Tragic news was reported today for fans of the first Mortal Kombat movie: Trevor Goddard, who played Kano, was found dead in his home in Hollywood yesterday. From the MSNBC article:
The coroner said the cause of death may be suicide, however there has been no official word on how the actor died.

Goddard, who was 38, was a native of Perth, Australia. According to the Internet Movie Database, Goddard starred in the recurring role of Lt. Cmdr. Michael "Mic" Brumby in "JAG" from 1998-2001.

Among Goddard's film credits were "Mortal Kombat," "Deep Rising" and "Gone in Sixty Seconds."
The article can be read in its entirety here.

The staff of MK5.ORG extends their deepest condolences to Goddard's family and friends.

UPDATE (June 11 2003 21:53): It appears that the cause of death has been confirmed as suicide by prescription drugs, according to an MSN Entertainment report located here. Our thanks to MK5.ORG forum member MK_Man for the update on this sad story.