Injustice 2 continues to grow thanks to Fighter Pack 2 and the latest addition of not one - but two new characters! You've already seen them in action in the exciting introduction trailer -- now take a closer look at Raiden and Black Lightning by clicking to enlarge these high quality images supplied by Warner Brothers and NetherRealm Studios!

First appearing in Mortal Kombat in 1992; Raiden is one of the series' most enduring icons! As Earthrealm's protecting storm god, he has been a fixture of almost every incarnation of the series! From arcade and home console games, to comic books and live-action film; Raiden has watched over the realms, striking like lightning when the sacred balance is threatened!

After defending the Earthrealm from the corrupting influence of Shinnok in Mortal Kombat X, Raiden now makes the leap to Injustice 2 as one of two Mortal Kombat guests! His design fuses the classic Eastern roots that are his original inspiration, embellishing them with gold and a masked cowl designed by superstar DC Comics artist: Jim Lee!

The sensational find of 1977; Black Lightning first appeared in DC Comics as the star of his own series! Created by seasoned writer Tony Isabella, the electrically charged hero was a victim of the infamous "DC Implosion" in his second year, but endured as a recurring character in other series, including the Justice League of America -- whose membership he initially turned down! He eventually became a member, but not before spending many memorable years as a fixture of Batman's Outsiders.

Cress Williams will star as Jefferson Pierce aka; Black Lightning in an upcoming live-action series on The CW. With the characters' star rapidly on the rise, it was a deft move for NetherRealm Studios to include the popular electric DC hero into Injustice 2 as a Premier Skin for Raiden! Though the thunder god's powers are significantly greater than Black Lightning's, the super-hero at least has the benefit of charging up his own Super Move that will wipe out all opponents with shock and awe!

If you purchased Fighter Pack 2 then you've already got access to Raiden and Black Lightning! For the more discerning fan, the thunder god is available now for downloadable purchase in Injustice 2! Other DLC fighters for sale include: Black Manta, Sub-Zero and Red Hood!

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