Freemode Events Update
PS4, XBox One & PC only

New game modes, no loading screens.
No new Vehicles or Weapons.

King of the Castle mode at the Dam looks awesome!

Apparently there are no more updates for PS3 & X Box 360, R* mentioned just after last update, due to memory constraints on ``last gen`` systems.
Shame, everytime I`m online on my PS3, the session is always full of other players.

GTA Online: Lowriders GTA Wiki details
GTA Online: Lowriders Trailer
GTA Online: Lowriders - Benny's Original Motor Works

New Mod Shop: Benny`s Original Motorworks brings Hydraulics back, air filters, velour & leather interiors, novelty gearshift & steering wheel skins, custom paint & decals for exterior, stereo sub-woofers & speakers. Custom rear license plate holders, novelty front plates. Dashboard bobbleheads.

Option to open doors, trunk and hood, switch on the engine, neon lights and radio via the Interaction Menu, while inside or outside the car. Works for any personal/insured vehicle.

New Vehicles, well 2 new, but these 6 can be customized at Benny`s shop with hydraulics, custom paintjobs/liveries, etc:
Primo Custom
Moonbeam minivan returns from IV with sliding doors
Faction returns from IV with custom paint jobs & decals
Clean Voodoo (not beater)
Bucaneer Custom, can remove roof
Chino Custom

Weapons: Machine Pistol(Tec 9), Machete

New Lamar missions, 3 new Adversary modes, can buy a 4th property. New clothes n hairstyles.


There's been vids of people finding Halloween stuff in the Lowrider files.
It's all over Google/YouTube.

12 masks, and 2 cars. The Lurcher is an older Hearse, with a zombie or monster in the back. Has a couple livery paintjobs, and dash bobbleheads. The second is an older car similar to the Roosevelt/Hotknife, called the Fränken Stange(B type in files), it's like the Munster's car. *Edit: Nevermind, Dragula was Grandpa Munsters' coffin racer. Also has a few livery paintjobs n dash bobbleheads.

Flashlight weapon for a Halloween Adversary mode where folks with sawn offs hunt you down.

Halloween Suprise GTA Wiki details

Event lasts untill Nov 16th, but items you buy will stay, you keep them when the event is over.
Slasher Adversary Mode is a poimanent game mode, due to high popularity.

Still want Chainsaw, Katana, Flamethrower, Shovel, Screwdriver, and Fire Extinguisher weapons to return. Still want Aircraft Carrier on map outside of missions. We got so much more content coming though anyways, and Clean Voodoo was added in Lowriders, so I`m happy. With all these updates, looks like GTA VI is still a ways away. I want to make a classic red or black Voodoo or plain purple Lurcher to resemble Shadow, from Twisted Metal, but I ain`t got PS4 online yet...

High life, low ride.
GTA 5 'Apartment Customization' DLC Update LEAKS - Upgrading Apartment Accessories & MORE! (GTA 5)

GTA 5 DLC Update LEAKS Explained - NEW Lowriders, 15 Vehicles Found, Purchasable Yacht & MORE!

GTA 5 DLC Leaks Purchasable Yachts - Custom Super Yachts, Helipads, Luxury Interiors & MORE! (GTA 5)
Looks like the yacht we raid & blow up in TBoGT. Sweet, floating safehouse, with dockable boats. We used to talk about this stuff on Gamefaqs` GTA: San Andreas board waaaay back in the day, like towing missions, and online mode.
Hope this shit ain`t fake.

GTA 5 'Lowriders 2.0, Apartment Customization & Christmas' DLC Leaks Release Timeline & Overview!

GTA 5 Online - Trillions of Dollars Money Glitches, Banned Increases & Tracking Glitches! (GTA 5)
Sweet! I`m sick of God Mode bitches, being blown up randomly, even in my apartment, and kids asking for money, and modders.
Rob a store or do fucking missions! PLAY THE GOD DAMNED GAME!
Fucking modders n hackers slow the game down, prevent you from pausing or using the phone, and other shit that messes up the game.

GTA 5 Online Thanksgiving DLC Special - Massive Vehicle Discounts, Huge Money Bonuses & MORE (GTA 5)

Don`t forget to keep checking the Rockstar Newswire for info, and other fun stuff!

