The Official GTA V Thread! **GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist update coming December 12th! PS4 XBONE & PC ONLY**
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RE: The Official GTA V Thread! **GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist update coming December 12th! PS4 XBONE & PC ONLY**
12/13/2017 08:14 AM EST
Okay, so more clothing, tatts, masks, etc as usual. However, new facepaints have also been added, about 20 iirc. Saved Outfit slots has been increased to 20.
At the clothing stores, under Outfits, we now have full scuba gear. On land you just have a wetsuit on, but in the water you get a mask, tank, and flippers. Theres also a flashlight mounted on your torso/shoulder. I haven't tested the air supply depletion rate.

More weapons can be upgraded to mark II in your MOC trailer, and now in your Vengance, should you buy the bay upgrades. Redundant if you have the MOC outfitted with the same bays, unless you're super rich.
The new mkii lineup all pretty much has the same upgrades, and special ammo, except the mkii shotgun. It has unique ammo options such as dragon's breath, flechettes iirc?, and something else. I'll list them once I upgrade mine. I love dragon's breath.

Mazebank Foreclosures is where you buy a Facility. You need to buy this to have access to some of the new vehicles. It also can hold 7? personal vehicles? I'm not sure if it's specifically special vehicles, split with personal or if each has their own area.
Your Vengance air MOC automatically respawns in the Facility's hangar/garage when destroyed.

There are 2 secretaries who can refill snacks, and call some Pegasus vehicles.
The Facility's Heist room is where you choose mission preps/setups/etc.
There is a Satellite Cannon!! You can passively observe around the map far free.
Manually fire for $500,000?, or Automatically track a target selected from a list for $750,000. The cooldown timer after firing is 48 realtime minutes.

-Legendary Motors
Comet Safari, can be weaponized. Possible reference to 14K from Death Race.
-Southern San Andreas Super Autos.
Yosemite, looks like San Andreas' Sadler. Has liveries, including race liveries.
Vengance, basically an air MOC. VTOL, does not float on water. Players can freely walk around in the bay, and man turrets, like the MOC trailer. Can be outfitted with vehicle, and weapon workshop bays. I don't know if it can transport vehicles without the workshop bay.

Deluxo returns! Press X on PS4 to activate hover mode, bacically acts like a hovercraft, the Vortex from San Andreas. In hover mode, pull down on L3 stick to ascend into flight.
This gets customized in the MOC/Vengance. Macine guns, and missiles can be added with a single option.

Thruster Jetpack, upgraded to modern style from San Andreas's 50/60s design.
Need Facility to buy. Customize in the Facility garage.

I have to finish this later, I have company. Sorry.


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