The wait for Mortal Kombat 1's next downloadable Kameo Fighter just got a little bit longer, but with the delay for the release of Ferra comes confirmation for the expected early access arrival of the final fully playable Kombat Pack character: Takeda. Read on for details:

A tweet to the official X account confirmed a July 23rd release date for Ferra, and Takeda early access. Its implied a quality control issue led to the decision to delay Ferra's release, ensuring "she can assist to the best of her abilities". The diminutive assist character was featured in a gameplay trailer for the super-villain crossover guest Homelander --- now available.

As disappointing as it might be to have to wait a little longer for extra content than in previous Kombat Pack cycles, it is encouraging to know that NetherRealm Studios is paying attention to quality assurance.

Are you excited to see more from Takeda in the coming weeks? Will you be unleashing Ferra in tandem? Share your thoughts about the latest developments in the comments below and delve deeper into discussion in the Mortal Kombat 1 category.