Double $$$ & RP, as usual, like most events.
Running back is pretty simple, played it earlier today. Your team is either offense or defense(alternates every round), having to drive BF Injections(VC name, not sure the GTAV name) escort or block a Panto from scoring. There are 3 ``fields``, 2 bridges, and a tunnel.

Black Friday has 25% off Vehicles, and 40% off Apartment discounts!

Benny's Original Motorworks now sells/upgrades the Sultan & Banshee.

They become Sultan RS & Banshee 900R

Get in some Fast & Furious action with various body, engine, and internal modifications, and of course, various liveries available.
As drift/ricer street racers, they do not get hydraulics.

Keep an eye out for event weekends, and an upcoming Valentines update!


Listen here, see. Meah!

PS4 XBONE Be My Valentine update available Feb 10th
New clothing, mostly burlesque/sexy lingere, also some dresses n new suits.
Albany Roosevelt Valor has more customization options in Los Santos Customs than the standard Roosevelt.

Old Valentines Day Massacre stuff is back, Roosevelt, and Gurensberg Sweeper Tommy Gun are available on both PS4, XBONE and last gen PS3 & XB360.

Pump the fuzz full o lead or it's curtains for ya!

Lowriders: Custom Classics Official Rockstar trailer

New Sumo Adversary Mode. Use your vehicle to push the other team vehicles off.

New tattoos. 3 new hairstyles. New taunt actions.
Lots of new clothing, including gang shirts w only top button buttoned.

2 new guns: Double barreled shotgun, and Compact rifle.
Ammunation has rearranged it's guns. Pistols, n melee weapons are now all in the display case by the cashier. Freed up wall space for future dlc weapons? ;)

Benny's has new upgrade projects:
New Benny's Bespoked wheels are also usable on previous lowriders.
Sabre, Tornado & Minivan coming soon. No date given yet, but the files are in the game.
Slamvan w hydraulics, upgrades n liveries
GTA IV Virgo w hydraulics, upgrades n liveries
Faction alternate upgrade, donk upgrade w liveries. Donk suspension is activated differently than hydraulics, tilts slower, and can't hop.

I Remember those big wheeled Micro Machines when I was a kid.
It'll fit right in with everybody's miscolored Hotwheels rejects.

The Stirling GT & Mamba would be cool with race upgrades n liveries, like in real life,
if they do another race update.

Rockstar updated their feed yesterday with details of upcoming dlc. No date given yet.
You'll be able to run an organization that can sell drugs/jewels/medical supplies.

They also mentioned a stunt update, with stunt vehicles, n gear. Screenshot showed huge tubes/tunnel tracks you drive in.

Further Adventures in Finance, and Felony coming June 7th!

Rockstar has updated their newswire with preliminary details, and release date.
Trailer coming next week.

Buy highrise HQ, and warehouses to distribute various contraband to the citizens of Los Santos.
1 new Super car revealed so far. Pegassi Reaper.

Official Rockstar trailer is out:
Official R* trailer

Bunch of new vehicles shown. 3 Super cars, some armored variants of Rumpo & Seminole, new plane & heli, new Armored Truck, and the Tugboat returns from IV!
Picked up a couple details from MrBossFTW's trailer breakdown.

Cunning Stunts official R* trailer
Coming July 12th

Looks like a shitload of new cars, and new raceing tracks n props!
My baja customized rusty Rebel was getting lonely...
Looks like quite the assortment of racing themed vehicles.

07/10/2016 01:50 AM (UTC)
Tetra_Vega Wrote:
Cunning Stunts official R* trailer
Coming July 12th

Looks like a shitload of new cars, and new raceing tracks n props!
My baja customized rusty Rebel was getting lonely...
Looks like quite the assortment of racing themed vehicles.


I'm surprised this didn't end up coming out sooner. This seemed like one of the most obvious GTAOnline uses. Glad something like this is finally here.
Bikers update coming October 4th. Check Rockstar Games Newswire for details, n screens!

New vehicles, clothing, club houses with custom bike mechanic, form/join clubs n work your way up the ranks, various new biker related activities.

