Over on the World Wrestling Entertainment website, one of the featured items is WWE Fantasy, which appears to be a fantasy wrestling game similar to fantasy football. In the latest installment, a new addition has been made to the roster which appears to be more than a little unusual. As an apparent tie-in to Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, Scorpion appears to have jumped into the WWE fray. From the website:

This season, Todd Grisham has returned to defend his Season 7 WWE Superstar League Championship. However, some of his biggest competition is also back and a newcomer has burst onto the scene as well: Scorpion from Mortal Kombat!

Who else will be playing and where will they fall? Check back following Week 1 to see the standings.

While WWE and Mortal Kombat crossovers are hardly new, this is the first we've heard of an actual kombatant being available as a fantasy wrestler. We'll keep an eye on this story and see how Scorpion progresses.

To see the WWE Fantasy webpage, click here.

EDIT - 11:25 AM CDT - A member has written in with a bit of a clarification, saying that Scorpion will be like other members of the "WWE Crew" in that while he is participating, he won't actually be selectable as a fantasy wrestler. Thanks, natedoggcata, for helping set the record straight.