The Lin Kuei clan takes center stage in a new official Mortal Kombat 1 trailer revealing the first look at Smoke and surprise recruit Rain! Watch to learn more of their secrets and some of the Kameo allies they're bringing to the new gameplay preview:

Grandmaster Sub-Zero leads a slightly different Lin Kuei into the reality of MK1. Flanked by the burning fire of Scorpion, swirling mists of Smoke, and apparently the torrential downpour of Rain -- he has most of the elements of the covered, as well as kameo assists from classic cyber-assassins Cyrax and Sektor!

Everything old is new again as Smoke punishes opponents with quick dagger attacks and fatal explosive tech that keeps his once & future status as a cyber-assassin in mind. It's a new look, but a familiar old fighter as an MKII klassic makes his return with slick new mask, and tidy hairstyle.

If Smoke bombs aren't enough for you, Cyrax & Sektor have klassic MK3 inspired kameo assists that unleash more bombs and rockets to blow the competition away. Don't worry about the mess, though. Cleanup's a cinch with new water power blasts from Rain!

Fans might remember an old UMK3 character bio that identified Rain as a member of the Lin Kuei, but this is the first time we've known the Edenian water wielder to be among the ranks of the secretive clan. Is this still the Rain we know from previous games? Will the Lin Kuei arrive with more elemental fighters in their midst?

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Catch up on the new status quo with the first official MK1 character bios and first official gameplay trailer. Are you excited to see Smoke & Rain return to the main roster? Share your reactions below and go deeper in the Mortal Kombat 1 forum!