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Scorpion Battles Ryu in Interactive Live-Action Ultimate Fight
IGN START Pit Scorpion against Ryu in Ultimate Fan Fights Episode 2!

He didn't fare so well when Mortal Kombat Online asked fans to help find the all-time Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion -- but that won't stop Scorpion taking the fight to the rest of the gaming world in Ultimate Fan Fights!

The ninja spectre attacks Street Fighter's Ryu in a new interactive, live-action video feature by START -- original video content providers from IGN!

A triple threat of Chris Mark, James Mark and Adrian Persad bring Scorpion to life in the live-action feature. Brian Ho appears as Ryu, directed by Chris Mark.

Scorpion's attire appears somewhat inspired by designs from the 2005 action-adventure title, Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks. Of particular note, the inclusion of the throwing kunai -- a weapon not always so faithfully recreated by live-action media.

Fans can determine the conclusion of the battle by watching it come to fruition! Scorpion and Ryu victory videos will tally votes accordingly, deciding the ultimate end to the all-Japan all-star clash! New episodes of Ultimate Fan Fights debut monthly. Batman of Injustice: Gods Among Us successfully defeated Captain America in the first episode.

Choose Your Destiny! Winners will be decided by video plays!

Somewhat a victim of his own success, Scorpion was eliminated in the Second Round of the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion tournament vote. He was defeated by arch-rival Noob Saibot with 41.7%, after beating Moloch. Fellow series icon, Sub-Zero, was determined to be the Supreme Champion.

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Pro-Circuit Spotlight: REO Wins MLG Summer Championship!
REO Bounces Back from Disappointment to take MLG Summer Championship!

You can call him many things, but the message last weekend was loud and clear: do not call him washed up! After a disappointing ninth place finish at the all-star Summer Fighter Arena invitational -- REO has bounced back in Raleigh to take the title at MLG Summer Championship!

It was the perfect culmination to a storyline that has run throughout 2012. Unquestionably one of the world's greatest Mortal Kombatants -- REO has grappled with the question of his ability to follow through on an attack against the top tier in 2012.

As contemporary to CD Jr, it was comparisons to his peers that threatened to overshadow REO's performances at the beginning of the year. While the 2011 Evo Champion (Perfect Legend) kept watch from the sidelines, the Evo Series was dominated by the one-two of the VSM tandem, REO the sub-boss to CD Jr's opening perfect run.

The script flipped at Final Round XV, where the Winter Brawl Runner-Up relegated CD Jr to his first Evo Series loss, and a third place finish.

From there, REO picked himself up two more Championship victories on the Road to Evo -- supreme title holder at Toryuken (May 20) and CEO2012 (June 17)! The CEO 50pt victory secured REO's #1 seeding status with an entire event still remaining on the Series calendar, putting all the momentum behind him ahead of the 2012 Evo Championship World title match!

Perfect Legend's absence from the majority of the year furthered some question about the legitimacy of the reigning World champ, while REO took up the expectations of favourite status. A 59pt lead over his nearest rival set up the tantilizing prospect of REO's ultimate rise to power and a fairytale reversal of the Evo 2011 final. Alas; with everything bet against the house, REO would be all the poorer for his successes when it all went awry at the worst possible moment.

Classic Match: Perfect Legend versus REO (Evo 2011 Championship Match)

What happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas.
For some, the memory of REO at the 2012 Evo Championship is defined by what he didn't do, while 2011 becomes the retroactive story of a two-time reigning Evo World Champion.

Eliminated in straight sets by A f0xy Grampa during the Evo 2012 Quarter Finals -- the VSM EMP #1 seed was a shocking early exit claimed by a Kung Lao mirror match. It was a major rub for the journeyman (Grampa) who took British representation as far as it would go, but his success came at the price of preventing REO even final sixteen honors.

The loss clearly had an effect on REO. He reprised a ninth place finish from MLG Spring Championship by losing pool tie breakers at Summer Fighter Arena to EGP Tyrant and GGA . In a post interview with Test Your Might, REO resigned himself to secondary status after the result, "I'm not sure why people still consider me a heavy-hitter [...] with my recent performances. It's easy to wrongfully assume a player [is] "off" when they're up against a superior opponent. The reality is it's not necessarily the case with being "off". It's just the player who I am fighting is better than me..."

REO went on to praise his opponents and downplay his status within the field [in the interview], but when push came to shove in Raleigh, clearly this old war horse still had some fight left in him!

REO may wish to downplay his status, but the Summer Championship victory is simply belated confirmation of the skills he possesses. Utilizing the strengths of an ever-popular Kabal, [REO] dashed through Fighter Arena rivals to take the $6,000 purse and an invitation to the coming MLG Fall Fighter Arena, in New York City!

Summer Fighter Arena winner and constant threat, Pig of the Hut finished equal third with VSM Maxter. CD Jr represented Team DMG with an impressive runners-up finish, while the man with the perfect plan and two Evo World titles was bumped to fifth. GGA Osu16bit will get a chance to bring his Kitana back to Fighter Arena in the Fall, a strong seventh.

