Actor and martial artist Joe Taslim has made a strong impression as the heavily promoted lead antagonist of Mortal Kombat. The movie reinvents Bi-Han as an ice cold killer from 400 years in the past, and according to comments from the actor in a recent podcast -- we could see plenty more of him in the future! Read on for the full story:

Variety reports that Joe Taslim was a guest on the Just For Variety podcast, where he discussed the prospective future for the franchise and revealed he is signed on for four more appearances. He told Variety: "If this one’s successful, maybe we do more".

The star of The Raid was the first actor signed for the feature film reboot, and his athleticism and martial arts prowess were a feature of a recent promotional featurette. He has previously addressed his character's transformation into Noob Saibot, discussing the humanity and darkness in the character without directly confirming any future appearances.

Taslim also told Variety about his past with MK growing up in South Sumatra as a 12 year old. "We were poor so I didn’t have the console", so he waited to take his turn playing Mortal Kombat at a popular friend's house: "... you get there and there are like 10 kids lining up. Who wins keeps playing… so it takes me to get to my part like 40 minutes."

Indonesia was one of several international markets to receive the movie early, where the film has performed well in opening. Joe Taslim was in attendence representing the cast for the theatrical premiere [pictured above].

Mortal Kombat will officially be showing in wide release starting this Friday, April 23rd. Fans in the United States will also be able to stream it via HBO Max for 31 days. Watch the red band trailer and tell us what you hope to see from sequels in the comments below. Find and discuss more stories in the Media & Merchandise forum!