Toy Fair 2012 is underway, bringing the finest wares in the toy business together under one roof, for the ultimate convention preview!

Mortal Kombat features heavily in the Jazwares booth, (alongside franchise rival, Street Fighter), promising yet more big things from the action figure developer. Jazwares resumed production after a four year hiatus, returning to the license in 2011 after Warner Brothers took over ownership from Midway Entertainment.

The Toyark has photos from the booth, showcasing new and existing figures from the line-up, as well unique curiosities like prototype sculpts for Baraka, Jax, Kano and Nightwolf [pictured below]. Taking pride of place in the display is Shao Kahn, wielding war hammer in a blue sculpt preview opposite a throne play set, inspired by the iconic 2011 kolosseum arena.

Shao Kahn - Emperor of Outworld!

Jazwares Baraka Prototype Sculpt Jazwares Jax Prototype Sculpt Jazwares Kano Prototype Sculpt Jazwares Nightwolf Prototype Sculpt

Teaser boxes for upcoming figures appear alongside the first wave, promising new action figure versions of Quan Chi, Sonya Blade, a Battle Damaged Sub-Zero, and Klassic Ermac, all based on the designs featured in the latest game. Goro also appears as a possible future release.

Other retro designs are, of course, well represented in previously advertised Mortal Kombat 3 inspired six-packs, including the male pallete swap characters (with Rain), and the Lin Kuei Cyborgs. Adding to the line-up, the original klassic costumes released as DLC, and twentieth anniversary boxed editions for Scorpion and Sub-Zero, featuring the klassic, kontemporary and previously released figures based on Shaolin Monks. Reptile, Noob Saibot, and other figures can be seen in the displays.

In an interview last year, Jazwares' Director of Product Development, Joe Amaro, told Mortal Kombat Online of the big plans the company had in store, alluding to some of the new figures on show at Toy Fair [full story]. He also spoke of the extensive licensing process. Some figures in the display, such as a Shang Tsung set packed with the iconic Masked Guards seen in the first game, are awaiting licensor approval.

With no specific information to report as yet, Mortal Kombat Online will attempt to keep action figure enthusiasts up to date on release times and developments. More images are available at Thanks to for providing sources.