The story of the Umgadi -- an order of warrior priestesses who guard Outworld's royal family -- was introduced in a thrilling new trailer that spotlights Li Mei, Tanya, and Baraka. The familiar characters have returned with all new origins, which see them harboring personal tragedies in new Mortal Kombat 1 character bios. Take a closer look:

Though only two of the characters have themselves been part of the Umgadi order, the trio shares a bond of traumatic personal events. Li Mei quit the order after a royal assassination, while Tanya's forbidden affection threatens her place on it, and Baraka deals with the Tarkat plague afflicting the new Outworld era.

Li Mei (First Constable of Sun Do)
As her parents' firstborn daughter, Li Mei was claimed by the Umgadi, the warrior priestesses who guard Outworld's royal family.

Li Mei's service began with high expectations. Her early success caught the eye of the Royal family.

But it all fell apart when a terrible tragedy unfolded. Li Mei was blamed for this and in the aftermath, she did the unthinkable: she quit the Umgadi.

Friendless and alone, Li Mei needed a new purpose. She joined Sun Do's constables, the Outworld capital's rough and tumble police force. Over time, she became their First Constable.

Li Mei is glad to be the capital guardian. Still, she hopes one day to redeem herself.

Baraka (Defender of the Tarkatans)
Baraka was once a respected Outworld merchant. But that life ended in an instant when he contracted the dreaded Tarkat plague.

Incurable, contagious, and the cause of severe physical deformities, Tarkat turned Baraka into a monster. He was cast out and doomed to live out his days in a colony of similarly afflicted Outworlders.

When Baraka first arrived, the colony was in disarray. His fellow Tarkatans had given up and were ready to die.

Their hopelessness lit a fire in Baraka's heart. He spares no effort to better his fellow Tarkatans' lives. He knows that as long as he fights, he will never truly be a victim.

Tanya (Guardian of Outworld's Royal Family)
Chosen as an infant from Outworld's first-born daughters, Tanya was raised by the Umgadi's priestesses. She's never known her birth family.

As she grew older and saw other initiates wash out, Tanya feared that she would share their fate. But that fear spurred success; after many attempts, Tanya passed her trials and became a full Umgadi.

Over time, Tanya became one of the order's most trusted members. She was the obvious choice when it needed to choose a new leader for the royal family's personal guard.

As an Umgadi, Tanya is sworn to peity and chastity. That is why her bond with Princess Mileena, were it known, would cause a scandal. By following her heart, Tanya risks not only her position but also her life.

The bios further flesh out details for the new reality of Mortal Kombat 1's timeline. Li Mei operates in the reveal trailer as part of the Sun Do constabulary, while it seems Empress Mileena will have romantic affiliations with Tanya in this world, rather than Baraka.

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