Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary (Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot group render up)
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Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary (Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot group render up)
01/17/2006 12:07 AM EST
Hey guys here's a plot summary for how the storyline could be done. First I take some Deception endings and make them canon here and start off with some basic stuff, more will come as I go.

The story picks up where Deception left off. Shujinko arrives at Onaga’s palace, determined to redeem himself for causing the realms to be in great chaos. Onaga sees Shujinko and after thanking him, fights him. Shujinko puts up a good fight, but his old age just isn’t enough to defeat Onaga. Onaga walks in for the kill, but Shujinko grabs a Kamidogu and throws it toward the lava, forcing Onaga to go save it, this gives Shujinko the time he needs to escape.

Liu Kang’s spirit and Ermac successfully infiltrate Onaga’s palace and are attacked by Liu Kang’s enslaved comrades: Kung Lao, Kitana, Johnny Cage, Sonya and Jax. Ermac successfully fights them all; Liu Kang is able to free them. However, before a happy reunion can take place, Liu Kang dematerializes, as Kitana just misses seeing him again... As they recover, Ermac tells them to quickly follow him out of the palace...

Meanwhile Raiden’s energies reform on Earth, however he is a new Raiden... Enraged at what is happening: something tells Raiden to kill the one responsible for the Dragon King’s reemergence: Shujinko. Raiden decides to do just that, but he knows that something doesn’t feel right...

The Elder Gods become aware of Raiden’s reappearance and know just who is manipulating him: the One Being, fearing the One Being’s return, they contact Fujin. Fujin stands on a cliff, where he hears the message from the Elder Gods: He learns of Raiden and the One Being and that he must gather any warrior possible to prevent total Armageddon. Fujin agrees and heads out to gather Earth’s warriors.

First, Fujin finds Kai, wandering the Earth after the events of Mortal Kombat 4. (Except he does not have Raiden’s staff) Fujin tells Kai what is happening, who agrees to help. Next Fujin finds Stryker, who has been trying to live a normal life after the Outworld Invasion, knowing that this threat he cannot sit out, Stryker agrees to fight one last time.

Meanwhile Onaga receives some more messages from the One Being subconsciously... he goes to the graves of Sheeva, Motaro and Kintaro (who was killed in the Outworld tournament by Raiden, since he was about kill Jax unfairly) and revives them turning them into his slaves. They become his generals. He also has had Hsu Hao revived ever since the end of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, since Jax left Hsu Hao’s body on the castle ground.

Shinnok, who resides in the Netherrealm, he was defeated in Mortal Kombat 4, by the combined efforts of Liu Kang and Raiden. He sees Nightwolf, who is in the Netherrealm to seal Onaga, following him, Shinnok watches a Nightwolf pours out his sins and opens a passageway between Outworld and the Netherrealm, taking this opportunity, Shinnok jumps through and ends up in Outworld, Fortunately for Nightwolf, it released his sins and he is thrust out of the Netherrealm, but he is horrified as to what has happened.

Sub-Zero and Kenshi are still trying to find a way back to Earthrealm, however Sub-Zero sees a shocking sight, his old friend Smoke following a black ninja. Telling Kenshi that he needs to take care of something, the two part ways and Sub-Zero chases after the two. Noob Saibot and Smoke go through a portal to the Netherrealm and Sub-Zero jumps through.

Meanwhile Sindel and Jade find themselves wandering Outworld, it is there that they come across... Goro and Shao Kahn. Sindel and Jade are naturally shocked to see both are still alive, and demand to know why Goro is standing at Shao Kahn’s side. Shao Kahn answers for Goro, that he saved Goro’s life and now he serves him, Jade is angered at Goro’s betrayal and cowardice and runs to attack him, but Sindel holds her back. They talk, Shao Kahn offers her an alliance for they are both trying to get rid of the Dragon King, Sindel reluctantly accepts, but she knows that Kahn has something planned and tells them to follow him to Onaga’s old body.

Meanwhile, Scorpion is on the cliffs of Outworld, still heading towards Onaga’s palace, he thinks of his wife and child and the bastard who murdered them: Quan Chi, yet he also thinks of the original Sub-Zero and has a flashback to their battle in Mortal Kombat 1. He is interrupted by the Elder Gods, who tell him that his mission priority has changed, he is stop any threat that he sees. Armageddon is fast approaching and he must align with the Wind God, Fujin to stop it at any cost. Scorpion says he understands.

As Mavado lies dying from his battle with Kabal, a stranger approaches him, it is Havik... Havik heals Mavado, much like he did to Kabal and tells him that he must head back to the Red Dragon and tell them that a new Black Dragon is approaching... Havik thinks to himself that he will enjoy the chaos between the new Black Dragon and the Red Dragon.

Kabal and his recruits, Kira and Kobra, wander around, eventually coming to Edenia, it is here that they find an old Black Dragon member; Jarek (who survived his cliff fall and been in hiding on Edenia since) They tell him about this new Black Dragon and Jarek after thinking about it, agrees to join.

Speaking of the Black Dragon, Kano also survived, he managed to grab onto a ledge before he hit the net trap in Quan Chi’s fortress. Making his way out, he wanders Outworld where he hears of the new Black Dragon, enraged at this, Kano sets out to kill Kabal.

Hotaru still on the trail of Sub-Zero and Kenshi, is confronted by Dairou, they fight to a stalemate and as they catch their breaths, Dairou decides to tell Hotaru just who commissioned the attack: Darrius. Hotaru tells Dairou that Darrius was the one who killed his family. Dairou does not believe this at first, but he somehow knows that Hotaru is telling the truth, he sets out to find Darrius, while this encounter has changed Hotaru’s views on Order and the government he serves.

Bo’ Rai Cho continues to train Li Mei, who is still finding herself more drawn to this mysterious power, Bo’ Rai Cho decides that the time has come for them to battle the Dragon King. He thinks of the inspiration that Liu Kang’s spirit gave him to defeat the Tarkata and how the people of Outworld plan to rise up against the Dragon King, they set out...

After throwing Scorpion into the Soulnado in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Moloch and Drahmin wandered Outworld, having decided to have had enough of waiting for Shang Tsung to tell them when to attack Quan Chi, however when they get to Quan Chi’s fortress, they find nothing, enraged they decide to wander Outworld in search of the sorcerer. They do not know of the final battle at the end of Deadly Alliance.

Speaking of the Deadly Alliance, Quan Chi successfully escaped the blast, though it cost him the amulet, he was able to teleport at the last moment, however the amulet was seized by Onaga, Quan Chi landed in a different part of Outworld, where he plots to retrieve his amulet. Shang Tsung, however, had a different way of escaping the blast, by releasing every soul he ever absorbed, he was able to shield himself from Raiden’s blast, however this caused him to hurl backwards and be buried under the rubble, when he got out, he was once again an old man.

Mileena, surprised at Bo Rai Cho’s success in defeating the Tarkata, decided to get rid of Baraka, by feeding him to the insects, little does she know that it was a decoy, Baraka himself, is now the last surviving Tarkata for the rest of his race has been killed by either Sub-Zero, Goro or Bo’ Rai Cho’s army. He blames this on Mileena.

Cyrax ended up back on Earthrealm after he gave the orb to Nitara, he ends up in Japan. Sektor’s clan, the Tekunin spot him and report to Sektor, upon learning of Cyrax’s return, Sektor decides that Cyrax will be the first target of the Tekunin.

Nitara is back in her own realm (the name can’t come to me), as she wanders around for a while, she comes across a strange girl named Khameleon, whom she learns is just like Reptile. Khameleon has heard of what has happened to Reptile that Onaga has taken over his body and desires help. Nitara, curious as to what is happening and maybe out of a little pity for Reptile, agrees to help her set Reptile free.

Earlier, Jade allowed herself to be captured by the Tarkata and Tanya drew in close, but Jade threw Tarkatan essence on her and she was attacked by the Tarkata, she just barely managed to escape, but now has horrible scars on her body.

Oh yeah, I'm forgetting about a few aren't I? I'll get to them eventually, but Mokap...? Eh, screw him.
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/17/2006 12:20 AM EST
That was a fun read......
more please
I need a great pic here. Edenian people would be my fav. Inbox me pls.
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/17/2006 03:05 PM EST
It's quite good so far actually. Just a few things though.

In the bits about Shang Tsung, you misspelled Raiden's name.

Also, Sektor's clan is called the Tekunin, not Tekujin. I'm not sure how you got that idea...*shrugs*

How does Khameleon end up in Nitara's home realm? Are you going by my idea of making Zaterra and Nitara's home realm one and the same?
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/17/2006 03:15 PM EST
Interesting and good stuff. But I have questions.

How did Kang free the Earth warriors?

Why all the resurrections done by Onaga?

How did Havik know about the Red Dragon?

How did Jarek get to Edenia?

Exactly how would Khameleon be in Nitara's realm?

Project MKK: Coming soon...

Currently working on: MKD & MKA - The One Ring Theory
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/17/2006 04:09 PM EST
Fun read, I like that. And if you could answer the questions of the above people, that'd be cool to read, too.
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/17/2006 04:24 PM EST
Good job, keep it up.
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/17/2006 04:48 PM EST
tgrant Wrote:
Interesting and good stuff. But I have questions.

How did Kang free the Earth warriors?

Why all the resurrections done by Onaga?

How did Havik know about the Red Dragon?

How did Jarek get to Edenia?

Exactly how would Khameleon be in Nitara's realm?

In answer to Sub-Zero 7th's question about Zaterra and Nitara's realm being the same? The truth is I didn't think much about that part yet, I just had to think of a way to get Nitara (and Khameleon) back into the story, but that could work. Thanks for giving me something to rip off from you. tongue (Oh, man. I hope XiahouDun84 doesn't get mad at me for using some ideas, particulary the Tanya being scarred part. wow)

To tgrant's questions

It's a mystery, but somehow he was able to do it in Ermac's ending, I guess Ermac might've been able to help him with some telekentic powers or something?

