In interviews conducted by and respectively, series co-creator Ed Boon mentioned the possible total of playable characters for the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. No true total is confirmed as of this moment, but currently the range expected is somewhere between 20 to 22, 10 or 11 from each side respectively. Regardless, this is obviously a drastic reduction from MK: Armageddon but more akin to earlier 3D MK games. These characters are what Ed Boon and the MK team consider notable and "iconic", so that still leaves the fans to debate exactly what the definition of that is. As another note, it is also confirmed there will be no new characters introduced into the MK world during this game.

First, from's interview:

In is a vastly reduced playable character roster ("Every single character is a known DC character, a known MK character. Because they're so iconic, we don't feel like we want to do the huge, massive roster. We just focus in on these core 20 characters").

Ed's response to video interview:

Ed Boon: ... so it is going to be about... if I were to guess about 20 to 22 characters... you know, maybe 10 to 11 from each side...

Other than this, no major revelations are had that aren't covered by any of the other interviews and released information from Gamer's Day. The discussion regarding the gameplay once again promises it to be completely new and not based off the old engine, and instead focuses on different types of gameplay perspectives. Storyline details remain scarce.

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