Apparently you can attack with melee weapons while riding!
Supposedly was in The Lost and Damned, but I don't recall. I just recently got some of my games back, so I'll have to check that out. *Edit, ah, it's just during races. GTA III/VC had missions were you could too, but only during the mission. In GTA Online, it's anytime in Freemode, but not in missions.

Don't forget to check for details, and screens!

Trailer is up on Rockstar Newswire(requires age input), and Rockstar Games YouTube channel.
Couple new hairstyles, bunch of new tats. Bunch of new clothes, including unmarked jean jackets/vests, as well as patched jackets/vests, denim, and leather. New jeans, leather pants, and boots. Bunch of new helmets. Preset outfits can be bought at cashier, like past DLCs.
Bunch of new bracelets/arm bands, can wear different on each arm.

Buy your Biker Clubhouse on Maze Bank Foreclosures site. Interiors are customizable. Custom name, like CEO business, choose from several logos for your club that will show up on back of biker jackets/vests. Several clothing styles can be selected for everyone, like bodyguard/organization presets in interaction menu.
Garage holds 10 bikes/ATVs. I think each club member gets their own space for 10 bikes. Mechanic in garage to customize bikes, press right on dpad when you get on a bike in garage. Gas just exits, like regular garages. Various customizations, and liveries available.

On PS4, to melee on bikes/atvs, hold X, press L1/R1 to swing on either side.
Fist gives the finger, like normal. Melee weapons get swung, so do guns.
On grenades/mines you kick, unless you're going too slow/stop, then you hold them up ready to throw. If you're in Passive Mode, you can kick. *Edit, Fist does activate kick, just like throwables, you have to be moving.
Can hold weapons out before swinging.

Pool cue is in case with old melee weapons.
Pipe Bombs are in case with Grenades/Mines.
Battle Axe, and Wrench are on wall.
Compact Grenade Launcher, Sweeper Shotgun, and Mini SMG are on wall
The Heavy Revolver, and Machine Pistol were moved to the case with the other pistols.

13 bikes
Drag Hakouchu is on Legendary Motorsports.
The rest are on Southern San Andreas Super Autos.
Faggio Mod, and Sport.
Zombie Chopper, and Bobber.
Street Blazer
Chimera (3 wheel trike)
Wolfsbane, and Rat Bike

Computer in Garage office accesses The Open Road site to do Biker activities.
Malc calls you about it. He also introduces you to your clubhouse.
I think the mechanic is Zach, iirc.
Anyways, you can buy businesses on the site. you can own 1 of each, 5 businesses total..
Document Forgeries, Weed, Counterfiet Cash, Methamphetamine, and Cocaine.
Buy supplies or steal them for free. Selling options are close for less money, farther away for more. Business buying/selling can only be done in public lobbies, like CEO buy/sells. There are also contract missions on your clubhouse's board room wall that can be done in public or private lobbies. Some can be done by yourself, others require at least 1 other mc club member.

Teamwork is key in various mc activities. The more members you have, the less likely time will run out on multiple long distance deliveries as you have help completing them.

2 new vehicles released today, and can purchase a 6th property. Including the MC Clubhouse, that's 7. 70 vehicle storage capacity, up from 50 before Bikers released.

Raptor, based on the T-Rex Trike/Car is available on Legendary Motorsports.
Daemon is available on Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

Daemon is Daemon2 in files. It lacks the Lost MC emblem seats, and is more customizable, like the other bikes in this update.

These are the first of 8 vehicles revealed by fans looking through the files.
The Tornado6 is a Rat Rod version of the Tornado, and looks like it'd fit in Mad Max.

The Vortex motorcycle, has various modification options, some alien themed.

Esskey motorcycle

Youga Classic, 70s styled panel van, with sliding rear side doors, and liveries.

Sanctus? Skull themed bike, something like Mr.Grimm's bike in Twisted Metal(2012). Rib cage around gas tank, headlights are skull's glowing red eyes. Probably released closer to or on Halloween.

Shotaro, glowing Tron legacy type motorcycle, this is the one I'm most hyped for. Tron suits will be available with it, but they may just be for the game mode it's unlocked with. It'll be unlocked by an Adversary Mode called Deadline, everyone assumes will be Lightcycle racing!

