The latest animated adventure in the Mortal Kombat Legends series sees a future Earthrealm terrorized by the Black Dragon clan. In a new clip they target old man Kuai Liang as he travels the barren wasteland. Watch:

CBR reveals the preview, which ratchets up the Mad Max vibes with a car and cart chase that ends with the Black Dragon cutting off a wizened and passive Kuai Liang (Ron Yuan). Kira, Kobra, and Kabal help themselves to the fresh produce he's transporting after dishing out a beating, but still the erstwhile Sub-Zero doesn't retaliate.

Snow Blind details the alternate reality of a post-apocalyptic future ruled by King Kano. Brash young warrior Kenshi rises to defend the people from the tyrants, coaxing Kuai Liang to teach him to master his powers once blinded.

This is the most deliberate departure from established storylines of the games, expanding the MK Legends oeuvre digitally October 9th and on blu-ray & 4K October 11th. Watch the official reveal trailer and find & discuss more MK movies in the Media & Merchandise forum!