Major League Gaming Summer Championship Top Sixteen:
2. DMG CD Jr
3. VSM Maxter
3. Pig of the Hut
5. EMP KN Perfect Legend
5. KH Showtime
7. GGA 16 Bit
7. FR Clint The Beast
9. KN Crazy Dominican
9. KH Cat713
9. VSM Insuperable
9. KN Detroit Balln
13. Tyler Lantern
13. Winter Warz
13. CoCo Forever King
13. GGA Dizzy

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MLG: Pro-Circuit Summer Championship This Weekend!
The Pro-Circuit Summer Championship hits Raleigh for a Major League Gaming meltdown!

Raleigh, North Carolina sizzles this weekend as Major League Gaming throws down the Pro Circuit gauntlet to the greatest fighters of the summer season!

The MLG Summer Championship is up for grabs -- along with a tidy prize purse totalling $16,700 -- for the eight Mortal Kombat players who can go the distance! It all kicks off 11:00 AM today (August 25, 2012), with the title to be decided in the evening of August 26 when only the fit have survived!

A rogues gallery of the biggest names in the Mortal Kombat Pro-Circuit tournament scene will be joined by the unwashed title hopefuls willing to face the heat in Raleigh!

Perfect Legend returns to MLG after being forced to pull out of the invitational Summer Fighter Arena special. He returns to a kingdom ruled by Pig of the Hut -- the winner of the Arena special whose trajectory on the scene has propelled him into a comfortable top five spot according to the NFGR system!

Pig of the Hut's rise to summer glory has included third place at the July 2012 Evo Championships, as well as an Evo Series Midwest Championship title victory. What he's missing is the scalp of the two-time Evo World Champion, Perfect Legend -- a rivalry that will hope to play out as they fight for the Summer Championship prize!

Not to be outdone -- CDjr returns as a member of Team DMG, leaving behind his success with vVv Gaming, who have since turned their back on the fighting genre all together. The Evo Runner-up will no doubt be looking to shake his team switch dramas off, eyeing off an Evo 2012 rematch just as much as Pig of the Hut, if not more!

REO, Maxter, Crazy Dominican and Galloping Ghost Arcade's Osu16Bit will also headline in the Summer Championship field!

For more details, visit Follow and discuss all the action with the MKOmmunity on the Gameplay & Matchmaking forum! We want to hear more from the FGC!

Injustice: Ed Boon Discusses Developing Online Strategies
Ed Boon Promotes New Online Function for Injustice: Gods Among Us!

In 2012, even the world's greatest Dark Knight Detective would struggle to find a major gaming release without some form of primary online function. Twenty years after the original exploded into arcades -- Mortal Kombat (2011) made online modes a vital component of the experience, retooling coin culture for the modern age with their King of the Hill multiplayer sessions, and peer-to-peer kombat.

The raw competitive experience of a two-player fight makes online play a natural fit for the genre, but with its demand for split second timing and frame-by-frame accuracy, real-time online fighting still leaves room for improvement in even the most successful titles. As Ed Boon recently told Eurogamer, the studio will carry lessons learned from their last outing when they unleash the online engine of the 2013 DC franchise starter: Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Online network code that received criticism for lag issues last year will undergo a major update, radically reinvented for the superhero fighter. New modes will elaborate on what was achieved with King of the Hill for play groups, while the transfer of basic game data will hopefully improve with the new system.

We're optimising our network code. For the inputs being sent back and forth we have a new, more elaborate system. And then we also have more things where groups of people participate in more of a round robin, and there's a meta-game in there. There's a lot of cool stuff coming for online.
In an interview with Gamespot, the Injustice Creative Director discussed grandiose visions for exactly what online modes will mean for the fighting genre in years to come. The prospect of major online competition is not so far fetched, Boon's comments coinciding with Major League Gaming's recent online tournament -- a competition won by the Summer Fighter Arena winner, Pig of the Hut.

Of course, as with Mortal Kombat, the importance of online function won't end with the digital domination of friends and strangers. New innovations look to improve upon every area of the online experience.

Downloadable Content will again be a major part of NetherRealm's approach, providing content extensions with a system designed to free the experience from common limitations. Newly added download characters will no longer be hampered by compatability thanks to simple data sharing -- the developer quick to distance themselves from comparisons to rival company Capcom, whose paid for extras have come packed on-disc.

"We want to come up with a way to push all that information onto people's machines so if I buy some character that was available for download, you would have it on your machine and I would be able to fight against you online."

Not everything will be reinvented for the DC fighter. Returning from MK will be NetherRealm Studios' background "hotfix" system [read more], designed for gameplay tweaks that are as sensitive as they are unintrusive.

"It'll be all in the background. [...] We can tune nobs and get it on everybody's machine. Let's say there's a punch, and you animate it at a certain speed. If you decide the punch is too fast, we have the ability to go into that code and find the speed, let's say it's playing at 2x speed, we can change that to 1.8, or 1.7, and slow it down slightly for everybody's machine."

Injustice: Gods Among Us is set to arrive on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U some time in 2013. Read the full Ed Boon story at Discuss this story and more in the DC Universe Injustice forums.

Injustice: Animation Studio Provides Possible Plot Details
Blur Studio Summary Suggests Batman/Superman Rift for Injustice!

Injustice: Gods Among Us is the new fighting game from NetherRealm Studios -- the title that brings the developer back to the comic book superheroes of the DC Universe!

The Injustice launch trailer posed the likelihood of heroes-turned-villain with a simple question, "What if our greatest heroes became our greatest threat?"

Clues to the nature of this unjust "New Regime" have trickled out since, but thanks to a tip from MKOmmunity member, , we have a descisive line in the sand courtesy of trailer animators, Blur Studio!

