With Mortal Kombat just weeks away, NetherRealm Studios have provided fans with another intimate look at Tag Team gameplay action! The latest clip, released via Italian gaming site, multiplayer.it, spotlights the fighting prowess of mother and daughter team, Sindel and Kitana, with Jade and Mileena in support roles!

Fought on the previously revealed MK3-inspired Cathedral stage, the entirety of the battle shows off all of the usual trademark attacks, along with a first-look spotlight on Jade's staff X-Ray special that punishes the groin and spine of anyone unlucky enough to receive it!

Queen Sindel -- a character previously intrinsic to Mortal Kombat 3 plotlines -- also has a spotlight feature in the trailer, including the first glimpse of her graceful entry into combat. Find the video embedded above, or at its home on multiplayer.it.

Mortal Kombat is right around the corner, released April 19 (US) and April 21 (EU) for the PlayStation and Xbox 360. Italian players will compete against the best in Europe in official tournaments over the next month, culminating in a continent final in the UK, where there can be only one champion [full story].