Ah, that's the mystery and I'm not going to tell you just yet. wink

Well considering Havik convinced Kabal to return to his Black Dragon roots, I think Kabal might've told him what happened and how Mavado was a Red Dragon and since Havik's one for chaos, he'd want to keep the Red Dragon vs. Black Dragon war going.

How could he? Well, the battle against Shinnok took place in Edenia, IIRC, so from my POV, Shinnok started his invasion of Earth, but Liu Kang, Raiden and a few others went to fight him there, but Sonya and Jarek stayed on Edenia and that's where Sonya's ending happens.

See the answer to Sub-Zero7th's question for that one.

Thanks for the replies guys, I'll try to get the next part up tonight, it'll feature the introductions to Rain's story as well as more in depth as to what happened to Earth's warriors when they were under Onaga's control and the confrontation between Liu Kang's soul and body and many more. (But I have NO idea what to do with Blaze)
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/17/2006 09:43 PM EST
Thought to be dead after Shao Kahn’s defeat at the hands of Earth’s warrior’s, Rain comes out of hiding, his suicide attack on Shao Kahn failed and he was left for dead, but he barely managed to survive and went into hiding in Edenia in shame and disgrace. Finally, he has decided to step out of the shadows and prove his worth, and he arrives at Edenian Palace, where he meets with Kitana, yet he finds it strange that Kitana apparently does not remember who he is. Kitana tells Rain to head to Outworld and join the new army of Edenian. Rain agrees and sets out, but he notices something odd under Kitana’s veil.

Noob Saibot and Smoke are now in the Netherrealm where they have already begun construction on Noob’s new robot army to conquer the Netherrealm. Yet then Sub-Zero lands behind them on his stomach, Smoke quickly gets Sub-Zero grabs Sub-Zero as he gets up and Noob takes a closer look at him. He remembers… Sub-Zero is his younger brother and reveals his true identity to the shocked Sub-Zero. If he were still Lin Kuei, he would’ve been proud of his brother, but all compassion has left him, he orders Smoke to assist him in killing Sub-Zero.

As the two begin pulling Sub-Zero apart, Smoke starts to malfunction, he collapses on the ground and Sub-Zero starts to attack Noob, but Noob easily defeats Sub-Zero proclaiming that he “always was the better fighterâ€?. Noob walks in for the kill, but an unlikely hero comes to Sub-Zero’s rescue: Ashrah. She tells Sub-Zero to escape, though Sub-Zero does not fully understand what is happening, does not argue and escapes, but not before taking Smoke’s body with him. While Noob and Ashrah face off, the two fight, but Noob comes out the victor, seriously wounding Ashrah, but she is able to escape, before he can make the killing blow. With all the distractions out of the way: Noob goes back to preparing his army.

Meanwhile Frost, who was believed dead by Sub-Zero, climbs out of her grave, she wanders around the gravesite, where she comes to the same belief that Sub-Zero had that these people are her ancestors. Frost is now unsure of her place, she realizes that she paid the price for her arrogance, but also resents Sub-Zero for not saving her… She wanders Outworld…

Meanwhile Liu Kang’s body is at the Shaolin Temples, mercilessly killing the monks there, he takes the blood from one monk and licks it. Liu Kang’s spirit appears and is angered that this corpse has killed in his name and body and soul battle. Meanwhile Raiden, who is trying to fight the urge to kill Shujinko, teleports to the Shaolin Temples, there he sees Liu Kang fighting… Liu Kang? Through an act of defiance to the One Being, who merges them back into one, but the One Being quickly takes control again and teleports away as the now fully alive Liu Kang falls to the ground unconscious.

Raiden knows what is happening, that there is an unknown force trying to control his actions, he tries to fight, but he slips further and further to the One Being’s control.

Meanwhile… thanks to Fujin, Sub-Zero is able to get back to Earthrealm, Fujin tells him the situation, Sub-Zero agrees to help, but he must attend to Smoke first. Fujin says he understands and tells Sub-Zero to prepare himself. Several hours later, Sub-Zero thinks to himself in his room, he suddenly hears the sound the bombs… the Lin Kuei Temple is under attack. Sub-Zero looks out the window to see that Noob has conjured up at least 20 Cyber Demons and thanks to some technology that he took from Smoke, he can access the realms and go where he pleases. Many Lin Kuei are lost in the attack, but Sub-Zero runs out and manages to fight off the Cyber Demons, but Noob attacks him yet again… Sub-Zero demands to know how Noob found the temple, and Noob explains that Smoke has a homing beacon inside his body, meaning that Noob was able to track him here, it had been inserted ever since the Lin Kuei converted Smoke into a cyborg, he had Smoke make the two devices for him, in case he would need them.

As the two brothers battle, Sareena watches from above… when she looks into Noob Saibot’s eyes, she realizes who he is: the original Sub-Zero, the man who convinced her to revolt against Quan Chi. Once again, Sub-Zero is defeated by his older brother, but this time Noob says that before killing Sub-Zero and he will let him watch the Lin Kuei Temple collapse, Noob mocks his brother. He tells Sub-Zero that he failed as a Grandmaster and now watches as the Lin Kuei… is exterminated. Sub-Zero cannot respond, he is too stunned, with that Noob prepares to kill Sub-Zero, but just then he is struck by Sareena.

Noob turns to face Sareena and is surprised to see her again. (as he had assumed her dead when Shinnok struck her in the back) Sareena asks Noob about what has happened to him, Noob doesn’t respond, he decides to retreat back to the Netherrealm for now. Sub-Zero gets up; Sareena doesn’t know what to say… Without a word, Sub-Zero runs off…

Meanwhile inside the destroyed Lin Kuei Temple, Smoke reactivates, getting up, he walks around, and sees the Lin Kuei soldiers… some dead, some still alive. As he surveys this, he recalls his automation into a cyborg and remembers who did the deed: the Lin Kuei, in anger he starts breaking everything apart, that is until Sareena approaches him…

Sareena wants to know who he is, Smoke tells her, saying that he is merely a trapped soul. Sareena says she used to feel the same way, having spent most of her life in the Netherrealm, however, she was able to get free and she could maybe help him find his freedom. Smoke denies saying that all he wants is to be human again, Sareena tells him that she was once a demon and she was able to regain her human form, perhaps she could find a way for him to regain his human form as long as he helps her find information on Noob Saibot… Smoke agrees and shares with Sareena all he remembers during his time with Noob…

Meanwhile, Scorpion continues to wander through Outworld looking for any sign of a possible apocalyptic threat (he wishes the Elder Gods would’ve been more specfic) where he comes across Moloch and Drahmin… The two Oni are surprised to see that Scorpion is still alive (figuratively speaking), Scorpion says he doesn’t have time to waste on them? Angered, Moloch and Drahmin jump him. Scorpion battles with the two Oni once again, but this time the outcome is different, with his new powers, Scorpion defeats them and sends them both back to the Netherrealm…

Meanwhile Ermac leads the 5 warriors out of the palace. Onaga brought out what evil was in the 5 warriors to make them his slaves, some have recovered more than others. Kung Lao, being the most recovered, since he is a Shaolin Monks (they are peace-loving guys after all) Johnny Cage and Jax seem to be all right, Sonya is questionable, but Kitana seems to be the worst off. It’s as though she’s worrying about having a kind of relapse, as they escape the palace, they notice Onaga’s guard heading towards them…

Kitana: (runs away in trama)
Johnny Cage: Running away like a girl… (pauses and then follows)

Kitana runs away from the group, while Ermac leads the others to safety, during the chase, Kung Lao is struck from behind and he falls over a ledge. Safe from the enemy but unconscious. The others want to go back for Kung Lao and Kitana, but Ermac tells them that they must keep moving.

When Kung Lao awakens, he looks over the ledge to see… Goro and Shao Kahn, leading Sindel and Jade. He is shocked to see that Goro and Shao Kahn are alive and even more so that Sindel and Jade are willingly following them. He overhears a conversation, where Shao Kahn mentions how great a warrior Goro has been to his services as of late. Kung Lao is shocked and he recalls his making peace with Goro. Enraged that Goro has dishonored both him and his ancestor, he vows to put Goro away… this time for good.

Well there we go, we got Liu Kang alive, Kung Lao finding out Goro is evil again, lots of stuff with Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot and Sareena makes her entrance into the story. And she'll play a role in both the Noob Saibot and Quan Chi storylines (XiahouDun84 would kill me if she didn't wow grin) And Reiko will make an appearance, I just haven't thought of where to insert him yet and... to interest XiahouDun84, he'd meet Sareena. wink I got to think out his story more... Any ideas would be most apprecitated. And Moloch and Drahmin, not every character can have an epic ending I'm afraid, I'm just wanted Scorpion to get even. smile Thank you! More coming! I'm DETERMINED to finish this one. Really, I promise! Why are you all giving me those weird looks...? I mean it this time! ^^;
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/18/2006 09:48 PM EST
Meanwhile Liu Kang also awakens, he is dazed and doesn’t remember everything that happened at first, but he notices that his hand is flesh, as he looks himself over, he comes to the realization that he is alive. He remembers his death at Shang Tsung’s hand and it sends a shiver down his spine. Later on, he wanders around, suddenly the images of what his body did flash through his mind, he tries to block it out, but ultimately all the pain and suffering that his body caused make him scream in agony.

With Stryker and Kai by his side, Fujin prepares to open a portal to Outworld, he reckons that the other warriors are still in Outworld, Kai and Stryker follow him through.

Meanwhile Shujinko meets up with Kenshi and informs him of the Dragon King, Kenshi agrees to help, but yet he senses another presence, one that is very familiar to him…

Using Nitara’s necklace, she and Khameleon return to Outworld. Khameleon wonders why she was in Nitara’s realm. Nitara tells Khameleon not to worry about it for now. They find themselves near Onaga’s palace and with all the commotion outside, they managed to sneak inside from the back. As Nitara and Khameleon make their way to Onaga’s throne room. They are attacked by Sheeva, Nitara holds Sheeva off to allow Khameleon to get inside.

Inside, Khameleon confronts Onaga and demands that he release Reptile. Onaga does not know who Khameleon is and declares: “Brave of you girl, incredibly stupid, but brave to face me. Reptile, was it? I don’t why it was his body I inhabited, but I don’t really care either, if you want him back, you’ll have to kill me.â€? Khameleon declares that she will gladly do that. So they fight, but Khameleon is no match for the Dragon King, he seizes her in his grip and starts to crush yet, but yet something stops him from killing her. He is shocked at this development and tries again to kill her, but once again, he can’t. He releases her and stumbles back in pain.

Onaga knows what is happening, he quickly flies off to his old tomb. Khameleon knows that it was Reptile who saved her.

Outside, Nitara has defeated and killed Sheeva and Khameleon tells Nitara that they must follow Onaga. Nitara complies. At the tomb, Shao Kahn and Sindel have arrived with Goro not far behind, Sindel begins to investigate the ancient language on the pillars… it is just then that Onaga enters… he bats Jade away and after a brief struggle with Goro, heads towards his original body. Sindel and Shao Kahn step back and watch as Onaga’s soul transfers into his original body, Shao Kahn realizes what is happening and thinks to himself what a fool Onaga is, since he is much weaker in his original body. When the process is done, Reptile, now once again back in his human disguise, falls to the ground and the amulet (which Onaga was holding on to) falls as well.

Sindel sees the amulet fall and tries to grab it, but Onaga with his staff, bats Sindel away, but before Onaga can reclaim the amulet, Shao Kahn blasts him up against the far wall. Onaga looks upon his old foe for the first time in ages, Kahn laughs as now Onaga is much weaker than before (Author’s Note: Think of Onaga as being in his look from Raiden’s MK:DA ending) Reptile regains consciousness. He sees Shao Kahn standing in front of him with his back turned. Suddenly, all his memories come back to him, the genocide of his people… at the hands of Shao Kahn and how he served him like a dog.

Shao Kahn bends down to pick up the amulet, but Reptile catches him by surprise and puts him up against the wall.

Shao Kahn: What are you doing, you traitor!?
Reptile: I remember…. Everything… Kahn… I’m not your dog anymore!

Khameleon and Nitara arrive just in time to hear Reptile make this claim… Kahn merely laughs and pushes Reptile off and knocks him down. Kahn prepares to kill Reptile, but then Onaga uses this opportunity to catch Shao Kahn by surprise. The two combat each other while Sindel and Jade regain consciousness. Sindel tries to grab the amulet, but Reptile picks it up, and runs off with it, Khameleon and Nitara chase after him. Goro begins to regain consciousness, but Jade gives him a much-deserved kick to the head that knocks him out again. (“That felt good.â€? she says)

Sindel and Jade use this chance to escape, while Onaga and Shao Kahn face each other down. Onaga says that Shao Kahn will pay for his treachery and how Kahn was supposed to protect Outworld from harm, not cause it. Kahn says that he did that job: by getting rid of Onaga. (Author’s Note: Of course, both are pretty horrible rulers, that’s the irony of this situation, they both suck at being Emperor) Goro finally regains consciousness and grabs Onaga with his four arms, Kahn orders Goro to crush Onaga, but then Kintaro bursts in and he quickly tackles Goro. Goro and Kintaro struggle with each other, ultimately crashing through the wall.

Shao Kahn and Onaga stare each other down, where Onaga reveals that he now has a new ally to use against Shao Kahn: the Centaurs. Motaro appears, leading the Centaurs, Shao Kahn admits his defeat for now, and escapes through a portal to get outside the palace.

Goro and Kintaro’s battle continues outside the palace, Goro demands to know what Kintaro is fighting alongside Onaga, but Kintaro merely replies that he is only serving his master. Goro and Kintaro fight to a standstill….

Meanwhile, Quan Chi plots to regain his amulet when he hears a familiar voice say “YOUR amulet?â€? Quan Chi turns around in shock to see Shinnok…

There we go. Reptile is back and back in his human disguise as well. Oh and for all you people who want Scorpion to kill Quan Chi... Shinnok won't kill Quan Chi, but I had to have them meet again...
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/18/2006 09:52 PM EST
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/18/2006 10:09 PM EST
So that's it for Sheeva?
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/18/2006 11:31 PM EST
SubMan799 Wrote:
So that's it for Sheeva?

Fraid so. Not every character can have an epic ending, I'm afraid. Besides, it would've been pretty redundant if so many fights ended with both characters living. But I hope it doesn't turn you off from reading the rest of it. wow
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/19/2006 07:22 PM EST
I think it's pretty good. I most likely would've taken Noob's story in a different direction other than him going to the Lin Kuei temple. And regarding Sareena, I think she should actually have had some talk with Noob to learn his identity as opposed to the eye thing, but that's just me.

Keep up the good work.
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/20/2006 11:21 PM EST
Despite being shocked at first, Quan Chi then laughs at the sight of his old master again. “Finally found a way out of the Netherrealm did you? Your stay will be short.â€? Shinnok is obviously angry about having been deceived so easily by the sorcerer and starts to attack him. But Quan Chi dodges, mocking him by his loss to Liu Kang and Raiden. Shinnok then asks him if he’s run into Liu Kang yet.

Quan Chi replies that Liu Kang is dead, Shinnok says that he knows. Quan Chi is, of course, confused by this, but Shinnok tells him that, while he was trapped in the Netherrealm, he could still see the events that transpired in Earthrealm. When Liu Kang’s body was buried, Shinnok was able to reanimate his body… this was to be Shinnok’s way of exacting revenge on those who imprisoned him: He would kill in Liu Kang’s name and also take revenge on Raiden and the Earthrealm Warriors and Quan Chi as well.

Quan Chi is a bit surprised at this, but doesn’t really care. Shinnok and Quan Chi continue to battle, until Quan Chi decides to stop wasting time and teleports away leaving Shinnok to scream in fury.

Meanwhile, Goro’s battle with Kintaro is interrupted when Goro sees the Centaurs marching towards them, with motions from Shao Kahn, Goro retreats. Baraka travels Outworld, searching for Mileena, blaming her, slowly these thoughts consume his mind as he gradually begins going insane. He finds some Tarkata who survived their various battles. Gathering them, Baraka vows to kill Mileena…

Meanwhile Ermac leads Johnny Cage, Sonya and Jax to a cave where they can hide until they are ready. Johnny Cage finds it weird (and disturbing) that Ermac refers to himself as “weâ€? instead of “Iâ€?.

Sonya looks down at her own reflection at a puddle in the cave. She thinks about her time as Onaga’s slave and wonders to herself… if any evil still remains in her. Jax asks her what she is thinking about, but Sonya quickly changes the subject. Cage approaches her and asks her if she’s worried about Kung Lao and Kitana. Sonya says she’s sure that they will be fine, they can take care of themselves. They then ask Ermac as to how he freed them.

Ermac says that he had nothing to do with it; it was the spirit of Liu Kang who freed them. All three are shocked and ask what has happened to him. Ermac says that he does not know, Liu Kang has not been seen since then. Jax says that they need to work out a tactic, when he sits down; he notices that one of his cybernetic arms is damaged…

Kitana wanders Outworld, many sorrows fill her head: Liu Kang’s death, Goro’s death and now her service to the Dragon King. She tried to get away from her days as Shao Kahn’s assassin, but it seems as though she’s revisiting those days…

Goro heads out on his own, wanting to find a way for him to prove his loyalty to Shao Kahn, he finds, a most unexpected, but pleasing sight. Princess Kitana. With her guard down, Goro grabs her and pins her to his chest. Kitana struggles, but when she looks up, she sees just who is holding her captive. Shocked that Goro is alive, she demands to know why he has grabbed her, all she gets is an evil grin.

Shujinko and Kenshi come across Nightwolf, who is trying to make sense of what had happened earlier in the Netherrealm. They ask him to join in their crusade against the Dragon King. Nightwolf agrees, but makes no mention of Shinnok.

Onaga contacts the Seidan Guardsmen, their primary target is now Reptile. They are to find him and reclaim the amulet that he possesses. The one who finds Reptile will receive a vast reward from the Dragon King, be it dead or alive. Hotaru receives the order and goes to hunt Reptile down.

As Frost wanders Outworld, she comes across a black ninja, who introduces himself as Noob Saibot. Noob notices the similarity in Frost’s outfit to his brother’s and asks her if she knows him. Frost says that she does and that he left her to die. Noob sees this as an opportunity to find a new second-in-command. He convinces her that if they join, they can get revenge on Sub-Zero. Frost eagerly agrees and Noob opens a portal to the Netherrealm, upon seeing what’s inside, Frost is reluctant to go through, but Noob assures her that there is no harm.

Meanwhile, Shang Tsung is devouring the souls of several Outworld citizens, desperate to regain his youthful form. Suddenly a hand grabs him by the throat and holds him up in the air, Shang Tsung is shocked and fearful to see Shao Kahn…

Shang Tsung: What? But you… you’re dead! I saw you die!
Shao Kahn: Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I know all about your little “Deadly Allianceâ€?. Did you really think you could get away with it?
(Shang Tsung whimpers)
Shao Kahn: (examining Shang Tsung’s new look) Hmm, well one thing hasn’t changed about you… you still scream like a little girl.
Shang Tsung: W-what are you going to do?
Shao Kahn: You’ll see… I have something planned for you sorcerer…

With that Shao Kahn takes Shang Tsung with him… his plans unknown.

Scorpion finds himself on a cliff again, where he hears a woman scream, when he looks, he sees his wife hanging over a bottomless cliff. Scorpion tries to save her, but a foot steps on his hands and someone grabs him by his ninja vest… Quan Chi. Scorpion can only watch helplessly as his wife falls to her death, just then Quan Chi turns into… Noob Saibot. (Who Scorpion has seen before when he served Shinnok, but doesn’t know his name) Scorpion is confused by his appearance, but just then Noob gives an evil chuckle and throws Scorpion over the edge… Scorpion wakes up, discovering that it was just a nightmare, but yet he knows that there was something strange about that black ninja…

Kabal and the Black Dragon meet up with Havik, who tells them that Mavado still lives… Kabal asks how that’s possible and Havik replies that he was saved by somebody unknown… this gets Kabal suspicious. Jarek asks what happened to Kano and Kabal answers that he had heard that Kano was killed by Mavado. None are aware that Kano is watching them…

Liu Kang finds his way back to Outworld… by the same portal that he used to enter when Shao Kahn had invited them to compete in a new tournament in Outworld. As he travels, he comes across his old friend, Kung Lao. Kung Lao is elated to see that his friend has returned from the grave and Liu Kang is pleased to see that Kung Lao has recovered from Onaga’s control. He asks about the others, Kung Lao says that Kitana ran off on her own and the others are still with that red ninja, he calls him. Liu Kang tells Kung Lao, that ninja’s name and that it was his spirit that freed him from Onaga’s control. Kung Lao is surprised, but thanks him for this. He notices that Liu Kang is depressed, but does not ask him about it.

Liu Kang asks Kung Lao what he’s doing by himself, Kung Lao replies that he has something on his own to take care of. Kung Lao tells him what he saw… Goro and Shao Kahn both are still alive to which Liu Kang replies “I didn’t even know they were dead.â€? Kung Lao goes “Oh, well. Now you know.â€? Kung Lao tells him that he plots to find Goro and make him pay for dishonoring his ancestor. Liu Kang gives out a sigh, telling Kung Lao to do what he must. “Difficult times are ahead, Liu. We will face them together.â€? Says Kung Lao as he vows to stick by Liu Kang’s side.

So Liu Kang and Kung Lao have been reunited, they're the main characters of this tale. For all you Kitana fans, Goro won't kill Kitana, but she will have a run in with Shao Kahn again, I'll hopefully get back to Rain next update and well Reiko might not appear for a while, probably when Sareena confronts Noob... and I hope to get a good storyline for Johnny Cage going, I think he might run into Blaze... and Reptile with the amulet... yeah I'll get back to that next update
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/21/2006 01:06 AM EST
Thats awesome dude, I hope you make another one.
i'd give it a 10/10
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/21/2006 11:55 PM EST
Raiden holds his head in pain, the One Being’s voice echoing throughout his head… Raiden screams in anguish, but then, just then, the One Being fully takes control… Raiden, the Thunder God is no more…

Fujin’s group meets up with Shujinko’s group, reunitings and meetings take place. (Author’s Note: Well I guess the only reuniting would be between Stryker and Nightwolf) As Fujin and Shujinko discuss Onaga, Fujin mentions what has happened to Raiden. (Author’s Note: Well, I’m not sure if Shujinko meeting Raiden at any time in MK:D’s Konquest is canon so I’m not sure how Shujinko could react.) Nightwolf pulls Fujin aside, where he tells him about his exploits in the Netherrealm and how he accidentally freed someone there, who he described as having strong magical traces, Fujin knows this to be Shinnok…

Cyrax travels Japan, until he is found by several agents of the Tekunin. He does not know why they are trying to kill him, but he does the only sensible move and tries to outrun them, eventually he comes across the Tekunin Temple, where he sneaks inside and hides out. Using some of the technology he finds there, he repairs his inter-dimensional gate that was built into his arm, but after he does so, he is attacked by Sektor. Cyrax is surprised to see Sektor again and what he has become, but all Sektor does is walk towards Cyrax, not saying a word, Cyrax is cornered. With no other choice, Cyrax opens a portal to Outworld and jumps through, Sektor follows him just before it closes.

Smoke tells Sareena that Noob plans to become ruler of the Netherrealm and that he is building an army to do just that. Sareena is shocked that Noob wants to rule the forbidden realm. She knows that if she is to try to help him regain his true self, she must go back to the Netherrealm, something she isn’t eager to do. Smoke asks Sareena what she intends to do. Sareena says she does not know, merely that for now they will travel to Outworld as she is certain that Sub-Zero has gone there.

Goro brings Kitana before Shao Kahn, with Shang Tsung by his side, Kitana is shocked to see that Kahn is alive and that Goro has returned to his side, Goro says he will tear her apart before the Emperor as a show of loyalty. Kitana struggles to break free of Goro’s grip and with a well-timed kick to the stomach, she is able to do just that. She runs at Shao Kahn, who throws her aside. Kitana gets up and keeps attacking him. She figures that she will die, but at the very least, she could give Kahn a fight. Anything to make him pay for he did to her, but she is actually able to surprise him with a Pretty Kick that sends him flying back to the ground, using this moment, Kitana decides to escape.

Kahn is impressed at the blow Kitana delivered and tells Goro to forget about tearing her apart for now, he’s sure that they will meet up again. Shang Tsung chuckles to himself about how Kitana hit Shao Kahn, but he’s quickly silenced by a punch to the face from Shao Kahn. Shao Kahn then says that they will take care of their enemies one-by-one…

Reptile, meanwhile, stands on a high cliff, the amulet is his hands. “This amulet possesses great power, in the hands of Shinnok it caused great destruction, it could probably send me back in time to my homeworld before Shao Kahn destroyed it. Or I could resurrect my entire race, but can I really control this? It could destroy me… in the hands of Onaga, it could’ve unmade the realms. I COULD DESTROY IT! No… That would be a coward’s answer. If I can discover how to use this, the possibilities are endless…â€?

With that Khameleon and Nitara catch up with Reptile, and Khameleon reunites with Reptile… Reptile tells her that with the amulet, they could resurrect their realm and their people. Khameleon says that she is not sure if they can utilize the amulet properly. Nitara interrupts and Reptile takes notice of her. (He is no longer angry with her for causing “Shao Kahn’sâ€? death since he remembers the truth) Nitara says the reason why Khameleon was in Nitara’s realm when she found her is… because their realms are one and the same.

Scorpion continues to travel through Outworld until he senses something familiar: he knows it, Quan Chi still lives. Upon realizing this, Scorpion yells out a dramatic speech of…:

Scorpion: I’LL KILL THAT BASTARD! (Author’s Note: OK, not very dramatic, but it got the point across)

With that, Scorpion sets out to find him; unaware that this will lead him into a confrontation with Noob Saibot… the man he killed…

As Sektor travels Outworld, looking for Cyrax. However, he sees Sub-Zero and he successfully identifies him. Seeing this as an opportunity to take revenge, Sektor fires a missile at the unsuspecting Sub-Zero…

Liu Kang and Kung Lao try to find their allies and join with them, Kung Lao continues to notice that Liu Kang is depressed and decides to ask him about it. Liu Kang tries to change the subject, but Kung Lao persists. Liu Kang decides to tell him, his body was reanimated, by who, he does not know. Nor does he know how he came back to life, except that he remembers feeling electricity going through his body, but he remembers seeing Raiden blow himself up, so he wonders if it’s possible that Raiden’s back.

Liu Kang then reveals just what’s troubling him, the fact that they used his body to kill, to destroy, and that he couldn’t stop him, they killed in his name. With this, he starts to tear up. Kung Lao can only respond: “So, Liu Kang is a human being after all. This will be with you for a long time, Liu, a long time.â€?

In the Netherrealm, Noob speaks with Frost, who is eager to serve him. Noob then tells him about his two targets: Sub-Zero… and Scorpion. Frost asks if they are really such a threat to his rule.

Noob Saibot: Yes, in a manner of speaking… Scorpion, I’ll show you who you truly are and who your real enemy is…

Yep, I figure the next few updates will be immensely oriented with the Noob conflict in which Reiko will make his debut. Oh, I didn't get back to Rain, did I? ^^; Well soon the final showdown between Scorpion and Quan Chi will take please... in which he will have a meeting with Noob... and Sareena, what's her part to play in this? You'll see...
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/22/2006 12:51 PM EST
Sub-Zero is able to dodge the missile; Sektor jumps down in front of him. Sub-Zero is obviously not to pleased to see Sektor again, having heard of Sektor’s recent activities, Sub-Zero vows to do what he should’ve done when he had the chance, destroy him. Sub-Zero and Sektor battle it out, though Sub-Zero has the Dragon Medallion, Sektor has gone through vast upgrades, determined to put an end to the Lin Kuei Grandmaster.

Cyrax sees the battle and remembering his mission to attempt to assassinate Sub-Zero during the Outworld Invasion, decides to apologize to Sub-Zero by helping him out against Sektor. Cyrax joins the battle, but even with it being two-on-one, Sektor stills puts up a great fight.

Meanwhile, Smoke leads Sareena to the portal that he and Noob had used to enter the Netherrealm. He says that he will leave the decision as to whether or not to enter up to her… Upon hearing sounds of battle, he leaves her. With reluctance, Sareena enters the Netherrealm where upon entering; she comes across… her sister Ashrah…

Sektor stuns Cyrax and grabs Sub-Zero by the throat, prepared to kill him, just then Smoke enters the battle, saving Sub-Zero and knocking Sektor down. Sub-Zero looks up and sees his old friend, reactivated. Sub-Zero is, of course, elated to see that his friend has returned. Cryax and Sektor both get up and Sektor vows to kill them all…

Sareena remembers how Ashrah spared her when Quan Chi sent her after Ashrah and asks her why she did. Ashrah replies that she saw hope for Sareena and hoped that she would one day rebel against Quan Chi and Shinnok, to which Sareena said, she owes to her and (the older) Sub-Zero. Frost sees the duo and upon remembering all Noob told her, attacks them. Ashrah fights with Frost and tells Sareena to escape. Sareena decides to do that so she can find Noob.

Scorpion finally catches up with Quan Chi, who turns around in shock to see Scorpion. Quan Chi smiles, figuring that he can defeat Scorpion, Scorpion prepares to attack Quan Chi, who decides at the last moment, to take their fight to the Netherrealm. (not to the 5th Plane though) That way he will make sure that Scorpion can never come back if he is killed again… though Scorpion’s powers increase while he is in the Netherrealm, that is a risk Quan Chi is willing to take, even though he doesn’t have the amulet. Scorpion follows Quan Chi through a portal.

In the Netherrealm, Scorpion and Quan Chi face each other…

Scorpion: Murderer…
(All Quan Chi can do is chuckle)
Scorpion: You don’t deserve to live…
Quan Chi: Even if you kill me today, Scorpion… what next? You claim to fight for your family… yet you are a condemned soul… they were allowed to ascend to the Heavens, if your soul can finally rest, you will never be with them, you will remain trapped in the pits of Hell… for eternity…
Scorpion: Shut up! That won’t happen… I can…
Quan Chi: No matter what you do… no matter how long you fight… there is no avoiding it… Hanzo Hasashi will never return…

Scorpion and Quan Chi begin their epic final battle…

Sareena finds Noob, who walks up to her, Sareena demands to know why he allowed this to happen to him, but he instead tells her:

Noob Saibot: Come Sareena, rule by my side, as King and Queen. We can make things the way we want them to be.
Sareena: What?
Noob Saibot: Think of it, we can rule the Netherrealm, side-by-side, for eternity.
Sareena: (stepping back in horror) You really have changed.
Noob Saibot: …….
Sareena: I remember… you opposed Quan Chi and Shinnok… defied them… and… you became their very slave…
Noob Saibot: …….
Sareena: What I want to know is, why did you spare me?
Noob Saibot: I…because I… liked you…
Sareena: Is that it? You spared me because of that?
Noob Saibot: I thought you were different from the others, I saw in you, potential… you saved me from Quan Chi… but let me tell you, when I died at the hands of Scorpion, my rebirth opened my [i]eyes[/i]. Throughout my life, I was the Lin Kuei’s loyal dog, but now I am destined for something much more. I can rule an entire realm!
Sareena: Nobody would want to rule [i]this place[/i]!
Noob Saibot: I thought you were different Sareena, but you have proven me wrong… you will die…

Noob attacks her, she fights back. The two fight for a while, until Noob knocks her off the ledge, he looks over and sees no sign of her, assuming her to be dead, he leaves. However, an unknown figure holds the unconscious Sareena in his arms: it is Reiko.

Meanwhile Ermac, Johnny Cage, Jax and Sonya plan out their next move. Cage makes a few jokey suggestions, which eventually cause Sonya to yell at him and call him useless, as he doesn’t do anything constructive. Angered and offended, Johnny Cage leaves the group, determined to show just what he can do. However, he makes an idiot out of himself and he trips and falls down a cliff, hitting himself on the rocks as he goes.

Sub-Zero, Cyrax and Smoke are able to overpower Sektor, who lies on the ground, electricity sizzling throughout his body. Sub-Zero claims that “It’s over.â€? But Sektor activates his self-destruct sequence in an attempt to destroy them all. With a combination of Sub-Zero’s ice and Cyrax’s net, Sektor is trapped, ultimately destroying only himself. Sub-Zero vows to make sure the Tekunin is disbanded or destroyed when he returns to Earthrealm. Cyrax expresses regret, after all, he was best friends with Sektor before the Lin Kuei automated them into machines. But he knew that the real Sektor was gone, trapped inside that cyborg’s mainframe forever.

Cyrax apologizes to Sub-Zero and Smoke for the trouble, but Sub-Zero assures him that it is the past. Cyrax can detect a homing beacon from his Special Forces allows and after saying goodbye, sets out to find them. Sub-Zero asks Smoke what he is doing here and Smoke tells him about Sareena, worried that Sareena will just get herself killed, he asks Smoke to lead him back to the portal to the Netherrealm, the time has come to stop his brother… with that, they both head into the Netherrealm.

Sareena wakes up in Reiko’s arms, who tells her to relax. Sareena knows him from her time with the Brotherhood of Shadow. Reiko tells her his story. After he was presumed killed in Shinnok’s first war to conquer Earthrealm, he wandered the realms, eventually after many years, he came across Outworld, where he was enlisted into Shao Kahn’s army. However, Reiko soon grew disgusted with Kahn and stealing some of his armor as a reminder of the mistake he made, Reiko returned to Shinnok’s services. During this time, Reiko began to wonder if this was truly his destiny to just be a servant… after Shinnok’s defeat, Reiko willingly returned to the Netherrealm, determined to make a destiny of his own, wearing Shao Kahn’s armor as a reminder of his past mistakes.

Ashrah defeats Frost, but she escapes. With that, Ashrah sets out to find Sareena. As Sub-Zero and Smoke enter the Netherrealm, Smoke disappears, leaving Sub-Zero confused. As Sub-Zero wanders the Netherrealm, he comes across a face from the past… Frost. Frost smiles and says “Miss me?â€? Sub-Zero is attacked by Frost, he evades her attacks and wants to know if she is undead like his brother. Frost replies that she is very much alive, no thanks to him. Sub-Zero tries to apologize for failing her, but Frost merely tells him that it is too late, much too late. Sub-Zero fights with Frost for a bit, he is able to stun her and moves on. Leaving an angry Frost behind.

Eventually Sub-Zero catches up with Noob…

Sub-Zero: Noob!
Noob Saibot: Sub-Zero, did you like my new second-in-command?
Sub-Zero: Why did you turn Frost?
Noob Saibot: So I could destroy you all the more easily. Look at your failures in life, Frost, Smoke, the rest of the Lin Kuei, it’s all just a painful reminder of how pathetic you’ve become.
Sub-Zero: Why did you do this? You held the name of Sub-Zero before me… you were.
Noob Saibot: That name no longer has any meaning for me!
Sub-Zero: It’s your real name!
Noob Saibot: As they say, what’s in a name?
Sub-Zero: !?
Noob Saibot: (He shows Sub-Zero his grand army of cyborg demons ready for activation) You see now, little brother? The great destiny that lies before me.
Sub-Zero: Stop! You don’t want to rule this place!
Noob Saibot: I’ve waited for all my life for this opportunity!
Sub-Zero: Then what you’ve waited for is a dead realm!
Noob Saibot: (chuckles) You’re so funny… and naà ̄ve.
Sub-Zero: Grrr….
Noob Saibot: (pressing a switch which causes the robots to stir) Sub-Zero! Come, kneel down and sacrifice yourself to these creations! Consider it an honor, a gift from your… brother. Now, you shall bear witness to the army that will drag this realm into a new era!

Sub-Zero battles with Noob’s army, destroying as many as he can, eventually he tires.

Sub-Zero: It’s no use….
Noob Saibot: Nice try. (he motions for his army to kill Sub-Zero, just before they can shoot Sub-Zero, Smoke jumps down, destroying two cyborgs.)
Sub-Zero: Smoke!
Smoke: Sorry that I’m late. I had to follow you and analyze their weak points.
Noob Saibot: Smoke! What are you doing, you traitor?
Smoke: Traitor? I was never on your side, at least not willingly.
Noob Saibot: Grr… very well, you will die!
(The robots attack Smoke, who evades while Sub-Zero runs to the side. Smoke successfully destroys a good dozen of them with some well-timed bombs. During the chaos, he appears before Sub-Zero.)
Sub-Zero: Smoke…
Smoke: I’m a prisoner in this body. This is the only way I can be freed.
Sub-Zero: What are you talking about?
Smoke: Tell Sareena that she shouldn’t be sorry. I know she couldn’t really fufill her end of the bargain, she was just desperate…
Sub-Zero: Smoke…
Smoke: I just want to say “Thank Youâ€?, you were always there for me, when we were growing up and when I was automated… it’s time for me to repay the favor!
(With that, Smoke leaps into the air, while Sub-Zero calls out his name. Smoke impressively destroys several of Noob’s army. Eventually, Noob grows annoyed and decides to take care of Smoke himself, grabbing a sword, he comes at Smoke, he leaps into the air, but Noob is able to cut the lower half of his legs off… Smoke screams in pain… landing near a wall to the far side. (*Author’s Note: Come on, there’s got to be outside walls in the Netherrealm) Smoke tries to get up, but Noob stabs him in the chest.)
Noob Saibot: Not bad, not bad at all…
Sub-Zero: SMOKE!
Noob Saibot: How strong in this body? Sub-Zero! Are you just going to stand by and watch him die!?
(In pain, Smoke takes a few more bombs out of his chest and throws them at the remaining cyborg demons. Noob recoils and Smoke falls to the ground.)
Noob Saibot: Impressive! You were indeed worthy of being in my army! But you only caused a temporary setback! Nothing more! From your spare parts, I will build anew.
Sub-Zero: Smoke! (he tries to run towards them, but Noob keeps him back with an energy blast, Smoke drags himself out, past Noob)
Smoke: Sub-Zero… please… I don’t want to worry about me… not anymore… after my automation, I’ve been trapped…a lost soul trapped in this body… but you… helped me regain my soul… I want to thank you… you were… my best friend…. (He groans) Goodbye, Sub-Zero…
Sub-Zero: SMOKE!
(But it’s too late, Noob blasts Smoke’s body with another energy blast, this causes Smoke to explode, his parts scatter everywhere. Noob just laughs while Sub-Zero collapses to his knees.)
Noob Saibot: A fitting end to such a fool. (with that, he turns to Sub-Zero) You see that? You can’t protect anyone! Not even yourself.
(Sub-Zero looks at the ground, in shock and unable to speak. Memories of Smoke flood his mind, slowly he clenches his fist and looks at Noob, he no longer sees his brother, he sees a monster. One he knows that must be destroyed, with that he charges towards Noob…)

Well, that's it for Smoke. A tragic end to a tragic character... yeah, I'm sorry to all you Smoke fans, but I felt he had to go... sad
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/22/2006 02:40 PM EST
Hmm, not bad. I would've done things a bit differently like Noob not using a weapon. I had a feeling you were going to have Smoke killed off. It works. However, I think Noob should've actually kicked Smoke's ass hand-to-hand.