An all-out battle rages between the forces of Superman and those allied with Batman’s rebellion. Time has stopped—the world completely frozen in a instant of time—a moment where violence has boiled over and could consume the meta-human community.

The brief synopsis doesn't explain the nature of the plot, but it ends speculation about where the lines will be drawn during the battle of Gods Among Us. Superman and Batman look set to carry their infamous rivalry over to the realm of video games, leading two sides against one another in a clash reminiscent of DC Comics favourite, Kingdom Come.

The split of loyalties may offer some explanation for a noted strong Gotham contingent. Characters like Nightwing and Catwoman need no explanation for their Bat-affiiliations, while the likes of Harley Quinn, and perhaps even Solomon Grundy, could be antagonists recruited to battle the regime of super-powers. The latter pair have been pictured with Batman in banners featured at conventions.

Similar Injustice banners have shown combative pairings between the likes of Batman and Flash, and Flash and Solomon Grundy. Superman and Batman can also be clearly seen taking opposing positions in a group shot that positions Wonder Woman in the middle of the conflict.

DC Injustice Banners - Batman v Flash
DC Injustice Banners - Flash v Solomon Grundy
DC Injustice Banners - Batman Inc

It was in 2008 that the makers of Mortal Kombat had their first encounter with the DCU, when worlds collided in their first ever crossover Versus game [full story].

Now NetherRealm Studios are on the other side of the fight, and as with MKvsDC, they've promised an elaborate explanation for the clash of powers that brings mere mortals to battle gods among us. NetherRealm earned critical success with their chapter-based story mode in 2011's Mortal Kombat, with some talk of Injustice teasing big things to come for the storied superheroes.

With a connection firmly established by history, the portals to the DCU are open once more on Mortal Kombat Online. Discuss all things DC on the DC Universe Injustice forum. Injustice: Gods Among Us is currently scheduled to arrive for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U sometime in 2013.

Gamescom: Ed Boon Talks Injustice & Fighting Game Community
Ed Boon Talks Evo, Fighting Game Community, Accessibility & Online - PLUS! Catwoman in Injustice!

NetherRealm Studios Creative Director, Ed Boon, is at Gamescom to promote the studio's 2013 DC Comics game, Injustice: Gods Among Us. In an interview with Gamespot, the Mortal Kombat co-creator discusses a variety of topics, waxing on (and off) the elements that make-up a longlasting game.

Catwoman is the exciting new reveal for the convention [full story]; the latest "gadget" character revealed with a robust series of acrobatic moves and trademark whip and claw gimmicks. Boon reiterates the disconnection between Injustice and the series he is best identified with, focusing on the "over-the-top" qualities of a superhero universe.

Going deeper into the construction and longevity of fighting games, the seasoned designer discusses the necessity for regular new elements to keep a product fresh. Also covered: the relationship the hardcore tournament community has with the staying power of a fighting game, versus the issues of accessibility that affect a broader audience.

Boon highlights the growing importance of online play, discussing the potential for a global, Evo-style experience in the future of home online play. The interview is available at, or embedded above.

Update: Injustice: Gods Among Us is one of the games among us at Gamescom nominated for a People's Choice Award. Fans can vote for their favourite at

Injustice: Gods Among Us is the new fighting game from NetherRealm Studios. The DC fighter is expected to arrive on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and WiiU in 2013. Discuss all things Injustice on the DC Universe Injustice forum. Get more updates by folowing @MK_Online and liking us on Facebook.

Injustice: New Gods Among Us Catwoman Screenshots
New Hi Res Screenshots show-off Catwoman in Injustice: Gods Among Us!

As revealed in yesterdays pre-Gamescom trailer -- Catwoman has joined the cast of the 2013 DC superhero fighter, Injustice: Gods Among Us! Thanks to Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment, we've got a gallery of hi res screenshots of the new addition!

Gotham City's resident cat burgling anti-hero steals a spot alongside an eclectic confirmed cast: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy, Nightwing & Cyborg.

Creative Director Ed Boon was quick to respond to some fans' concerns that the DC Universe roster is becoming overrun with Batman branded characters. In a reply to a fan Boon tweets, "There are a TON of characters outside of the Batman family coming to INJUSTICE. Just WAIT till you see how far out we venture!"

Injustice: Gods Among Us is the new fighting game from NetherRealm Studios, currently on show at the Gamescom live event. Discuss all things Injustice on the DC Universe Injustice forum. Get more updates by folowing @MK_Online and liking us on Facebook.

Invasion: Mortal Kombat in Japan - Then & Now!
Report of a Japanese Location Test Marks Milestone Return of Mortal Kombat!

With the release of the 2011 reboot, Mortal Kombat strived to go somewhere it had never convincingly gone before: the competitive scene. With its reinvented retro-inspired gameplay a bonafide success, the latest game may now be taking the series further than anyone could've rightly expected -- to Japan!

Mortal Kombat in Japan!

A user on the Shoryuken forums [Hayama Akito] has brought to light the unlikely arrival of Mortal Kombat in the far east, signifying what seems to be a small location test for the US fighter [via].

For the majority of its history, the Mortal Kombat series has struggled to gain the degree of competitive respect held by its well known Japanese peers. Series like Street Fighter, Tekken and Virtua Fighter have long held broad crossover appeal in US and JP markets, while the dominance of mech fighters like the Gundam series have taken top honors in Japanese arcades.