A wee bit late updating here, as this announcement is about a week old.
I never updated for the Bikers vehicles released later on, Vortex bike, Esskey bike, the Rat Tornado, Youga Classic, the Sanctus a Halloween themed skull bike(no longer available, Halloween only, but still advertised), and my fav the Shotaro Tron styled bike, and it's accompanying Adversary Mode, Deadline which you need to play at least 1 round of to unlock the bike for sale. Fuckin love this lightcycle game mode.
Tron styled outfits available at the clothing stores' cashier like other outfits.

Next GTA Online update is Imports/Exports. You'll be able to steal/sell high end cars.
In addition to your CEO buying/selling of crates, you'll now be able to start your own car theft ring.

So far at least 3 new vehicles have been shown. 2 cars, either Super or Sport, and a ramp buggy as a mobile jump/flip platform, like in one of the Fast n Furious movies.
Executive offices will be getting showroom quality, 3 level garage, able to store 60 vehicles.
Unknown if there's stages, like 1 20 car level or 2 for 40 cars or if it's just the full 3 level 60 vehicle capacity.

No official release date given, but according to leaks, it's Dec 13th.
Also according to leaks, we're getting about 25 new vehicles, and a ton of new clothes/masks/etc, but no new weapons. All the credible GTA YouTubers are covering this.

Supposedly a bunch of new vehicles will have Benny's Original Motorworks variants.
Skyline R34 is among the new cars everyone's been obsessed with.
A bunch of others are supposedly armed. A Phantom big rig with a wedge to clear traffic outta your way, a Boxville with a wedge, armor, and turret, an amphibious Technical based on the Rat Truck with barrels for buoyancy, an amphibious ATV with machine guns, a Voltic with a rocket engine coming out the rear, and a Ruiner decked out like KITT, from Knight Rider, with machine guns, missiles, jump ability, and a parachute.

Keep in mind these rumors are from a leak, but various sources say the leaker has been pretty accurate/credible in the past. Any of those vehicles on their own would be awesome.
Still no trailer for it on the Rockstar Newswire or their YouTube channel.
Don't forget to keep an eye on R* Newswire for more details when they come.

Okay, so it's out now. Downloaded thismorning.*EDIT, trailer is up on Rockstar Games's YouTubechannel:
I play on PS4, take note when I mention buttons. I don't know the XBOX equivalent.

From your CEO office computer you can purchase a 40 car warehouse to store your stolen goods. Can choose interior style. The basement is where the special vehicles are stored, they are not Pegasus vehicles. To put them back, drive to the garage door or call a personal vehicle. *Edit: The new Warstock vehicles can be summoned in your touchpad menu, under Vehicles. Also, under Style, you can set your Tron outfit to blink, pulse or off.

When stealing cars, you WILL encounter aggressive NPCs. Some come after you in cars, shooting you when stealing AND selling.. You have to pay for vehicle damage when stealing, and it lowers the price when selling, so this is kinda annoying.

CEO garages bought on Dynasty 8 site. Click on your building n the garage icon will show. Floors of 20 vehicle capacity are available, can click 2 additional for 60 total capacity. Click under the pictire on the right, clicking the bulletin points on left doesn't seem to activate. You'll know you got it when a price for the addition shows up. Office elevator travels to garage, plus in garage stairs between floors. Can also purchase a repair garage for it.
Interiors of each garage floor can be customized, and be different from other floors. Repair garage can also be customized. *Edit: The repair garage can also do Benny's upgrades, n mods.

Source car shows you a vehicle you need to steal, and take to your warehouse.
Stealing various numbers of cars will give you access to special vehicle missions, 4-32 stolen in increments of 4. Completeing these lets you purchase them for a cheaper price, and with slight perks. A couple have better armor/endurance when bought for the Securo Serv price, the Ruiner 200 has more missiles when bought for Securo Serv price.

Tempesta, and Penetrator are available on Legendary Motorsports.

Diablous bike is on Benny's site. Elegy RH8 is now on Benny's also, converts to R34 Skyline.

