As work on the live-action Mortal Kombat movie sequel continues in earnest -- producer Todd Garner is continuing to give fans a glimpse into the upcoming world of "MK2". From the abstract to the sharp & pointy, it's a non-stop gallery of teasers that may have pointed to the return of a fan-favourite character. Take a closer look:

Followers of Todd Garner on X (aka; Twitter) can attest to a steady stream of behind the scenes images, some more discernible than others. The majority show things of stone and steel, setting a mood for the sequel's entry into the mythology of Outworld & Edenia and a "weird" side of the universe, with one noteable image [pictured below] showing what might be Scorpion's spear.

This month's crop adds to more images shared by the producer, who's taken a page from Ed Boon's prolific social media micro-blogging game! Perhaps he was inspired by the video game Chief Creative Officer and co-creator's visit to the Australian back lot.

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