Naturally occuring cultural biases may have played a part in the dissonance between Japan and Mortal Kombat, but there's no getting away from the issue of the deep competitive mechanics that often take precedent within the Japanese fighting game psyche. Mechanics that Mortal Kombat has lacked in previous iterations, or included with critical flaws, without rejection from domestic retail markets.

The fighting system for Mortal Kombat [(2011)] was said to be constructed from the ground up, clearly taking lessons learned from the return to a more strict 2D plane in Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe. With their eyes on the hardcore, and extended patch support, the series was able to confirm its improvements with a return to the Evo Championship Series as a feature title in 2011 and 2012. The competitive success has also spun-out into the eSports Pro-Circuit of Major League Gaming [full story], putting money and resources behind the development of the MK scene, on home soil.

While it's clearly taken an element of reinvention to spur Mortal Kombat into a relatively small blip back in the Japanese arcades, that's not to say the series hasn't had flirtations in the past.

Mortal Kombat in Japan! Mortal Kombat in Japan!

Ports of the original Mortal Kombat titles were once as mysterious and exotic as the Eastern mythology that inspired them.

Games like Mortal Kombat: Shinken Kourin Densetsu and Mortal Kombat II: Kyuukyoku Shinken ("Ultimate Godly Fist") took ports of the franchise to the 32X, Super Nintendo and Sega CD, giving Japanese homes a (sometimes censored) taste of the American fighter, and later trivia buffs something to be smart arses about.

The daring of MK was clearly enough to create a cult following. The lingering presence of the series' earliest instalments persisted as late as 1996, resulting in the curious creation of a Japan-exclusive Mortal Kombat II port for the PlayStation -- three years after the game's original US release!

In May, 2012, Kotaku reported the series' enduring fandom within the Japanese Xbox 360 niche, rating Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe and Mortal Kombat (2011) both within the top 10 import titles (10 & 7, respectively).

The location test -- 150 yen per game, for anyone heading to the third floor arcade -- coincides with the twentieth anniversary of the original Mortal Kombat! We will endeavor to track the success (or failure) of MK in JP as it makes its intriguing trek east.

Mortal Kombat Online is celebrating all things Mortal Kombat for the big 20th anniversary! Be you from Japan, or otherwise, we want to know all about your nostalgiac MK history in the Year of the Dragon forum post! Thanks to Pop Culture Shock Collectibles, we're also giving MKOmmunity users the chance to win a Limited Edition, Life-Size Sub-Zero Bust! Get updates on kontent, kontests and more by following @MK_Online and liking us on Facebook.

Premium 18in Sonya Blade Syco Collectibles Statue Preview
Kiss off! Sonya Blade Survives Invasion in Syco Collectibles 18in Premium Statue!

Second time's a charm for the first lady of fights, Lt. Sonya Blade arriving for duty in casual attire when the Syco Collectibles 18" Premium statue ships at the end of the year (December).

Limited to approximately 250 pieces, the Premium statue is modelled on alternate costumes from the most recent game. The 18" Sonya comes with a limited extras, The Big Bad Toy Store offering exclusive removeable gun [see more], on top of standard offerings of removeable sunglasses, fabric clothing, and resin Kiss of Death compound.

Close inspection of the disrupted city street underfoot also reveals the added detail of Sonya's victim -- the evident cybernetic remains of her Black Dragon arch-nemesis, Kano. The scene-setting base also has two fire hydrants at close proximity, which could be considered a bonus in fire prone areas, to be sure.

The first 100 pre-orders will also receive full scale, metallic Outer World Investigation Agency dog tags [below].

Identification information impressed upon the dogtags is guaranteed authentic OIA issue, provided by NetherRealm Studios to reflect official in-game record. Additional: In a Facebook update, Syco revealed only twenty-five dog tags remain.

Syco Collectibles Bonus 100 Sonya Blade Dog Tags

As noted, this is the second Sonya Blade statue from the company. A standard 10" version features Sonya's default design from the latest game, with interchangeable arms and dynamic kick pose [full preview]. Syco Collectibles have also recently released new images of their limited Shadow Clone Noob Saibot variant statue, as featured on Mortal Kombat Online [full story].

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Injustice: Catwoman Joins Gods Among Us in New Trailer
Catwoman Joins the Cast of Injustice: Gods Among Us in a new Trailer!

Gotham City is gaining greater representation within the ranks of NetherRealm Studios' upcoming DC superhero fighter; today adding one of the most recognized characters in the comic book world -- Catwoman!

Inclusion of the feline femme fatale comes as little surprise, a hot commodity fresh off Anne Hathaway's critically lauded performance in one of the biggest films of the year, The Dark Knight Rises. The announcement also confirms the fifth character to have appeared in NetherRealms' last trist with comic book heroes, 2008's Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe.

The purple spandex of her last fighting game appearance has been traded in for a modified version of the black leather catsuit (with goggles) that has become trademark. As with many of the other iconic heroes, the NetherRealm touch includes some amount of armoring, but not enough to encumber the classically lithe physicality of the deadly Catwoman!

Staying true to the character, the trailer shows off a gamplay style that is fast and highly agile, likely to fall under the "gadget" definition that defines character-specific arena interaction and playstyles. The claws are out -- taloned gloves giving the gimmick a cutting edge throughout the demonstration, Catwoman's trusty whip, also making an appearance.