I wonder what Reiko is going to do and what his purpose is going to be. I like the team up with Smoke, Cyrax, and Sub-Zero against Sektor. It's too bad that they're going to compact the story. It's a shame that we won't get any real good fleshing out of the whole Sektor and the Tekunin plot. *sigh*
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/22/2006 10:14 PM EST
Sub-Zero once again fights with Noob, fueled by Smoke’s death. The battle goes about fairly evenly. Sub-Zero is, much to Noob’s surprise, nearly able to win, but eventually, when he believes to have won the battle, he collapses from exhaustion. Unbeknownst to him, Noob was not defeated and he stands over his unconscious brother’s body…

Scorpion and Quan Chi continue their battle, Scorpion comments on how the sorcerer is not as strong as he used to be. Quan Chi is angry at this, but ultimately ignores it. Quan Chi continues to mock Scorpion. As Scorpion charges forward, Quan Chi is able to knock him back with a Skull Blast. Scorpion hits the ground, while Quan Chi moves in for the kill…

Meanwhile Sareena and Reiko travel through the Netherrealm, Sareena tells him what is happening and wants to know if he will help her. Reiko says that he is not sure, it is not his battle after all, but Sareena tells him that he’s trying to find a destiny for himself. Now is the perfect chance to do so. Reiko doesn’t answer… Just then, they are interrupted by the sounds of Scorpion and Quan Chi’s battle. Scorpion is able to save himself with the use of his spear. The two then resume their battle, although Sareena does not know who Scorpion is, she sees him fighting Quan Chi, who she despises with every bone in her body. Just then, Moloch and Drahmin approach, seeing Scorpion and Quan Chi, they are determined to get revenge on both of them. Reiko draws his weapons and tells Sareena to go while he holds these two Oni off.

Scorpion and Quan Chi continue to battle, they are facing each other, when in a parallel to when the older Sub-Zero battled Quan Chi, Sareena appears and uppercuts Quan Chi (though he doesn’t fall over the ledge) As Sareena turns to face Scorpion, he punches her across the face. “Stay out of this! This is my fight!â€? he declares. Sareena responds with a sarcastic tone. “You were doing a great job on your own!â€? Quan Chi recovers and is surprised to see Sareena. (He never expected to see her again) Quan Chi ponders to himself how Sareena could’ve regained her human form, but it is of no real concern. He then decides to up the attack.

Noob has chained Sub-Zero up, who is still unconscious from the battle, he hears the sounds of battle and turns to find it. He finds the battle against Quan Chi taking place, and despite being surprised to see that Sareena is still alive, but is pleased to see Scorpion… a potential new ally.

Scorpion’s refusal to work with Sareena leads to the two almost losing. Eventually, Sareena convinces him that if Quan Chi is to be defeated, they need to work together, she sends her energy blast (Author’s Note: I forget the name) at Scorpion’s sword, who deflects it back onto Quan Chi. The sorcerer is stunned by the attack. With that, Scorpion leaps into the air with his Mugai Ryu while Quan Chi does the same with his double broadswords. The two slash at each other… both land on their feet… Scorpion turns around and watches as Quan Chi’s head is severed from his shoulders. The headless body drops its swords and topples over. Scorpion puts his sword away and stands over the body, Sareena watching from a distance.

Sareena: Great job. (realizing she doesn’t know his name) Um, what is your name?
Scorpion: (turns around) What?
Sareena: Your name, you know what people call you…
Scorpion: (annoyed) I know what it means!
Sareena: (half-laughing) So?
Scorpion: (sighs) Scorpion.
Sareena: My name’s Sareena. I got to say, I could tell you really hated him. (She walks up next to him.) What’d he do to you? Were you one of his servants? Were you a part of the Brotherhood of Shadow?
Scorpion: No, never was.
Sareena: Then what did he do to you?
Scorpion: (sighs) He… killed my family… and massacred my entire clan. This sorcerer deserved every bit of what he got.
Sareena: (nods) You can say that again…
(Suddenly, a clapping is heard)
Noob Saibot: (walking in) Excellent fight, my friend. Your powers have grown since last we met Scorpion. Now that you’ve defeated Quan Chi, I suppose you’re satisfied.
Scorpion: Just who the hell do you think you are?
Noob Saibot: I believe you know me… we met many years ago… in the Shaolin Temples… we fought for possession of a map… I won the battle and despite your pleas for mercy, your head was ripped from your body…
Scorpion: What? You mean to tell me that you’re…
Noob Saibot: Yes! I am the man you murdered at the Mortal Kombat Tournament.
Scorpion: ….Sub-Zero?
Noob Saibot: Yes, in a manner of speaking. Except, Sub-Zero is gone, since then I have been known as Noob Saibot!
Scorpion: (disgusted) Noob….. Saibot….?
Noob Saibot: Yes, it is truly ironic. You made me what I am, I really must express my gratitude. I killed you, in turn making you a specter, then, I admit, in a sheer twist of irony, you killed me, making me into a wraith.
Scorpion: (too shocked to speak)
Noob Saibot: Thanks to you, I will soon become the new ruler of the Netherrealm. It’s all because of you Scorpion!
Scorpion: You bastard…
Noob Saibot: Now… where were we? Oh yes, I was going to repay you by offering you a chance to join me in this crusade? Imagine the possibilities!
Scorpion: WHAT?
Noob Saibot: You may balk at it now. Imagine what we might be able to do one day, we could build an army so powerful that we could invade the Heavens just as Shinnok did! We might even bring your family back to life… imagine it.
Scorpion: !?
Noob Saibot: Come on Scorpion, you know you want to. We are the same, Scorpion. I am a wraith and you are a specter. We are nearly equal.
Scorpion: I am no longer just a specter! I am now the Champion of the Elder Gods and you are pathetic! I will not live in a world like this with my family, I will kill millions of people for them! That’s not what they want; I realize that now…
Noob Saibot: So be it, but you had your chance. I will be sure to give Sub-Zero your regards.
Sareena: What did you do to him?
Noob Saibot: I have him. Don’t worry; he’s still alive… for now. If you want to save him, come to my domain, it is not far, I’ll be awaiting your challenge.

With that Noob leaves, while Reiko having defeated Moloch and Drahmin appears as does Ashrah. Stunned at this revelation, now Scorpion knows what he must do. He made this evil. He must be the one to end it. Sareena tells Scorpion that they must rescue Sub-Zero before Noob kills him. Scorpion says that he is not a leader, but reluctantly agrees. Reiko expresses reluctance to go, but Sareena tells him that this is the perfect chance to shape a destiny for himself, with that Reiko agrees to go. Ashrah is determined to finally achieve her redemption. With that, they set out.

Sub-Zero awakens to see Frost standing before him, she happily punches him and takes the opportunity to rough him up a bit, but when Noob arrives he stops her.

Noob Saibot: That’s enough for now Frost.
Frost: Ugh.
Sub-Zero: Noob… you’re still alive.
Noob Saibot: Sorry, but I’m already dead.
Sub-Zero: (groans)
Noob Saibot: You’ve performed quite well, I must say. Better than I thought you would.
Sub-Zero: …
Noob Saibot: You want to know why? You enjoy killing, that’s why!
Sub-Zero: Huh?
Noob Saibot: Yes, I’ve watched you as you’ve delivered the finishing blows. After all, why go back to the Lin Kuei? Even though you tried so desperately run from your past. You may have “reformedâ€? the clan, but you knew that there was no running away… you had to go back.
Sub-Zero: You’re wrong!
Noob Saibot: You don’t have to deny it, we were trained to be that way. Our father took us back to China, trained us to assassins, away from our ungrateful mother.
Sub-Zero: Our mother? Have you forgotten about her?
Noob Saibot: You were too young to possibly remember her and our sister as well. Father knew what was best for us!
Sub-Zero: No…
Noob Saibot: It makes little difference now. (walks over to reveal some more cyborg demons)
Sub-Zero: What? But Smoke destroyed…!
Noob Saibot: He did not destroy them all. He caused a temporary setback. Nothing more. (He activates them.)
Noob Saibot: Goodbye, little brother. (he motions for his robots to kill Sub-Zero…)

Before they can execute Sub-Zero, Scorpion and the others arrive; Ashrah and Reiko fight off some cyborg demons while Sareena attacks Frost. Scorpion cuts Sub-Zero free from his restraints.

Sub-Zero: (rubbing his wrists) Scorpion!?
(The two stare at each other for a bit)
Scorpion: You look terrible, you haven’t aged well.

Scorpion turns to face Noob, tackling him, the two begin their battle. Sub-Zero tries to follow, but he’s cut off by some of Noob’s cyborgs. Scorpion and Noob land on a ledge below.

