The new Mortal Kombat feature film will premiere simultaneously in limited theatrical release & direct to streaming, and in the latest trailer for Warner's HBO Max we can see a little bit more of the action that's soon to come. Watch it right here:

The trailer repeats scenes of Sub-Zero (Joe Taslim) and Earthrealm's fighters already seen in the previous HBO Max video, but also unleashes a better look at Sonya Blade and more of the film's action-packed opening featuring Hiroyuki Sanada as Hanzo Hasashi!

Australian actress Jessica McNamee is front and centre in a very Sonya appropriate green tanktop, pointing to a research board emblazoned with the name of the movie. She can be heard dramatically referring to an "invitation to Mortal Kombat" -- something she apparently knows a lot about.

New creation Cole Young (Lewis Tan) will find his way to Raiden's temple and the Mortal Kombat tournament after being direct to Sonya by Major Jackson Briggs. Sonya is not referred to by any military rank in the official synopsis and how she came about her information remains to be seen.

In a rapid showcase of all the movies coming to HBO Max we can also see a second of an unidentified warrior standing in the middle of a street, arms out stretched and surrounded by ash or snow. The dark warrior is probably Sub-Zero, who returns in the service of Shang Tsung having fought Scorpion in the movie's ten-minute opener set in feudal Japan. Their conflict was revealed in an Entertainment Weekly preview, with writer Greg Russo explaining the role further.

Mortal Kombat will also be officially released to theatres on April 16th where possible. Posters for the film have already begun appearing at cinemas. Get notices by subscribing to our release countdown and find more in the Media & Merchandise forum! Share your thoughts about the latest preview in the comments below!