The trailer comes from [via Shoryuken], apparently one of the character reveals promised for the upcoming Gamescom event. Fellow Gothamite and Bat-protegee, Nightwing, was one of two feature reveals in the last live demo at San Diego Comic-Con. Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy and Batman number among an already Gotham-heavy cast.

A final playable roster is expected to number in the mid-twenties, with downloadable additions already a much talked about post-release feature. Mortal Kombat Online has taken a tour of the DCU, ranking ten of the Heroes and Villains we'd like to see in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Discuss wishlists and more in the DC Universe Injustice forum.

Past Generation Toys Exclusive Noob Shadow Clone Statue
Preview Gallery for Syco Collectibles Noob Saibot Shadow Clone Variant Statue!

No Talking, Just the Heads.While the community votes for the best MK tandem, Syco Collectibles submit a contender who is a tag team unto himself! Noob Saibot arrives in the form of a long awaited Shadow Clone variant, a limited edition statue that packs a two-in-one punch!

The 10" collectible recreates the victory pose from the latest game, combining Noob Saibot with his jet black shadow clone, standing back to back in mirror. The Shadow Clone variant is limited to 100 units and exclusively available for pre-order through Past Generation Toys and Syco Collectibles.

The exclusive pair stand atop a 12" diameter base, with the peak of the Pyramid of Argus a teaser for something specific to the characters yet to come in the final sculpt. Images provided by Syco Collectibles are subject to final approval and may include adjustments. The statue costs $224.95.

Mortal Kombat Online previewed the sculpting phase of the Noob Saibot statue in March [full preview]. The Shadow Clone variant allows for both characters to be removed from the base -- a stand-alone, solo Noob Saibot will be available in larger quantity in the near future.

Sub-Zero is among the catalogue of characters sculpted in polystone, available in Premium 18" and standard 10" versions. In April, Mortal Kombat Online previewed the latest Sub-Zero statue, inspired by his trademark Spine Rip Fatality. Scorpion, the spine rip victim and Noob Saibot's old arch-nemesis, is also available in a string of statue versions from Syco, including their upcoming Mini Heads line.

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Preview: Major League Gaming Summer Fighter Arena
Eight of the Worlds Best Compete in NYC for MLG Summer Fighter Arena!

While the elite athletes of the world count Olympic medals in merry old England -- New York City will play host to feats of fatality and a brutal battle for bragging rights in a tournament called Mortal Kombat!

Major League Gaming presents Summer Fighter Arena -- an event set to challenge eight of the very best tournament kombatants in high stakes elimination competition!

The all-star summer showdown kicks off Friday, August 10, with all of the MLG action streaming live to the web from 4PM EST! Two free standard streams will offer eight hours of coverage, with 720p HD Streaming passes available for just $4.99.

Competitors will be split between two pools, facing each other until the top two from both groups progress to Semi Final eliminations. While eight of the very best will be present and accounted for, there will be a noteable absence of NFGR #1 and Evo 2012 Championship Runner-up, CDjr, as well as current NFGR #4 and MLG Spring Champion, DetroitBalln313. Both attended MLG Spring Fighter Arena and were invited to return for the Summer, but unable to attend.

Mortal Kombat Pool B
#2 PerfectLegend
#3 EGPTyrant
#6 GGA Osu16bit
#7 REO
Mortal Kombat Pool A
#1 DJT1993
#4 Pig of the Hut
#5 GGA Dizzy
#8 Riu48

Current Broadcast Schedule
8:00 PM Pool A DJT1993 versus Pig of the Hut
8:15 PM Pool A GGA Dizzy versus Riu48
8:30 PM Pool B Perfect Legend versus EGPTyrant
8:45 PM Pool B GGAOsu16bit versus REO
9:00 PM Pool A DJT1993 versus GGA Dizzy
9:15 PM Pool A Pig of the Hut versus Riu48
9:30 PM Pool B Perfect Legend versus GGAOsu16bit
9:45 PM Pool B EGPTyrant versus REO
10:00 PM Pool A DJT1993 versus Riu48
10:15 PM Pool A GGA Dizzy versus Pig of the Hut
10:30 PM Pool B Perfect Legend versus REO
10:45 PM Pool B EGPTyrant versus GGAOsu16bit
11:00 PM Semi Final 1st Place Pool A versus 2nd Place Pool B
11:15 PM Semi Final 1st Place Pool B versus 2nd Place Pool A
11:30 PM Mortal Kombat Summer Fighter Arena Final

The Pro Circuit Series special coincides perfectly with the twenty year anniversary of the Mortal Kombat series -- but will the Summer Fighter Arena reveal the tournament scene's equivalent of a Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion?

Two-time Evo World Champion, Carl "PerfectLegend" White, will no doubt be seeking the Supreme Champion mantle -- quite possibly the man to beat at the NYC Arena! Fighting out of the #2 spot, PerfectLegend will have a $1,500 bounty on his head -- with none more eager to claim victory than Pig of the Hut (); the Evo 2012 bronze runner-up who tasted defeat at PerfectLegend's hands at both the Evo Championship and the MLG Spring Championship!

#1 seed DJT1993 will be a dangerman out for PerfectLegend, having already upset the Evo Champ at the MLG Spring Championship! DJT's Sub-Zero remains a serious threat to all, his X-Ray Dash Cancel to Throw a move that will surely haunt PerfectLegend coming in to the eight-man exhibition!

