The fight for the future will take a new twist when Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath expands the experience with downloadable characters and plot lines. Guest fighter RoboCop will meet franchise rival Terminator, but who decides is up to you in two new gameplay trailers! Watch:

Watch: RoboCop Wins | Terminator Wins

Terminator and RoboCop set a new standard for sci-fi cinema in the 1980s, fusing futuristic robot tropes with varying degrees of tech noir, sattire, and action. Their massive popularity led to inevitable sequels in the 90s and demanded some kind of meeting.

In 1992, Dark Horse Comics finally satisfied demand by publishing RoboCop versus The Terminator: a four issue mini-series that connected OCP's RoboCop technology with the future development of SkyNet. RoboCop naturally fought to defend humanity from its dark fate, eventually taking the fight to the Nintendo and Sega consoles in a 1993 video game loosely based on the comics. MK11 slyly acknowledges these past encounters in character intros.

With RoboCop's arrival in Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath the likenesses of Peter Weller and Arnold Schwarzenegger can finally do battle for cybernetic superiority. Who will win? Choose their destiny in the embedded video above by clicking the respective link to determinate a winner in two different official gameplay trailers!

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Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath will arrive digitally starting May 26th, with disc copies slated to be available to the Americas sometime in June. Catch up with the Announce Trailer, Screenshots & Skins Info, and Official RoboCop Render. Be sure to share your thoughts about the visitor's rivalry in the comments below and debate more battles in the Fan Koliseum.