For today's Fatality Friday video we have another comical issue featuring several members of Netherrealm Studios commenting on what they would say to Johnny Cage to put the egomaniacal superstar in his place.

Several members of the team thought it would be impossible, given his personality. Others remarked they would make fun of his poorly grossing movie Ninja Mime, or the fact he dies in most every Mortal Kombat game. His character was identified by more than one team member as "douche" and included a likening him to the popular Jersey Shore archetype that has become prevalent in society.

Johnny however remains unphased. The video is spliced with gameplay featuring Cage dealing out the damage to his opponents, using his signature taunts such as "I make this look easy", "I'm so pretty!" and "Money shot!" while he makes short work of his would-be detractors. Cage will no doubt have something to say about this himself on his official Twitter account.

Click here to watch the video on Youtube; we hope to have a downloadable version of this outtake some time later.