This could also be the time for REO to rise to claim supremacy in a field that dare not under estimate him! The Evo 2012 #1 seed carries impressive credentials into Fighter Arena, among the most dominant competitors in the 2012 season! REO was Champion at Final Round XV, Toryuken and CEO 2012 -- a slick customer with the skills to beat the best!

Mortal Kombat Online sentimental favourite and tournament stalwart,
, shares PerfectLegend's Pool B with REO, as well as dark horse Jax master, EGPTyrant!

Summer Fighter Arena will be a primer for the Pro Circuit Summer Championships - August 24-26 from Raleigh, North Carolina! Follow and discuss the Major League Gaming matches and moments with the rest of the MKOmmunity on the message boards. For last minute updates and stream info follow @MK_Online and like us on Facebook.

Supreme Champion: Mortal Kombat Tag Team Tournament!
Which Team Will Reign Supreme? Sixteen Deadly Alliances Kompete for MK Gold!

From the Palace Gates of Shang Tsung's Island, to the very top of the Pyramid of Argus: we celebrate a contest called Mortal Kombat in this, the year of the dragon. With the hindsight of twenty years of fighting and an unprecedented community vote, Sub-Zero was determined the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion!

The ice-man may have shown he can go it alone, but as any MK fan knows, there's more than one way to skin a Tarkatan! In the 2011 game that rebooted the franchise, tag team action was reintroduced as its own beast, pitting pairs against one another in two-on-two Mortal Kombat. We hear there's a certain other series indulging in a little Tag Tournament around this time of year, and if that isn't a challenge to crown the ultimate two-man champions -- I don't know what is!

From the very beginning, even the greatest individual fighters have held association with a larger force. Be it the fighting fellowship of the Shaolin Monks, the regimented Special Forces, the dastardly Black Dragon, or the assassins of the Lin Kuei -- friendships and clans have had as big a role to play in twenty years of kombat as rivalries and bloodfeuds!

Eliminated in Semi Final by Ermac & Kenshi!Eliminated in Semi Final by Ermac & Kenshi! Eliminated Round 1 by Kitana & Sindel!Eliminated Round 1 by Kitana & Sindel! Eliminated Round 1 by Shao Kahn & Kintaro!Eliminated Round 1 by Shao Kahn & Kintaro! Eliminated Round 2 by Kitana & Sindel!Eliminated Round 2 by Kitana & Sindel!
Eliminated Round 1 by Ermac & Kenshi!Eliminated Round 1 by Ermac & Kenshi! Eliminated Round 2 by Kenshi & Ermac!Eliminated Round 2 by Kenshi & Ermac! Eliminated Round 1 by Baraka & Mileena!Eliminated Round 1 by Baraka & Mileena!
Eliminated in Semi Final by Noob-Smoke!Eliminated in Semi Final by Noob-Smoke! Eliminated Round 1 by Jade & Reptile!Eliminated Round 1 by Jade & Reptile! Eliminated Round 2 by Jade & Reptile!Eliminated Round 2 by Jade & Reptile! Eliminated Round 1 by Quan Chi & Shang Tsung!Eliminated Round 1 by Quan Chi & Shang Tsung!
Eliminated Round 1 by Sektor & Cyrax!Eliminated Round 1 by Sektor & Cyrax! Eliminated Round 2 by Noob-Smoke!Eliminated Round 2 by Noob-Smoke! Eliminated Round 1 by Noob-Smoke!Eliminated Round 1 by Noob-Smoke!

Continuing the twentieth anniversary theme, we've selected a field of sixteen deadly alliances introduced throughout the series. They represent all eras and tiers of Mortal Kombat, with no fighter repeated in any combination. By popular request, the bracket of sixteen will be fully randomized and revealed as the First Round unfolds.

As with the previous tournament; each tag team outcome will be determined by the result of a regularly updated MK Online User Poll [located top left]. Criteria for voting is, as always, completely up to you, but we recommend fairplay and consideration for the qualities that make a great team, and the triumphs they have enjoyed.

It is time! Thirty-two fighters become two titan teams as the tag team tournament reaches its tumultuous conclusion! There can be only one as we declare the Supreme Mortal Kombat Tag Team!

Ermac & Kenshi: Affectionately dubbed 'team telekenisis', this duo comes to us from the Deadly Alliance Konquest mode, where their mutual acquaintance was first revealed. In exchange for freeing Ermac from enslavement, the soul creature enlightened Kenshi to the ways of the mind. On their way to the Grand Final they eliminated: Sub-Zero & Sareena (R1), Baraka & Mileena (R2) and Kitana & Sindel (SF).

Noob Saibot & Smoke: The only team-up in Mortal Kombat history to appear in-game as a combo, "Noob-Smoke" served as an unconventional sub-boss in Deception. Classic secret characters from MKII, we know them today as Bi-Han and Tomas Vrbada - Lin Kuei assassins with twisting fates. On the way to the Grand Final they eliminated: Sonya Blade & Jax (R1), Sektor & Cyrax (R2) and Jade & Reptile (SF).

From the Palace Gates of Shang Tsung's Island, to the very top of the Pyramid of Argus, right back to where it all began. Only one of these duos can be crowned Supreme Mortal Kombat Tag Team Champions! In this Year of the Dragon, celebrating the series' 20th Anniversary, now is the time to vote for the greatest of two. Who will reign supreme?... FIGHT!

