In a move that is sure to get many fans talking: the Killer Instinct team has sent well wishes to Ed Boon & NetherRealm Studios for their official launch of Mortal Kombat X!

"To @noobde & @netherrealm, have a KILLER Launch!
Love, The #KillerInstinct team.
" - @TheMikeRobles

Before anyone gets too carried away -- the message delivered via Microsoft's Community Manager is much more of a Friendship than a challenge to fight to the death.

Despite Killer Instinct's "MK killer" status in the early nineties, the series has been a cult shadow to Mortal Kombat, dormant since its 1997 Nintendo 64 sequel port, until resurrection as a 2013 Xbox One exclusive. KI's aesthetics and violence paid obvious homage to Mortal Kombat, while appropriating ideas from other fighting game influences, such as Street Fighter.

While Street Fighter has long been seen as the "inevitable" opponent for a future Mortal Kombat crossover, the trans-pacific divide has rarely been crossed [read more], making Killer Instinct's Chicago ties an argument for a franchise face-off.

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