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If people had obeyed the damn quarantine procedures, this would've been over in several months, and we wouldn't even need the vaccines. Unfortunately, people have been protesting, and flouting quarantine rules for hundreds of years. Seems to happen every major plague.

The economy would've taken a smaller hit than this dragged out bs we're in now. I blame the people clamoring to be crammed into clubs for their precious bawdy contact after the initial lockdowns ended, skirting quarantine/mask rules, and the constant fumbling by those in charge.

Not all unvaccinated are kooks, different people have different reasons. Various people can't take it because of legitimate health reasons, others are from populations the government has experimented on in the past so don't trust them.

I DO NOT AGREE WITH ANTIMASKERS/"CIVIL LIBERTIES" PROTESTERS. These are the people getting everyone sick, purposely coughing on people, congregating, and attacking others. The anti-government/anti-immigrant people who see conspiracies, and government abuse everywhere except where it actually is. There's plenty of government abuse of power, and worse unethical shit, but a piece of cloth is what they freak out over? I just assume it's an extension of the prepandemic muslim hate. I do not outright believe conspiracy theories, I merely keep them in mind, and track possible evidence for/against. "Hear all, trust nothing." - FRoA 190. Also, I'm not an Anarchist, I'm anti-corruption.


100 My Guy Plus it Gives us a Reason to Dress Like our Favorite MK Ninja's :D.

Omicron (to a small degree, don't say I didn't warn you).

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