Gamespot recently was able to get a hands-on preview of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, namely the chance to play with the clown prince of crime himself, The Joker! In a fairly in depth analysis, Gamespot not only lists some of his special moves, but explains one of his fatalities as well as his overall fighting style:

And, make no mistake, the Joker can kick all kinds of button. In addition to relatively weak attacks, he's got a veritable arsenal of weapons at his disposal that you can access by pressing various button combinations. These weapons include exploding playing cards you can hurl at opponents, a joy buzzer that will electrocute your foes, and a comic boxing glove that really packs a wallop. And though we haven't seen the full roster yet, we're willing to bet that the Joker's fatality is the best in the bunch: after pulling a pistol on his dazed opponent, he pulls the trigger and a flag with the word "BANG" appears out of the barrel. Just when you think that's it, the Joker pulls out a real pistol and splits his opponents' wig. It's shocking and funny the first time you see it… just what you want from an MK fatality.

A few days ago, Ed Boon's official website was updated, hinting at "Rage", and within this article we learn what exactly this means for MKvsDCU. In addition to the other mechanics, there will be a "Rage meter", which basically will fill up when you attack, take damage and block the opponent. It sounds like combo breakers will be making their return and you can use them by depleting the rage you have stored in your meter. However, if you rage meter is able to fill, your character will become more powerful and unable to be blocked for six seconds.

Each character will have a rage meter, just underneath their health meter. You build your rage meter by taking and dealing damage, or by blocking opponent strikes. As the meter fills up, you can use breaks to block opponent strikes. If you let the rage meter build up completely, however, you can enter rage mode (by pressing the shoulder buttons). Here, you'll have roughly six seconds to kick as much butt as you possibly can. Your attacks will be more powerful and, more importantly, unblockable so, as long as you can make contact, you'll be pounding your foe into dust. Just watch out, because his or her rage meter will be similarly building--as a result, you'll have to use your rage meter at the right moment (preferably to finish off your opponent). Fail to do so, and you might find yourself on the receiving end of a rage flurry.

In addition to these new notes, Gamespot also reconfirmed the total character roster at 22, meaning with the recent Leipzig announcements, we still have two playable characters left from each side as well as the "big boss" mentioned previously. The current number of arenas is listed at 11 as well.

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