Back in March, Mortal Kombat Online took an overview of the winding Saga of Mortal Kombat HD. The ill fated project began life as a contemporary remake of the classic games, using new actors to recreate the original sprites in an HD digitized format. As revealed by an unnamed source who worked on the project: the game was shelved by Warner Brothers for internal reasons [full story].

Little has been made known or available from the aborted Mortal Kombat HD project, but thanks to make-up artist Tanea Brooks -- we've now got our most intimate look at some of the work that took place!

Evidently, sprites for Liu Kang (MKII, MK3), Kitana (MKII, MK3), Sonya Blade (MK, MK3), Kung Lao, Shao Kahn & Stryker were all given the HD test treatment. There was clearly a strong desire to match the originals as closely as possible, with several photos demonstrating comparisons with the original sprites. The actors all certainly bear strong resemblance to their classic counterparts!

Hope springs eternal for Mortal Kombat HD, with NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon discussing the concept of "Mortal Kombat II: Director's Cut" during Giant Bomb Livestream from this year's GDC [full story].

Fuelling speculation is the shutdown of a fan-made MKHD Kommunity Edition, and the recent reveal of "Mortal Kombat 2" by 2011 Kitana/Mileena voice actress Karen Strassman. We've heard rumors of an Injustice sequel being in development. Could Mortal Kombat HD be on the slate as well?

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