A youthful Kenshi faces a realm of darkness in the first trailer for the next animated feature from Mortal Kombat Legends. A very different future awaits as Snow Blind tells a tale quite unlike any with some surprising twists and character appearances. Watch:

Kuai Liang (Ron Yuan) is a wizened old master guiding the blinded Kenshi (Manny Jacinto) to navigate a Mad Max inspired future threatened by King Kano (David Wenham) and his marauding gang of Black Dragon. Shang Tsung (Artt Butler) lingers, overseeing a motley crew of confirmed characters and maybe even one or two unexpected cameos.

The trailer features a first look at grungy redesigned versions of Kira (Courtney Taylor), Kobra (Yuri Lowenthal), and Kabal (Keith Silverstein), with Ferra/Torr, Erron Black, a fiery and moltenous Tremor (Imari Williams), and a featureless fellow walking from an explosion who may just be another rarely acknowledged MK Special Forces sub-boss: No Face.

The first two MK Legends animated features played fast and loose with the finer details of series canon, but it seems with their third installment the franchise will go in a completely original direction, using a new animation style to create a vision for a unique future Earthrealm. It takes the future premise of Mortal Kombat X even further into a Mad Max-like world of desparation.

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