  • Round 1: Kitana & Sindel (73.0%) d. Kano & Jarek (26.9%)
  • Round 1: Shao Kahn & Kintaro (77.4%) d. Moloch & Drahmin (22.5%)
  • Round 1: Ermac & Kenshi (55.8%) d. Sub-Zero & Sareena (44.1%)
  • Round 1: Baraka & Mileena (91.2%) d. Kobra & Kira (8.7%)
  • Round 1: Jade & Reptile (55.6%) d. Liu Kang & Kung Lao (44.3%)
  • Round 1: Quan Chi & Shang Tsung (65.1%) d. Stryker & Kabal (34.8%)
  • Round 1: Sektor & Cyrax (62.5%) d. Raiden & Fujin (37.4%)
  • Round 1: Noob Saibot & Smoke (72.7%) d. Sonya Blade & Jax (27.2%)

  • Round 2: Kitana & Sindel (54.9%) d. Shao Kahn & Kintaro (45.0%)
  • Round 2: Ermac & Kenshi (56.9%) d. Baraka & Mileena (43.0%)
  • Round 2: Jade & Reptile (51.9%) d. Quan Chi & Shang Tsung (48.0%)
  • Round 2: Noob Saibot & Smoke (53.8%) d. Sektor & Cyrax (46.1%)

  • Semi Final: Ermac & Kenshi (51.0%) d. Kitana & Sindel (48.9%)
  • Semi Final: Noob Saibot & Smoke (60.3%) d. Jade & Reptile (39.6%)

  • Grand Final: Noob Saibot & Smoke (54.8%) d. Ermac & Kenshi (45.1%)

To vote, make sure you've registered to Mortal Kombat Online and visit regularly to stay up-to-date with the latest poll. You can discuss all the tournament match-ups and voting on the forums. Boost for your favourite team by spreading the word via Twitter and Facebook.

Year of the Dragon: Sub-Zero is the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion!
The People Have Spoken - Sub-Zero is the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion!

Sub-Zero defeated Ermac to become Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion!Twenty years is a long time in any measure! For Mortal Kombat, it's meant two decades of tournament fighting, and an ever expanding universe of warriors eager to take the crown! In the early days, you could take for granted the series would be safeguarded by its most enduring hero, but ten years ago, that assumption was snapped like a dry twig, by the most enduring villain of the series.

In this anniversary Year of the Dragon, Mortal Kombat Online decided to undertake an unprecedented vote, celebrating the icons of one of the longest running game franchises, whilst addressing a lingering question that has shaped them all. We called upon the entire MK fanbase to resolve this, the ultimate question: Who is the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion?

Sixty-five characters, six rounds, and three months later, we finally have an answer. His victory was by no means one-sided, his reign will not go unchallenged. We can, however, declare with extreme confidence: Sub-Zero is the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion.

To arrange the bracket, Mortal Kombat Online staff ranked the top ten characters of all-time, determining Sub-Zero the #1 seed in the process. It was the mainstream penetration of the character, his success as an icon in multiple mediums, and the arc of his story, that made him a consistent choice for the committee.

It can come as no surprise that Sub-Zero would also emerge a top contender by broad popular vote. Though the character we know today did not technically appear until Mortal Kombat II, his story has stretched the entire twenty years, appealing to those who would be drawn in by the iconic "ninja" design, and the powers of ice that have made him one of the most recognized models in gaming.

It's somewhat ironic that a character as readily identified as Sub-Zero would not receive a given name until just last year. Kuai Liang has quickly become the identifier by which this Sub-Zero is known, differentiating from the character first introduced in 1992. It's the legacy of the sibling that began our Sub-Zero's journey, initiated as a brand new character in the 1993 sequel, even if many players didn't even realize it.

To that point, Sub-Zero had been the warrior in blue, pursued by Scorpion and sent to assassinate Shang Tsung in the plot of the first Mortal Kombat. Character bios in the next game would quickly reveal that Sub-Zero had been presumed dead after the tournament, telegraphing the switch by creating an element of mystery surrounding his 'surprise' return in the Outworld tournament.

The secrets of the twist ending would only be detailed by completing the game with Sub-Zero -- meshing with Scorpion's MKII end to reveal the presence of a younger, more honorable version of the Lin Kuei assassin. It wasn't the most shocking moment in gaming history, but it absolutely established the first layer of intrigue that future games would build upon, creating more than a simple stone cold killer for hire. Sub-Zero was a young character, destined to develop all the associations of classic fictional heroes.

The nature of Scorpion's famous vengeance plot meant either a premature and bittersweet end for the spectre, or lingering questions in sore need of answer. Whatever the intentions at the time, the characters would remain linked, but not before the legend of a more altruistic Sub-Zero got its chance to blossom in the next instalment. Scorpion and the palette swap characters would all be initially absent from Mortal Kombat 3 (1995), allowing Sub-Zero to return unmasked, scarred, and pursued by his own clan.

In MK3, Sub-Zero became a fugitive during the invasion of Earth, pursued by automated Lin Kuei cyborgs sent to kill him. Ties to the secret character, Smoke, added extra backstory and personal motivation to Sub-Zero's plight, which would ultimately be the beginning of the downfall of the Lin Kuei. When the series appeared to enter hibernation after Mortal Kombat 4, the return in 2002 (Deadly Alliance), would see a Sub-Zero reclaiming the Lin Kuei mantle, intent on resurrecting the disbanded order with the honor it once held.

