The atmosphere in Australia is getting thick and it can only mean the Mortal Kombat movie sequel is back in production! Producer Todd Garner has been sharing photographs from the set, teasing glimpses of exotic new locations and returning kombatants. Take a closer look:

Blazing red rock, Asian influenced lanterns & doors, a Citizen Cage logo, and a knife that could give a guy a smile from ear to ear: It's just some of the charged imagery featured in photographs shared to X (formerly Twitter) by the returning film producer. His posts began November 16th, correlating with the return to work after the end of the WAG/SAG-AFTRA strike.

Among his tweets are also happy snaps with various cast members [pictured below], visiting series co-creator Ed Boon, and an agreeing response to a ScreenRant article about the benefits sequels and their ability to "clear up any misconceptions or mistakes from the first film".

Garner was a very visible & vocal proponent for the first film, openly discussing creative decisions and championing its production. He shared a joking exchange with Ed Boon, who noted of the latest images: "Man, this guy is a bigger tease than that fool Ed Boon".

See anything you like? What do you think the mysterious, atmospheric images will correspond with in the film sequel? Could these be areas relevant to the Outworld & Edenian characters joining? Share your thoughts in the comments below and go deeper into discussion in the Media & Merchandise category!