Back in June we held an Exclusive Interview with Jazwares' Director of Product Development and Manager of Mortal Kombat, Joe Amaro, in which we covered the first wave of their Mortal Kombat action figures inspired on the new video game.

Over the last months Jazwares have been working hard releasing new action figures inspired on the 'Klassic Games' (MK1 and UMK3) as well as the latest game, MK(2011). Their products are 6" and 4" action figures of various characters including Jax, Baraka, Reptile, Smoke and Cyrax among others. Some of them, like their MK1 Ninja Multi Pack, come with extra accessories such as Friendship Dolls and alternate heads.

While most of them are Exclusive to the ToysRus store, you can still buy them in many different online shopping websites such as Toy Wiz, Past Generation Toys, Big Bad Toys store and more.

Thanks to forum members, Vash_15 and Shadaloo, we have gathered a list of all their Mortal Kombat figures. Keep in mind that this list is subject to change at any point:

6" Single Figures Wave 1

-MK9 Scorpion w/ 2 swords and spear
-MK9 Sub Zero w/ Kori blade
-MK9 Raiden
-MK9 Johnny Cage with alternate fists
-San Diego ComicCon Lightning Raiden (MK9 variant)

Upcoming 6" Single Figures:

-MK9 Reptile (X-Ray variant)
-MK9 Jax (X-Ray variant)
-Sonya Blade (Wave 2)

6" Multi Packs

-MK1 Scorpion w/ alternate head and Friendship doll (Klassic Pack)
-MK1 Sub Zero w/ Friendship doll (Klassic Pack)
-MK1 Reptile w/ alternate head and Friendship doll (Klassic Pack)
-MK1 Smoke w/ Friendship doll (Klassic Pack)

-MK9 Jax and Reptile X-Ray Pack (Internal Devastation)

4" Single Figures

-MK9 Scorpion w/ sword and spear
-MK9 Sub Zero w/ Kori blade

-UMK3 Noob
-UMK3 Scorpion
-UMK3 Sub Zero
-UMK3 Reptile

Upcoming 4" Single Figures:

-MK9 Raiden
-MK9 Baraka
-MK9 Reptile w/ alternate head

4" Multi Packs

-UMK3 Noob (UMK3 Klassic Pack)
-UMK3 Sub Zero (UMK3 Klassic Pack)
-UMK3 Reptile (UMK3 Klassic Pack)
-UMK3 Smoke (Human) (UMK3 Klassic Pack)
-UMK3 Ermac (UMK3 Klassic Pack)
-UMK3 Rain (UMK3 Klassic Pack)

-MK3 Cyrax (Cyborg Klassic Pack)
-MK3 Sektor (Cyborg Klassic Pack)
-MK3 Smoke (Cyborg Klassic Pack)

Special thanks to forum member, Frank Gatto, who provided various of the UMK3 Ninjas and UMK3 Pack photographs.

On another note, we reported earlier this year that Funko has developed Mortal Kombat Woobler Heads featuring Shao Kahn, Raiden and Scorpion. Their products are expected to ship in January 2012:

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