Rumors of her existence have been swirling for months. Now Gameinformer has the exclusive reveal trailer for Mortal Kombat 11 newcomer: Cetrion! Watch the powerful new fighter unleash her vast powers right here:

The Gameinformer article tells us Cetrion has deep ties to the realm of Earth - and it shows! Throughout the trailer she wields a potent arsenal of nature's basic elements: vegetation, earth, water, wind, and a little fire for good measure.

According to NetherRealm Studios; Cetrion is an Elder Goddess! That fact is well supported by a fatality that sees the elemental warrior grow to massive proportions and leave the confines of the arena. She then obliterates her opponent by breathing a golden beam of sun-like energy through them -- from outer space!

We've seen these often apathetic high-ranking deities throughout MK's history, but this will be the first time players have been able to wield the threat of their power, if indeed Cetrion remains an Elder God. Shinnok and Raiden have each held the title of Elder God in the past, but either lost - or relinquished - their mantle through events that brought them to playable status.

The cosmic presentation of Cetrion's fatality is just one of the aspects that will inevitably draw comparisons to NetherRealm's DC Comics fighting series: Injustice. Some of Cetrion's movements and visualized relationship with plantlife immediately bring to mind Injustice 2 villain Poison Ivy. The prominent use of earth, wind, and water will no doubt also get fans talking about absent MK fighters Tremor, Fujin, and Rain. You might say NetherRealm is playing with fire with the elements assembled for this one!

The trailer sees Cetrion battle Jade, who confesses her apparent love for a returning Kotal Kahn. The pair could be seen fighting together in the Story Mode Trailer, but what sprouts the bud of Jade's affection remains to be seen.

The exclusive trailer is part of a month of coverage from Gameinformer, headed by a cover story featuring Cetrion's rumored parent Kronika and Raiden. It begs the question: If Kronika's daughter is an Elder Goddess -- what does that make Kahn? You can tell us all your thoughts about this new fighter on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!