Warstock has:
the Ramp Buggy can be used as a ramp to perform jumps/flips off. Reminiscent of one from the Fast & Furious movies. Can be customized at LSC.

Wedge Phantom has a huge half cone over the exposed engine. Reminiscent of a Mythbusters experiment. Can still haul trailers.

Technical Aqua, can be customized at LSC. Drive into water, an it floats. Just like regular Rebel Technical, but with boat engine on rear, and barrels mounted on the sides.

Blazer Aqua, has machine guns, can be customized at LSC. Drive into water, and it floats.
Fire guns with L1.

Wastelander is a rusty flatbed done up like a Mad Max vehicle. I haven't bought/used this yet.

Armored Boxville, has a cow catcher/plow on front, improvised armor all over, and a turret gun on top.Enter rear to use turret. Kinda reminiscent of Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal.

Ruiner 2000, has machine guns, homing, and regular missiles. Missiles have limited ammo, return to warehouse to refill. Jump with Horn, X to use Parachute while in air.
Square to switch weapons, L1 to fire. Homage to KITT from Knight Rider. Has version of red sensor lights on front, and makes the low woo woo/swish whatever noise.
Can be customized at LSC.

Rocket Voltic. Voltic with a rocket engine in rear. Can be customized at LSC.

New CEO Work missions in your touch menu involve the special vehicles as well.

Various new new clothing items, mostly branded stuff(Güffy, BIGNESS, Squash, and a couple others) Sleeveless hoodies, that can have hood up with certain baseball hats. New outfit sets available at cashier.
New masks.
Animals: Pug dog, gorilla, horse/zebra, alien squid thing, dinosaur
Clown category with various clowns
Cultural: ornate skulls, and oni masks
New ski masks branded with BIGNESS, look like the biker half masks or MK ninjas, but don't require biker helmets.

That's all I can remember off the top of my head.
Gunrunning update will be released sometime in this month, June.

This will allow you to get a massive underground bunker complex.
New weapons, and weapon upgrades n camo options for some existing weapons.
Seems to be a new scope, not sure if night vision or thermal.
New clothing, mostly camo n stuff, tactical gloves, etc.
Seems to be a lot of options to counter jet trolls now,
possibly creating new problems alltogether...

New weaponized vehicles:

*Armored Tampa, with either different weapon loadouts or it's stages of upgrades.
One version has a minigun on the roof, the other has a dual barrel minigun on the roof, missiles in the grille, and possibly a rear firing mortar-like weapon in the trunk.

*Half track Duneloader with a quad minigun.

*APC with 2 loadouts, one is a 6 missile system, the other is possibly a canon. Can be amphibious, not sure if standard or an upgrade.

*Missile Trailer, haulable by pickup trucks (Sadler, Bobcat)

*Dune Buggy with passenger operated gun emplacement.

*Motorbike with a jet engine, like the Rocket Voltic.

*Mobile Operations Center, a big rig w trailer that acts as a mobile base, has gun emplacements that can be manned by your hirelings.

All seem to be somewhat customizable. A few were shown with different camo patterns in various colors. And of course, some seem to have alternate weapon loadouts. Not quite sure if they're upgradable in stages or if they're just multiple versions of the same vehicle.

Keep an eye on Rockstar Games Newswire or their YouTube channel for more details.
*Edit: R* YouTube channel has the trailer for Gunrunning: Gunrunning official trailer from Rockstar Games
As does their newswire site.

Ok, so with the latest update, came a bunch of new clothing items.
Some costume combinations now can let you kinda resemble a few MK ninjas.

-Base Outfit-
Pants, Team Pants Black Combat
Top, T Shirt Black
Accessories, Black Fingerless Gloves
Accessories, Cuffs Gauntlet Black (both arms)

Now with a selection of Biker Cuts, and various masks, both can be accessed at Vespuchi Beach, and masks are only available there.

Biker Cut, Moss
Ski Mask, Moss/Animal, Rainforest Dino

Biker Cut, Sand
Ski Mask, there's 2, Olive & Sand, but the color doesn't match the vest exactly
Various Skull Masks/No Mask

Biker Cut, Blue Camo/Blue Digital
Ski Mask, Blue Camo/Blue Digital/No Mask

Biker Cut, Grey Camo/Grey Digital
Ski Mask, Grey Camo/Grey Digital/No Mask

-Erron Black-
I've not made this, but I'm sure there's close enough clothing for both his primary, and alternate base outfits.

