing to a staggering combined 1.9 million sales in digital and print, according to USA Today.

There can be no doubting that the deviating, introductory level relationships between popular characters has been a motivator for digital readers, who've expanded readership beyond traditional fans. In the USA Today interview, Taylor discusses some Year Two content, which takes one step further down the five year path to the contemporary plot of the video game.

The comics' ability to expand upon the games' limited modes will be an attractive component for anyone following the story. Downloadable characters have already been integrated more deeply into the plot, with Lobo starring as recently as the year-ending Injustice: Gods Among Us Annual [released November]. Black Canary is set to feature in the comic again, despite failing to make the game roster [read more]. Less prominent characters -- like Harley Quinn -- also benefit.

"I want to know what happens with a vengeful Black Canary," [...] "I want to know how Green Lantern falls. I want to know what happens to Harley Quinn with the Joker no longer in the picture. I want to know why Superman teams up with [super-villains]. I want to see Batman heal. I want to find out who lives and who dies, and how."

The tour of the twisted DC multiverse is set to continue in big ways in Year Two. Green Lantern is promised to feature as the ramifications of Injustice' plot ripples outward from Superman, Batman, and the fractured powers of the Justice League. The cosmic Corps have provided some of DC Comics' biggest storylines in recent years. Green Lantern appears in-game corrupted by the sinister powers of Parallax -- yellow creature of fear.

Bruno Redondo and Julien Hugonnard-Bert take art duties, seen [above] in a five page preview starring Black Canary, Green Arrow & Superman. Visit our Injustice Comic Book Index for more previews, reviews and content.

Injustice: Ultimate Edition brought the DC/NetherRealm Studios fighting game into the next generation with releases on PS4, PSVita & PC. Given the standard development cycle of games and the comics' Year Two (of Five) backstory, you might call the launch the first legitimate speculation about an Injustice video game follow-up. You can further speculation in the DC Universe Injustice forum.

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