Noob Saibot: You have learned some new tricks, but then again so have I.
Scorpion: (growls)
Noob Saibot: You call yourself a hero Scorpion? You actually think you can stop me? You have no idea what you’re up against!
Scorpion: First of all, I don’t recall ever calling myself a hero. Second, you talk too much.
Noob Saibot: Your soul will rot forever in the Netherrealm Scorpion!
Scorpion: It is finally time, to rid myself of this nightmare! Noob Saibot, I will destroy you!

Scorpion and Noob begin their battle, which seems to be fairly equal. They battle it out, until Scorpion removes his mask and tries to burn Noob, however Noob dodges the blast, Scorpion lunges forward and grabs Noob, but all he does is remove his mask, revealing the black skull behind it (as opposed to Scorpion’s white skull) Scorpion and Noob battle it out once more.

Meanwhile, Sub-Zero defeats the Cyborg Demons that were engaging him and rushes off to the battle. Frost and Sareena still fight. Sareena has Frost on the ground, but Frost throws some ash in her eyes, blinding her. Frost knocks Sareena to the ground and prepares to kill her… Ashrah sees what is happening and jumps in the way, getting herself stabbed… Enraged, Sareena lunges forward, getting Frost near the edge. With a final uppercut, Sareena sends Frost flying into the lava.

Reiko looks at Ashrah’s wounds, Sareena runs over, but Reiko says that it is too late. Sareena and Ashrah exchange some last words. Ashrah gives Sareena her Kriss and tells her that she knew that there was hope for Sareena and that she must stop Noob Saibot… with that, her eyes close.

Sub-Zero catches up to Scorpion and Noob, who has Scorpion on the ropes, Sub-Zero freezes Noob, temporarily stunning him. Scorpion gets up and puts his mask back on. He asks Sub-Zero why he helped him, Sub-Zero replies that they’re on the same side, they should work together, Scorpion sighs and says “Why not?â€? Noob puts his mask back on and the battle begins. Noob is losing to the combined might of Scorpion and Sub-Zero. But he is able to knock Sub-Zero over a lava pit, who is able to grab onto the ledge, Noob uses this opportunity to tactically retreat. Scorpion questions whether or not to chase after Noob or save Sub-Zero. Just as Sub-Zero is about to fall, Scorpion grabs his hand and pulls him back up.

Sareena and Reiko follow the group, heading up a long staircase, the last of Noob’s cyborgs come at them, Reiko holds them off while Sareena runs off to join the battle. At the top, Noob faces off against Scorpion and Sub-Zero… they battle, all 3 take a few injuries, Sareena reaches the top of the staircase, where she watches the battle, waiting for the right moment. When Noob is weakened by the combined attacks of Scorpion and Sub-Zero, Sareena thrusts the Kriss into his back, Noob screams in pain. Scorpion and Sub-Zero give each other a slight nod, and prepare their final attacks, Scorpion lets loose a stream of fire from his hands, while Sub-Zero sends out a blast of ice. Both attacks hit Noob.

Noob screams in agony, while Sareena keeps the Kriss lodged into his body, Scorpion and Sub-Zero’s combined attacks burst through his body (missing Sareena), just then his body explodes and his soul lets out a horrible scream as it goes flying off deep into pits of the Netherrealm.

Well that's it for Noob Saibot. Yeah, I'm not sure killing so many current gen characters so soon is a good idea, but if it has to happen, it needs to be well thought out. After a little bit that tells you what happened after the battle, I'll be giving Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Sareena a rest for a bit and the end to Reiko's story as well. (He won't die, I'll tell you that) Hope you enjoyed!
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/22/2006 10:32 PM EST
Wow awesome stuff, some of these scenes would make killer cg movies in MKA

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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/22/2006 10:57 PM EST
Great work! If those character's do get finished, I hope it is something simular to your story.
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/24/2006 01:49 PM EST
With the battle won, Sareena pants while Sub-Zero stares at what remains of Noob Saibot, his fist clenched at his side. Reiko catches up and sees that the battle is won. Scorpion just stares out into the Netherrealm… Scorpion knows that before his soul can rest, he has one last mission to complete, he opens a portal to go back to Outworld, and asks if the others will follow. After some hesistation, Sareena and Sub-Zero walk over and prepare to leave; Sareena turns to Reiko and asks if he will follow. He says that he will not, he will travel alone from now on. Sareena says that she understands and asks where he will go? Reiko replies that he doesn’t know, but he’s certain he’ll find something. As Reiko prepares to leave through a different portal, he takes one last look and tells Sareena… “Thank You… for giving me a purpose.â€? Sareena watches Reiko and then departs with Scorpion and Sub-Zero through the portal to Outworld…

Meanwhile Bo’ Rai Cho and Li Mei run into Shujinko and the others, Fujin has left the group, in order to search out more warriors. Shujinko greets his old master, Bo’ Rai Cho. Bo’ Rai Cho tells Shujinko about his successful defeat of the Dragon King’s army. Shujinko congratulates Bo’ Rai Cho, but admits to have caused the Dragon King’s return…

Johnny Cage comes across an Outworld villager.

Villager: Excuse me, sir. Would you happen to be Liu Kang from Earthrealm?
Johnny Cage: What if I am?
Villager: Well we need your help. Our village has spotted a strange man on fire. We do not know what he wants. We feel only Liu Kang can help us.
Johnny Cage: What if I told you I was Johnny Cage?
Villager: Then I’d turn in the other direction and walk away, because everyone knows that that guy’s an idiot.
Johnny Cage: (stares blankly and in a somewhat calm voice) I’m the guy you’re looking for. I’m Liu Kang.
Villager: Really? You like nothing like Liu Kang. They say that he wears a headband and has black hair and wears red and black pants.
Johnny Cage: (quickly) Those were typos!

So the villager takes Johnny Cage to his village. Meanwhile, Ermac senses someone approaching, Jax and Sonya leap out to see… Mavado. Recognizing him as the same man that attacked them earlier, they strike. Mavado impressively is able to strike both before they can get him. Mavado is surprised to see them again, Sonya and Jax know his name… “Mavadoâ€?, but what of this Red Dragon that he mentioned? Mavado says that they will know everything in due time.

Jax and Sonya attack Mavado. Ermac stands by and watches the battle, waiting to jump in if he is needed. Mavado uses one his ropes to tie Sonya’s waist and pin her arms, then he flings her around and she hits a nearby wall and falls unconscious. Leaving Jax alone to face Mavado…

Kitana is still running, and takes a breather, unbeknownst to her, the Tarkata spot her and report her position to Baraka. Baraka takes a look and since Kitana is wearing her mask, he assumes her to be Mileena. He orders his men to attack her. Kitana sees them coming and rather than run, Kitana decides to fight. Taking out her fans, she fights back. She kills many Tarkata (but not all) and even knocks Baraka himself out. After she knocks them all down, she staggers out for a few feet.

â€?I did it…â€? she says softly… “Too bad it cost me everything…â€? Kitana then passes out from exhaustion, as she does so a horse approaches her… Mileena gets off the saddle and walks over to the unconscious Kitana’s body. “Hmm. Kitana to live or die? Hmm.â€? She says to herself. She’s been waiting for a chance to kill Kitana, however, she has always wanted it to be in hand-to-hand-combat, yet this is also a rare opportunity. She kneels down beside Kitana and prepares her sai, but yet… she can’t do it. “No, not this way.â€? She says. Looking down at Kitana’s unconscious body, Mileena ponders what to do…

Jax is losing to Mavado, while Ermac senses another presence coming and goes to find it, sensing that this is more “friendlyâ€?. Mavado taunts the defeated Jax, grabbing his damaged cybernetic arm, “How long have you used these, my friend? Far too long, it seems. It’s time you learned to fight like a real man.â€? With that Mavado tears off the arm, revealing his organic arm underneath. As Mavado crumbles it, he throws it down to Jax, who only stares at it. Just then, Cyrax appears and knocks Mavado back as Sonya regains consciousness. Seeing that he is outnumbered, Mavado retreats. Jax picks up his destroyed cybernetic arm, and in frustration, he throws it, Sonya walks over, holding her arm in pain.

Sonya tries to comfort Jax, but Ermac tells them that he can sense a group of warriors nearby…

Meanwhile Liu Kang and Kung Lao come across Li Mei’s village, which was able to free itself after Kano and the Deadly Alliance’s apparent deaths. Before they enter, Liu Kang and Kung Lao are stopped by two guards.

Guard 1: Halt! You must state your names before entering.
(Liu Kang says his name)
Guard 1: WHAT!? You are the famous Liu Kang!?
(Kung Lao says his name)
Guard 1: And you are the legendary Kung Lao!?
Guard 2: Uh… Kung who?
Guard 1: Ssh! I have no idea.
(Kung Lao groans)
Guard 1: Hmm, if you really are Liu Kang prove it!
(Liu Kang nods and performs his Flying Kick, he then returns to standing where Kung Lao is)
Guard 1: That kick!…. No mistaking it!
Guard 2: This guy is really Liu Kang?
Guard 1: Ssh! I can’t be certain.
(Now it is Liu Kang’s turn to groan)
Guard 1: So, what’s your story?
(Liu Kang and Kung Lao talk in unison)
Guard 1: Oh! I see… Gotcha!
Guard 2: Um, what were they talking about?
Guard 1: Ssh! I have no clue.
(Liu Kang and Kung Lao groan in unison)

Meanwhile as Shao Kahn begins building his new army of Shokans, word reaches his ears about Raiden’s drastic change…

There we go... something to make up for lack of updates last night, oh and if you've played a certain RPG for the GBA that stars Nintendo's two mascots, I'm sure you'll know where that last dialogue scene comes from. wink
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/24/2006 02:03 PM EST
lol..interesting stuff...the Liu Kang/Kung Lao stuff was amusing...It's good that you incorporated the losing of the bionic arms stuff for Jax so that he can get some actual development.

