In conjunction with the release of Skarlet and the Season Pass, the Xbox 360 Dashboard has been updated with a promotional look at whats included in the now available Season Pass.

Presented as an interactive menu, it reveals the appearances of Rain and Kenshi and their anticipated window for release. Rain's attire is reminiscent of his MK: Armageddon design with some details more relevant to his ninja roots. Kenshi on the otherhand has a faithfully created MK: Deadly Alliance look with some more contemporary adjustments. Both are expected to hit Xbox Live and Playstation Network somepoint in July.The unnanounced mysterious fourth character is planned for release in August.

Additionally, the next two Klassic Skins to be included in the second Compatability Pack belong to Noob Saibot and Smoke Whilst we don't currently have a definitive date for their release, be sure to keep all eyes on MKO as soon as the information emerges!

For those in Europe and the United Kingdom, some of you can download Skarlet and the Season Pass today as they have become availabe a day earlier, but in other cases it may still be tomorrow!

Update: It has come to our attention that Skarlet is lacking her previously seen Alternate Costume and she doesn't appear within the games Nekroplis directly. We aren't sure what the reasoning behind omitting her alternate costume is yet as it was stated all DLC kombatants would be packaged with them. More on this as it becomes available!

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