The sights of Mortal Kombat have frequently been merchandised, but what about the sounds? Thanks to a limited release from Enjoy The Ride Records: audiophiles will be able to enjoy the klassic Dan "Toasty" Forden arcade soundtracks for the first time on vinyl! Read on for details:

Mortal Kombat I and II - Music From The Arcade Game Soundtracks collects 18 songs from Dan Forden's original two arcade soundtracks, with a bonus recording of a version of The Immortals' famous Techno Syndrome also included.

The collectible record comes in a 400 gsm jacket featuring a track listing with the MKII character select screen, and a recreation of The Dead Pool inside the gatefold! Click the thumbnails above for a closer look.

Three variant pressings inspired by the original game's ninja palette swaps add to the limited edition, available for $25 in: Scorpion Yellow (400 copies), Sub-Zero Blue (400 copies), and Reptile Green (200 copies). ThinkGeek have an exclusive dragon logo version limited to 1,000 copies at $29.99 each.

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For those who missed the mail order exclusive CD of the klassic 90s soundtracks, this will be a flawless addition to the collection! Already scored yours? Register to share your review on the Media & Merchandise forum, or just relive all things 2D Kombat Klassics!