With news of several major roles now cast, fans and actors alike have been celebrating the beginnings of a new Mortal Kombat movie. Four of the five actors cast so far have used social media to react, including Tadanobu Asano -- the man who would be Raiden! Read on:

Along with retweeting several articles about his casting negotiation, the Japanese actor (Ichi the Killer, Zatoichi) seemingly confirmed his status by declaring "I am RAIDEN" via Twitter. Tadanobu's has been just one of the messages of thanks and readiness shared by the cast, so far. See their reactions below:

Joe Taslim was the first to make his role known with news of his casting as Sub-Zero reported early in July. Taslim shared the news with artwork by Nikolai Baslajik, who has created portraits for all of the cast, so far.

The Mortal Kombat movie reboot begins filming in South Australia in the coming weeks for a 2021 theatrical release. Simon McQuoid directs with James Wan among producers. Follow all the movie news and discussion in the Media & Merchandise forum, and by connecting with MK Online on Twitter and Facebook.