-Johnny Cage-
Also possible to make Cage's traditional outfit, and tuxuedo

-Liu Kang-
Possibly get a close approximation of a few of his outfits.

MK1 & 3 Sonya can be approximated, not sure about

Can approximate some of his outfits

Possible with one of the Halloween face paints.

As for non MK characters, some Mad Max styled characters can be made since the Biker update, and vehicles to boot.

-Sweet Tooth-
Pants, Work Pants White (no pink polkadots available)
Boots, Black Boots
Accessories, Cuffs Black Gauntlet (both arms)
Accessories, Gloves, Brown Leather
Clown Mask, Scavenger
Parachute, Black, Showing to approxamate his harness maybe.
Armored Boxville

I have a purple Lurcher, done up like Shadow. Weaponized Tampa can resemble Road Kill or Death Warrant. The Sanctus Bike resembles Mr. Grim's 2012 bike.
Various TM vehicles can be approximated: Darkside/Juggernaut, Crimson Fury, Thumper,
Specter, Roadkill, Kami Kaze, Vermin, ATV, Cousin Eddie, Brimstone, Manslaughter,
TM4 Mr Slam, Pit Viper/Grasshopper, Outlaw 2/Black/2012, Warthog, Hammerhead, etc...

Not to mention the references to TONS of other franchises you can customize various vehicles into, aside from the obvious references/homages.

Rockstar Games Newswire

Bunch of new aircraft coming, including updates of the Hunter, and Rustler from San Andreas!
Ultralights, bombers, and jets, oh my!

Ton of new missions, and races. New transform races where you go from land to sea to air. Your vehicle automatically changes by driving through an icon. Kinda reminds me of Spy Hunter, changing from the car to the boat. My Ardent is white w red stripes already, w the liscense plate: SPYHUNTR.

Suprised we got a new dlc announced this early, AND it has a trailer too!
Check R* newswire or their YouTube channel for more info.
Official Rockstar Trailer

* K, so thermal, and nightvision goggle helmets are under Hats, Combat Helmets.
It's the 2nd from the bottom. Double is Night Vision, Quad is Thermal. I mistakenly bought Quad first, thinking it'd be both Therm/NV, and I could cycle through both.

For the new thermal/nv helmets, hold right on the d-pad for PS4 to put the goggles up/down.
When your goggles are down, go to style, accessories, helmets in the interaction menu, and press square to activate, then exit the menu. Now when you put the goggles back up, they deactivate, and bringing them down turns them back on. Entering a vehicle with therm/nv on, changing sessions, and starting missions turns them off, and you must reactivate them in the menu.

Only vehicles you CAN use them on are motorcycles. Using right on the d-pad puts the goggles up/down while you're riding.

* Flares from the flare gun attract homing rockets. Fire a flare AFTER the rocket is fired, and it'll make a b-line for the flare.

* You can choose wether the pilot or co-pilot uses the bombs or countermeasures in the interaction menu, under Vehicles. They're the last 2 options at the bottom.

Right on the d-pad activates so much. Tapping fires countermeasures or toggles VTOL,
depending on the aircraft. Holding right on the d-pad opens/closes the bomb bay.

* The Starling's jet doesn't need to burn out, you can deactivate it by pressing in L3 again.

GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist coming out December 12th!
See trailer at Rockstar Games Newswire or their YouTube channel.

New vehicles so far seen:
Osprey like tiltrotor vtol
New Heli
New Jet, based on an Aero Vulcan
New Tank, somewhat futuristic looking Polish tank
LRM Missile launch truck, Russian or Chech. I was hoping for an Oshkosh truck, but it's all good.
Flying DeLorean homage, weaponized
James Bond's Lotus Sub homage, weaponized
SWAT like truck
Weaponized Off Road Buggy/Truck

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Check out The GTA Wiki, and various YouTubers, like MrBossFTW, Chaotic, Datsaintsfan, etc for various in depth info, and breakdown/analysis.

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