The only real bit I didn't like was at the end with Shao Kahn getting word of Raiden's change. I think Shao Kahn should actually see Raiden's new look and attitude for himself first hand and be shocked as opposed to hearing about a change. I think Raiden's mental takeover from the One Being should happen a bit later, but that's just me.
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/25/2006 06:36 PM EST
Kahn does not necessarily believe this at first, assuming Raiden to have been destroyed, Shang Tsung confirms this. Kahn decides to find out for himself…

Meanwhile, Rain decides to return to Edenian Palace, there’s something strange about Kitana… and he decides that he must know.

Sindel and Jade meet up with Shujinko’s group, who inform them of the planned attack. Sindel and Jade join the group, Sindel tries to find Kitana among them, but she cannot…

Reptile and Khameleon are shocked with this revelation that Nitara’s realm and Zaterra are one and the same. Looking down at the amulet, Reptile speaks to himself… they decide to return to Onaga’s palace, perhaps the answer can be found…

Johnny Cage gets to the village, asking where this man of fire is. The villager says that he only appears at random times, what is he looking for, he doesn’t know. Johnny Cage asks if it has a name. When the villager says it doesn’t, Cage jokingly suggests “Meat-Blazeâ€?. Cage says he will find this “Man on Fireâ€?.

Blaze having been freed from watching the Dragon Egg, wanders Outworld. He hears this voice telling him to head towards a cave so that he can find his true purpose. Johnny Cage finds Blaze and asks what he is doing. Blaze tells him not to interfere, he is so close to completing his quest and tries to blast Cage back, but Cage dodges and seeing it as a challenge fights back.

Dairou confronts Darrius, who is preparing to lead the attack on Seido. Dairou says that before he can attack Seido, he must face him in Mortal Kombat. Darrius knows that Dairou has discovered the truth, and accepts his challenge. The two fightusing their skills to the best of their abilities. Eventually, Dairou comes out the winner, despite being heavily wounded in the battle. Darrius draws his dying breath as Dairou stumbles out… walking around with his chest injury for a bit… he collapses onto the ground… his last thoughts are of his family before he dies…

As Reptile’s group travels to Onaga’s palace, Hotaru thinks of his battle with Dairou, the thought comes to him that perhaps the government he serves is not truly that great. Regardless, he decides to follow his orders and attacks Reptile. Khameleon and Nitara try to help Reptile, but he orders them to stay out of this. Hotaru demands that Reptile hand over the amulet, but Reptile hands it to Khameleon. Reptile and Hotaru battle… eventually, Reptile comes out the winner and mortally wounds Hotaru, but deciding not to sink back to his old level when he served Shao Kahn. Reptile does not kill Hotaru, as he is a defenseless opponent. With that, they leave Hotaru behind.

Several thoughts run through Hotaru’s mind as he lies dying, some Seidan Guardsmen approach him and try to treat him, but Hotaru says that it is too late. He tells him about how the government they serve is actuality an oppressive regime and as his last wish, he asks the Seidan Guardsmen to overthrow it. With that, Hotaru dies…

Meanwhile, Kabal and the Black Dragon travel Outworld to go to Onaga’s Palace where Havik awaits for the heroes to arrive to allow them access to Onaga’s Palace like he did with Shujinko earlier… Just as they do, they are attacked by Kano… Kabal and Jarek are shocked to see that he is alive…. Kano merely responds by attacking the group, he quickly pulls out Kobra’s heart, killing him. Jarek does not know whose side to take… Kabal asks why Kano is attacking them, who merely responds that the Black Dragon is his to rule. Kano ends Jarek’s confusion… by cutting his throat open with his knife. Kabal and Kira are eventually able to drive Kano off.

With this confrontation, Kabal begins to realize that perhaps Havik led him on the wrong path.

Mileena decides to imprison Kitana, much like she did to her many years ago after Shinnok’s invasion of Edenia. She ties Kitana up, placing her over her shoulder and placing her on top of the horse and rides off. Eventually Kitana awakens and sees the ground is moving underneath her, she then takes notice that she is tied up and looks up to see Mileena. Mileena can’t help but taunt the bound princess. Kitana only hangs her head and barely struggles… she has lost everything…. Liu Kang, her kingdom, and for all she knows, her mother, who she hopes is still alive. She almost considers begging Mileena to just kill her… Baraka stands up and sees Mileena riding away with Kitana, telling whatever survivors are left to stand up, Baraka gives chase.

Liu Kang and Kung Lao speak to the village chief, who tells them that some kind of demon has been spotted in the mountaintops, they believe he may be from the Netherrealm. Liu Kang looks at Kung Lao, who gives a nod, they decide to investigate, with a farewell bow, the two depart.

Eventually as the two travel, they come across someone they thought they would never see again… Shinnok. Shinnok turns around and lets a hint that he reanimated Liu Kang’s body when he says that he is surprised that Liu Kang is “wholeâ€? again. This surprises, who in anger demands to know if he reanimated Liu Kang’s body. Shinnok merely retreats.

Liu Kang starts to run after Shinnok, but Kung Lao tries to stop him.

Kung Lao: Wait! We have to think this through!
Liu Kang: (in an angry/determined voice that isn’t his) I’m done thinking!
(He pushes Kung Lao off and runs after Shinnok.)
Kung Lao: Wait!

Concerned, Kung Lao runs after Liu Kang, worried about what he may do… Liu Kang is not the same man he was before Shang Tsung murdered him…

Cage fights with Blaze, he is losing, but he has an ace up his slave…

Johnny Cage: (attempts his crotch punch, however when he hits Blaze, his hand only catches on fire, he screams and runs towards a nearby lake and immediately puts his hand out and sighs in relief.)

Blaze heads inside the cave while Johnny Cage was putting his hand out, ready to discover what’s inside.

Meanwhile, Mileena and Kitana approach the Edenian Castle…

Mileena: Now then, time to get you inside, without anyone knowing.
Kitana: And just how are you going to do that? You don’t exactly have any way of sneaking in nor can you conceal me from sight or keep me from alerting the guards.
Mileena: (stares blankly) Damn…
Kitana: (for the first time in a while, she actually lets out a laugh) You didn’t think this through very well did you?

Meanwhile, Shao Kahn meets with Shang Tsung and Goro to discuss the news of Raiden’s apparent return:

Goro: Nobody knows for sure, but a few of my warriors could’ve sworn that they saw someone who likes like Raiden, except the outfit was black. What is most notable; is that there was lightning around his body. His eyes were red. He practically destroyed an Outworld village as he traveled.
(Shao Kahn nods his head and goes deep in thought.)
Shang Tsung: What is this? Somebody who looked like Raiden, except he was wearing black? That could be anyone for all we know, we shouldn’t waste our time with such an unimportant matter…
(Shao Kahn gets right in front of his face.)
Shao Kahn: FOOL! You know as perfectly as I do that a matter such of this cannot be simply ignored!
(Shang Tsung falls over with Shao Kahn towering over him.)
Shao Kahn: (grunts in disgust and turns to Goro) Anything else to report Goro?
Goro: No, but I do think that it’s a possibility that perhaps Raiden has turned to our side?
Shang Tsung: (getting up) Bah! I still believe that it’s nothing more than someone masquerading as Raiden…
(Just then Shang Tsung is seized by Shao Kahn, who grabs him by his robes.)
Shao Kahn: I am not interested in theories!
(He throws Shang Tsung to the ground, who lands near Goro.)
Shao Kahn: I want answers…. I want this matter looked into! Is that understood?
(Goro obediently nods, while Shang Tsung gives a disgruntled murmur and nods as well.)

Tanya tries to heal her scars, but she finds that her face will never fully heal, she returns to the Dragon King’s services figuring that this will give her a chance to confront Jade…

Yeah a little bit of humor in some scenes like the Kitana/Mileena scene (sorry, MK needs some humor. grin) Lot of deaths in this one, we nearing the climax... but I'm going to have to push the battle with the Dragon King back a bit...
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RE: Mortal Kombat Armageddon Plot Summary I came up with.
01/25/2006 07:53 PM EST
Hmm, well, I think this batch is ok. I think it could be a lot better.

The Reptile and Johnny Cage stuff are pretty good. It was funny when you had Johnny try to do his Nut Punch to Blaze, only to get his hand caught on fire. Then again, I find that a bit odd since Blaze is wearing a metal thong so maybe JC can get hurt physically from the hardness of the metal thong.

I don't think Dairou would challenge Darrius and say that he should fight him before attacking Seido. It just sounds a bit odd to me. I think Dairou would've been pissed and just tried to confront Darrius and attack him out of anger. Darrius should try to reason with Dairou, telling him something that it was needed for a much greater cause (overthrow of the Seidan government and establishment of a new rule) and that Darrius needed Dairou's assistance. I personally don't want Dairou to die as I see some potential for him, but I guess if he were to die that it should be in a battle against Darrius.

I don't think Hotaru should have any thoughts of doubt about the Seidan government just based on his battle with Dairou. There needs to be more to it, imo. The Reptile vs. Hotaru thing I'm not sure.

I don't think Kano's interference would sway Kabal's views like that. He'd want to eliminate the inferior and worthless Kano. The Kitana/Mileena stuff is fine. The Liu Kang/Kung Lao stuff is alright. I think the Raiden stuff still could've been a surprise to them when he actually crosses paths with them or storms there or something, but I guess you handled this path fine enough and I'd like to see where it'll go.

That's all I have to say for now. Sorry for taking so long to respond. You know how I can be with juggling things left and right...