A frigid mesa awaits you as The Season of the Cryomancer sweeps through Mortal Kombat 1! The latest Invasion mode update brings forth a Sub-Zero in command of an army of ice-wielders and new skins to unlock. Watch the trailer for the winter forecast:

New bosses await as a cold snap offers up a deep freeze and ice cold new unlockable skins: Icy Edenian Kitana, Winter History Geras, Frozen Daybreaker Baraka, Shivering Sorcerer Shang Tsung, Scorpion, Snow Mountain General Shao, Royal Rime Mileena, Brisk Box Office Johnny Cage, Chilly Constable Li Mei, Frozen Chaos Havik, and Frigid Guardian Tanya. Catch a glimpse of the season styles in the Season 3 trailer:

You've got until February 13th to fight back the invasion and unlock special gear. Anything in particular catch your fancy for the Christmas/New Year break? What have been the toughest challenges? Share tips & tricks in the comments below and go deeper into discussion in the Mortal Kombat 1 category! Special thanks to MKO User The_Purple_Bunny for contributing to this post!