When fans stepped up to the original Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet they were confronted with a looming menace more threatening than the final boss. Goro was the four-armed man-dragon immortalized in statue form at the centre of the Warrior Shrine -- and thanks to Iron Studios you've got a fresh chance to own your own stone tribute to the champ! Take a look:

Goro is one of the first entries into the Brazilian statue maker's Mortal Kombat Klassic Battle Diorama series. The Shokan Prince roars powerfully with a pose that shows off his physique in the klassic style of the original game. He may be reduced to 1:10 scale, but he'll still loom over the collection with fist raised triumphantly over the skulls of his enemies!

At an impressive 14.1" he reaches half a foot higher than the 1:10 scale Klassic Scorpion statue, 7.8" wide and 7.4" deep -- dimensions befitting a character whose hulking sillhouette was once almost as iconic as the dragon logo itself!

Goro was originally achieved using digitized stop motion puppet animation, and as John Tobias recently detailed, he was the greatest MK Champion in history! Now he's a limited edition, hand-painted polystone statue available in limited supply for $199.99!

You can currently see Goro appearing in the new Mortal Kombat feature film, and vote for him in this year's Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion character tournament! Share your thoughts about the Goro statue in the comments and find & discuss more in the Media & Merchandise forum!