2022 will mark thirty years since the release of the original Mortal Kombat -- and the retro-meisters of Arcade1Up are celebrating the milestone with an anniversary edition cabinet that packs in a whole lot of games with live online kombat functionality! Read on for details:

The Midway Legacy Mortal Kombat 30th Anniversary Cabinet includes a massive fourteen classic Midway Games arcade titles, including the all-important Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat 3, and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3!

Two sticks mean you'll still be able to challenge your friends & family in close quarters kombat, but this time the fight is also going online so you can hog the machine all to yourself with Wifi Live Online Multiplayer and online leaderboards! If that's not exciting enough, watch the official CES 2022 announcement trailer:

The anniversary cabinet decal recreates the legendary look of the klassic Mortal Kombat design, albeit in its secondary form minus a flykicking Johnny Cage down the side [pictured below]. It also boasts a light-up marquee, molded coin door, and 10 additional Midway classics: Toobin, Rampage, Joust, Gauntlet, Wizard of Woz, Rootbeer Tapper, Defender, Bubbles, Paperboy, and Klax.

No price point is provided yet, but the 12-in1 Midway Legacy Edition cabinet would set you back $315.00. Will you be saving your quarters to check out this cabinet? Tell us in the comments and find & discuss more anniversary stories in the 2D Kombat Klassics forum!