Spawn is the latest downloadable guest fighter to crossover in to Mortal Kombat 11. IGN has interviewed Ed Boon about the highly requested comic book character, learning more about the process that informed his latest video game incarnation. Take a look:

The Creative Director reiterates Todd McFarlane's sentiments of wanting Spawn to be the ultimate Mortal Kombat character. According to Boon, it was such a natural fit, they could've done more: "I bet we could have incorporated him into our story if we had the opportunity."

He attributes the popular inclusion to a combination of NetherRealm's interest, McFarlane's much-discussed enthusiasm, and the long running vocal support of fans. You can read the full interview here, where Boon reveals more about the design process, and the involvement of legendary actor Keith David.

IGN: Whose idea was it to give Spawn a sword? We realize Medieval Spawn totally is a thing; we're just used to seeing Al Simmons lugging around giant machine guns.
EB: During the creation of our fighting characters, ideas come from all over the place. Often times the concept artist illustrates something that inspires someone from another group, and vice versa. The idea to have Spawn use a sword in our game probably came from our design group. They often request props and weapons while trying to define how a fighter will play. Part of the challenge of introducing a guest character in a game that already has 25 or 30 existing characters is introducing something new to the mix. Everybody knows that Spawn has his signature chains, but we felt that adding the swords as well would make him that much more interesting to play.

IGN: Keith David voices Spawn, reprising his role from the HBO animated series -- did you get a chance to work with him? How did he react at the news he'd be playing Al Simmons again?
EB: I have met Keith. He really is a good guy. Very cultured. I was not at the recording sessions when he did the voice of Spawn for us, but I immediately identified his voice when I heard the results of the recording sessions. He was also gracious enough to appear at our Final Kombat esports championship here in Chicago. He really is a great sport, and I hope we can work together again in the future.

IGN also jokingly asked about McFarlane spoiling the crossover in 2018, which Boon put down to the comic creator's excitement. He declined to spoil any of McFarlane's upcoming projects, but was complimentary of the quality of McFarlane's new action figures: "NetherRealm has always been huge fans of the McFarlane figures. The proof is in the pudding. If you walk around our studio you will see their action figures littered across many team members’ desks and workstations."

Watch the Spawn reveal trailer and check out the MK11 Spawn action figure that brings the game design to life!.