Long before "viral" was the buzzword of the advertising kingdoms -- Noob.com was Ed Boon's personal portal to promotion through teasers. Mortal Kombat fans know the domain well: picked up fortuitously by the NetherRealm Studios Creative Director just before popular vernacular took hold.

Injustice fans come to play as the site goes live again, this time with a game of numbers!

Plug the right numbers in and hit play to receive a teaser image for your trouble [above]. The input possibilities increase each time as a numeric value is added. There aren't a lot of clues to suggest the significance of each input, but fortunately, the fan community is as industrious as it is time available!

8, 76 & 514 appear to be the winning combinations -- 8319 concluding the chase with a "blank page" whose mysteries appear to lie in the numbers of the URL, but are as yet unlocked.

Squint and we're sure you'll agree these images pose some interesting questions about the availability of characters in Injustice: Gods Among Us!

The first image ("fightbuild") suggests things could escalate to new heights -- Giganta and Atom Smasher doing super-sized combat in front of what appears to be a full fledged skyscraper! Atom Smasher has a noteworthy history in superhero takeovers, part of the conquest of Khandaq that made Black Adam ruler during 2004's Black Reign story.

Image two ("bigarmor") makes a compelling case for an armor clad Gorilla Grodd, but it's tough to say. Much easier is the final shot ("pointy"), making no mystery of the royal weapon of choice featured in todays Aquaman Reveal Trailer.

Try it yourself at noob.com, or speed ahead to sleuthing it out on the forums. Special thanks to , , & all the members of the MKOmmunity who helped crack the code for this story!