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Who's Next? New Kombatants Coming to Mortal Kombat X

The hints keep coming! Even as speculation ramps up for returning klassic arenas; Creative Director Ed Boon has dropped a teaser image for four new characters who'll be announced tomorrow!

MKX DLC: More Clues Point to Return of Klassic Pit Arena

With the promise of official news sometime this week, we have a fresh batch of clues pointing squarely at the return of klassic arena The Pit in Mortal Kombat X!

MKX DLC: Look to La Luna! Ed Boon Teases News with Moon

Series co-creator Ed Boon is promising "BIG" Mortal Kombat X news coming hot on the heels of the latest Kombat Kast! Boon tweeted a picture to tease the update - a heavenly image familiar to klassic fans. Look to la luna below:

Mortal Kombat X: Kombat Klass - Predator

Only the strong will survive when the Predator enters the arena! Learn to stalk your prey in Mortal Kombat X by submitting yourself to the ritual of Kombat Klass:

Guide: Komplete Mortal Kombat X Brutality List

In Mortal Kombat X, finishing moves were brought into the final round with a brilliant reinventing of the Brutality! No longer just a furious flurry of fast flung fists - the moves are the ultimate coup de grace, transitioning directly from fight to fatality with devastating efficiency.

Brutalities challenge players to meet a variety of stipulations, ranging from the trivial - to the teeth grindingly specific. Some brutalities are arena based, character based, and some are completely hidden from players. Know how to finish your matches in style with a guide to all known brutalities.

Rumor Mill: Is a Klassic Arena Returning Soon in Mortal Kombat X?

The most recent update to PC versions of Mortal Kombat X has provided the first clue to suggest a klassic arena coming to downloadable content! Mortal Kombat Online affiliate Murdoink uncovered the reference diving into settings updates, which add "Pit" to the list of "background" arenas in the code:

MKX DLC: Tremor Kombat Kast Developer Stream - Today!

Just two weeks after the release of guest character Predator; the fourth and final Kombat Pack kombatant has been fasttracked to downloadable content. Brace yourself for the coming of Tremor with a live developer demonstration later today, 3:00 CDT!

Evo 2015: Klassic Kombatants Rocked in MKX Tremor Trailer

The Richter scale was off the charts in Las Vegas as NetherRealm Studios unveiled their latest downloadable character: Tremor! The obscure klassic was reborn in front of the world as they waited for the finals of the 2015 Evo World Championship in the arena, and live on stream!

Evo 2015: Tremor Trailer to Debut During Mortal Kombat X Finals

As the 2015 Evo World Championships reach their climax, Mortal Kombat X fans will have even more to look forward to than a new World Champion! Developers NetherRealm Studios will unveil the fourth and final character in their downloadable content Kombat Pack - Tremor! It comes just one year after the Evo reveal of Raiden!

MKX DLC: Free Klassic Fatalities & Kold War Scorpion Out Now

As announced on the most recent NetherRealm Kombat Kast - Klassic Fatalities and the Kold War Scorpion skin are now available to everyone for free! If you haven't gained access to the downloadable content yet, you should be able to very soon!