They came in droves, wielding a unique array of skills and attire, all united by a single mutual goal: to participate in the next Mortal Kombat. It wasn't a scene from the classic fighting game franchise, but rather the first stage in the process for casting around 1,500 extras who'll appear in the 2021 feature film reboot...

The island nation of Australia is far more sprawling than the isolated domain of Shang Tsung's tournament. It's specifically the lower central state of South Australia that's gone 'kombat krazy' since the multi-million dollar production was first announced in May. The extras casting call made front page news over the weekend as Adelaide's The Advertiser documented the Sunday event.

The quiet suburb of Glenside is playing host to the biggest film production of its type to grace the state, attracting an estimated 2,500 hopefuls who lined around the block for a chance to be chosen for extras roles.

The masses of humanity were marched through a process of being photographed and filed, with particular attention given by Heeson Casting staff to unique physical attributes, such as tattoos and piercings. Some were trained martial artists, others simply eager fans who chose to dress in costume in an effort to get noticed. In the end, over half are expected to return for filming beginning in September. The more physically impressive - the better, but Angela Heesom told The Sunday Mail they're looking for "average" people, as well. Some won't know until they're summoned to shoot as late as December.

Not much could be inferred from the extras casting session, but The Sunday Mail reports one intriguing exception to the adult cut-off: Young girls of Asian descent aged 6 and 9.

Sources tell us the production is actively seeking extras of Asian heritage, with several Japanese and Chinese girls present. For fans of the series, the ethnic significance will come as no surprise, but children are a rarity for the violent martial arts franchise. It may be as simple as scenes populated with families in the background, but some speculation will lead to uniquely significant roles, such as the murdered family of Scorpion.

Almost nothing is known about the plot of the new feature film, which will be led by first-time feature director Simon McQuoid, with fellow Australian director James Wan (Aquaman) serving as one of the key producers. Much has been made about efforts to "do it right", with writer Greg Russo touting R-rated fatalities to come.

Five iconic characters have been cast so far, with Japanese star Tadanobu Asano tweeting about his role as Raiden after reports he was in negotiation. Scorpion's mortal nemesis Sub-Zero was the first character released.

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