Mortal Kombat 4 had effectively resolved Sub-Zero's introductory baggage, revealing an extra player in the tragic comedy of his rivalry with Scorpion. He would no longer need be involved, as absolved of responsibility as we had believed in MKII.

Quan Chi would play his first role as manipulator in MK4, pitting Scorpion and Sub-Zero against each other like pawns, as he had with the previous Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat Mythologies. While this tangled web finally gave Scorpion other things to do -- it freed Sub-Zero to eventually acquire a love interest in Quan Chi's demonic slave, Sareena. It was another detail borrowed from the "Bi-Han" version, but furthered and complimented the development and contrast of the lighter of the two brothers.

The darker qualities of his familial predecessor would motivate the final piece of Sub-Zero's puzzle -- his brother revealed to have become a blackened wraith of the NetherRealm after death, the shadowy secret character known as Noob Saibot. This not only further tied MKII's iconic secret characters to Sub-Zero, indebting him to fleshing them out beyond their colour swapped origins, but established another trope in Sub-Zero's classically influenced canon. He had an evil brother, a related nemesis with which to engage in murderous sibling rivalry.

It's perhaps a little ironic that so much of his story has kept Sub-Zero away from competing for the in-fiction title of Mortal Kombat Champion. At the same time, it has clearly been to the benefit of the character that he has developed in a way that connects with the fans at large.

As we know, the in-fiction Champion title was most commonly held by Liu Kang (MK-MK4), but that history seems in doubt after the most recent game rewrote history. In that story, Sub-Zero even had the parallel universe fate of becoming the very automated cyborg he fought against in the original MK3. Whether or not this robotic fate is merely part of the accumulation of fictional tropes -- in this case, the grim alternate reality version -- remains to be seen. What is more clear is the staying power of one of Mortal Kombat's longest serving characters.

Throughout the winding saga, he has remained beloved and instantly identified for his in-game special attacks. The power of ice has proved one of the most versatile and exciting in the series, not to be out-done by the simple martial artistry of ripping out a spine -- a fatality frequently cited one of the best finishers the game has seen!

The palette swap "ninja" design may have its supporters and detractors, but as the series has developed and matured, Sub-Zero has continued to show how the spirit of the original can be embellished with a sense of character and individuality befitting a twenty year icon. There isn't an area where Sub-Zero hasn't excelled, and that is why, love or hate him, he is clearly a worthy choice.

Concept Render - Sub-ZeroSub-Zero Attack RenderMKvsDCU Sub-Zero Render
Sub-Zero Alternate ConceptCyber Sub-Zero and Sub-Zero!MK (2011) Classic Costume - Sub-Zero
Sub-Zero Deadly Alliance Concept ArtScorpion and Sub-Zero in MK Armageddon's Pit Arena renderSub-Zero Deadly Alliance Render

The path of the Champion saw Sub-Zero defeat Daegon (R1), Frost (R2), Quan Chi (R3), Kitana (QF), Raiden (SF) and Ermac (GF). In an Olympic themed bonus match, Noob Saibot has been determined worthy of a Bronze Medal, defeating the second eliminated Semi Finalist, Raiden. That's good news for the Chinese cryomancer warrior contingent!

As we continue to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Mortal Kombat, the tournament action will continue! Sub-Zero returns in a special sixteen team tournament inspired by some of the greatest team-ups the games have introduced! By popular request, the August 2-v-2 elimination bracket will be completely randomized and revealed as the First Round unfolds.

If all this Sub-Zero hasn't been enough, Mortal Kombat Online has teamed with Pop Culture Shock Collectibles to give you the chance to win a Life-Size Sub-Zero bust! At 22", this limited edition light-up eyes version is the perfect tribute to the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion! Follow contest entry guidelines to win!

Exclusive First-Look: Jazwares Super Deformed Preview - Kabal!
MKO First-Look Super Deformed Kabal - the Latest Action Figure Series from Jazwares!

With the twentieth anniversary of Mortal Kombat looming large over August, Jazwares reveal prototype previews from their latest phase of MK kreations! Things are about to get super deformed as the toymaker releases a new range of squat figures based on the characters of the hit fighting franchise!

Mortal Kombat Online has the exclusive first-look [below] of one of four fighters coming from the series: the hideously disfigured Black Dragon cyborg -- Kabal!

Reminiscent of comic models featured in the previous console generation's mini-games [Puzzle Kombat and Motor Kombat] -- the Jazwares Deformed series recreates the latest designs from the Mortal Kombat game, with a misproportioned twist.

Standing 2.75" (inches), the MK deformed collectibles put a whimsical spin on the gaming icons, starting the series with dwarfed versions of Scorpion, Quan Chi, Shao Kahn and Kabal!

This will be the second Shao Kahn action figure from Jazwares, hot on the heels of their recently released, tall to-scale Deluxe Figure [full story]. Preview photos of the other 2.5" deformed prototypes are available on the official Jazwares Facebook and Twitter, @Jazwares.

Mortal Kombat Online will have more from Jazwares later in the month. Discuss all the action figure news and reviews in the Media & Merchandise forum. Join the extended MKOmmunity by liking Facebook and following @MK_Online.

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