Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath will bring the playable roster up to a robust 34 characters, but as die hard fans know - there are dozens more in MK's three decade long canon! They can't all appear in every game, but you can find most in the ultimate Mortal Kombat Seek & Find! Take a closer look:

NetherRealm Studios commissioned Gus Morais to create the incredible piece, which assembles almost every recognizable character in the Mortal Kombat canon! The artist specializes in this kind of Where's Waldo? style art, and is a self-confessed old school MK fan.

The developer clued fans in on Twitter, claiming there are 77 characters and 1 special guest. By our count, there might even be a few more than that! You can check it out for yourself in the image below, or by clicking one of the first two thumbnails for an up to 35MB full size image! The darkened third thumbnail will reveal solutions for all the identified characters.

Creative Director Ed Boon praised the artist, who replied to his tweet, "Thanks, @noobde! I'm a MK fan since the first edition and it was incredible working with you and NRS + Warner guys!!"

That fandom is well served, with the blending of many familiar Mortal Kombat locations and characters. Liu Kang can be seen playing an original Mortal Kombat arcade machine on the city Rooftop, while Kotal Kahn sunbathes with Jade in a scene reminiscent of his MK11 Friendship. Even long neglected characters like Kira, Kobra, and Khameleon can be found!

Examine the artwork closely and tell us how many characters you found in the comments below! Enter the Fan Koliseum for more fun and games where you can vote for your favourite characters in the 2020 Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion character tournament! Find and discuss more news on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum.