Most fans would agree: Ed Boon has had it far too good for far too long. As co-creator of the monster Mortal Kombat franchise and head of Injustice 2, Boon has had a ticket to ride where he wants, when he wants.

After almost twenty-five years of writing and cashing his own cheques - GameInformer has finally brought the gamesmaster to task to pay the bill on the questions he's been avoiding for decades!

The full E3 interview broaches many of the outstanding issues surrounding the Mortal Kombat franchise. These excerpts reflect but a few of our favourites.

Game Informer: Why doesn't Scorpion realize he could go to his opponent rather than always demanding they come to him?
Ed Boon:That's a really good question. I think he's a control freak. Like, he's one of those people who has to bark orders to kind of lift himself up.

Who do you most like to kill with those fatalities?
Sub-Zero I guess. Contrary to popular belief, I actually don't hate Sub-Zero, but he's the opposite of Scorpion, so he has to kill him. There's no other way.

Has [Reptile] given up on his cosplay career?
Yes. Ironically, many people like his [palette swapped] clone of the other characters as their favorite. I think it has a lot to do with a nostalgia or childhood thing.

Why doesn't Raiden always travel back in time each time EarthRealm loses a tournament?
You know what? I ask myself that same question and um... we're going to have to address that in the future. [laughs] We gotta come up with something that makes sense because that's a really good point.

Does Noob Saibot ever question where his name came from?
Yes. He thinks the creation of his name was very backwards thinking and didn't look forward to the future. Ironically, I was the one who named him. I think he wonders why it's so backwards.

"Backwards" - get it?... Unfortunately, GameInformer neglected to ask the most burning question of them all: Where do they come up with all those crazy fatalities? Maybe next year, fellas.

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