It's kombat time! Syco Collectibes have finally released images of their limited alternate Sonya Blade statue -- a gun-toting exclusive being offered through partnership with The Big Bad Toy Store!

Appearing effectively the same as the standard 10" polystone version; the exclusive variant offers the distinction of a second interchangeable arm, additional to the energy rings right appendage, available with both versions. The hi-tech pistol references Sonya's status as an elite member of the Special Forces, and no doubt accounts for an extra butt or two in the tally of kicks, provided by her action pose.

Sonya is the latest Kombat original to reach completion. Positioned atop an 11" dragon logo base, the statue is handpainted, with colours sampled for scrutiny in images provided [thumbnails below].

This is Sonya as she appears in the latest games, compatible with the rest of the Syco 10" lineup, which includes fellow chosen warriors; Liu Kang, Kitana, and soon, Johnny Cage [preview].

As with most Syco Collectibles offerings, a 20% reduced purchase link is available for the standard Sonya statue. The variant does not come discounted, but can be purchased for pre-order through Syco, despite its exclusive status with The Big Bad Toy Store.

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